’90 Day Fiance’: Who Is Cynthia Decker Married To?

Cynthia Decker has been there and done that when it comes to marriage. The current 90 Day Fiancé star was married for over eight years before tying the knot with her husband Derek in 2010; they have three children together: daughters Ashlyne (born December 16, 2011), Chantel(Born February 19, 2013), and son Darin Christopher “Dee” ( born March 27, 2014). With such a blissful relationship like theirs, you can see why many people envy them! 90-day Fianc Cynthia decker husband.

Cynthia Decker is a household name in the T.L.C. world, appearing on several spinoff shows. She got recognition after making appearances throughout popular series like 90 Day Fiancé and Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Knocks; however, it was not until recently that viewers were able to learn more about this exciting person!

The crowd was curious about her marital status, but they might be pleased to find out that Cynthia Decker is married. She’s been with her long-time husband, Drew, for over ten years now!

Cynthia and Derek’s Relationship Timeline

The couple’s love is still very much alive, and they are showering it on each other. Cynthia, usually the one who flaunts pictures alongside her beau in social media posts, has been privacy-protecting them lately. At the same time, Derek typically used Facebook to share updates about himself or his wife-to date since 2012!

They were one of the most famous couples in America, but it seemed like Cynthia and Derek had lost everything. They were still strong for each other after their foster child passed away six years ago- even though he was part of them too! The loss made these two people closer than ever before – which is why everyone was upset when rumors started circulating about them separating this past winter…or maybe just early spring? Whatever period you prefer to think about things as being more real again (even though we all know there’s no such thing).

On September 10, 2019, she shared a picture of her husband and captioned it, writing; “My best friend”

On September 10, 2019, she shared a picture of her husband and captioned it, writing; “My best friend”

Drew and Cynthia’s marriage is still going strong after 8 years of being together. They went on an anniversary trip in October 2020, where they stayed at Jekyll Island resort – which sounds like quite the romantic getaway!

This is a beautiful day for two people who have been through a lot. Even though they have been through a lot, they can still maintain their love. They are a great example of how teamwork can help you get through anything. They always turn toward each other when something challenging happens and solve the problem.

Who is Cynthia Decker’s husband?

Derek Decker is a shop foreman who works at Iron Age Office – Powerful Industrial Office Furniture. Additionally, he also serves as the manager for LiviRae Lingerie, which his wife Cynthia co-founded with him! And before all this happened? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that Derek used to work in upholstery/interior restoration on airplanes like Cobb Country Airport, where they had an accumulated net worth of around $600 thousand.

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Derek’s zodiac sign is Pisces, who was born under the fish’s planet twelve years. He was 18 months younger than his wife when they married in 2009 and now celebrates their birthday on February 27 every year! Derek also cares about family values – not only does he have two parents but a sister too named Courtney DECKER who lives nearby where we get our beauty tips from!

Is Derek Available On Social Media?

It seems that Cynthia’s husband, Derek Decker, has abandoned his Facebook account in favor of an Instagram one. He goes by the handle @stizzed_atl on this platform. He currently only manages to accumulate 247 followers – not too shabby for someone who what once considered part of your average social media user!

I’m guessing you’re wondering how I know all these details about them. Well, let me tell you—it just so happens my best friend is also named Derek (or maybe he has another SURNAME?) And since we’ve known each other forever now. Well, let’s say there are quite a few similarities between us two guys with last names starting ‘DEcker’! It’s like we are to be friends or something- I’m telling you it’s ’a sign’ (in case you didn’t know). 90-day Fianc Cynthia decker husband.

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