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Aaron Kaufman Net Worth 2022: Aaron Kaufman is a master mechanic and reality star who can be found on the show “Gas Monkey.” As an actor, he has appeared in movies such as “The Love Guru” starring Mike Myers.

Full Name Fast N’ Loud
Aaron Kaufman Net Worth 2022 $6 Million
Date Of Birth January 26, 1982
Place Of Birth Crowley, Texas USA
Profession Motor mechanic, TV personality
Nationality American
Movies Urge, Flock of Dudes, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Machete Kills

Aaron Kaufman net worth

Aaron Kaufman is a Texan with an unconventional past, who became the owner of Arclight Fabrication in Dallas. His company supplies aftermarket parts for Ford F-100s and he was once lead mechanic at Gas Monkey Garage on Discovery’s “Fast N’ Loud.”

Early Life

At the tender age of 16, Aaron Kaufman acquired his first-ever Jeep Cherokee and with it a love for cars. He learned through helping his father on various projects that he had a knack for taking things apart and rebuilding them well; but despite all this skill in mechanics, what was even more interesting to him than anything else is becoming an actual park ranger from “Jurassic Park” or Indiana Jones – not just playing one in video games while driving around town without concern! But as fate would have it when Aaron found out about how much work went into being such a respected figure of nature preservation at its finest (because there’s nothing worse than having your dream job literally right under you), after long consideration he decided against pursuing parks management altogether.

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Richard Rawlings, owner of Gas Monkey Garage and self-proclaimed “king doer,” hired Aaron Kaufman as a mechanic from the garage he used to work at in Texas. When Richard opened his own hot rod shop, he offered Kaufman an opportunity not only because their skills matched up well but also because they got along so well together on the days that followed. Their friendship was formed by working side by side for years with each other doing what they love most: repairing cars! They proudly show off this story (and more) on Discovery Channel’s hit reality TV series Fast N’ Loud which follows them day after day restoring classic vehicles like Cadillacs into even faster Corvettes or Ford Broncos built when dinosaurs ruled Earth…

Although the main focus for Aaron Kaufman has always been cars, he also does custom motorcycles. His favourite car of all time is an AC Cobra which, unsurprisingly given his love for fast and sleek vehicles with beautiful lines that evoke nostalgia or power – such as a ’32 Roadster from Detroit’s Packard Motor Company- ranks just below it in his list of favourites.

In the fall of 2015, Kaufman took part in a Speed Energy Formula Off-Road series. He drove at Costa Mesa for what he made his debut race and finished fifth out of six racers. Despite this lacklustre showing, it was clear that as time went on and experience grew; Kaufman’s performance would only improve with practice – eventually becoming one to watch!

Kaufman has been a big deal in the automotive world since he was featured on Fast N’ Loud. Recently Kaufman announced that his racing days are over and to celebrate, he listed one of his most prized possessions – a 1963 Ford Falcon racecar- for sale on eBay with an asking price of $65 thousand dollars.

Aaron Kaufman is a famous TV personality who has starred in countless hit series, including “Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman,” and the recent show “Aaron Needs A Job.” He tours across America while interviewing people at different jobs he finds interesting or difficult to do for his new enterprise Arclight.

Personal Life

Aaron Kaufman was born on April 3rd, 1985 in Dallas, Texas. He has been dating Lauren Moore Knob since at least 2013 and they were featured as a couple on the 2014 episode of “Fast N’ Loud”. They frequently appear together on each other’s social media pages. His favourite car model is the AC Cobra which he drives to his job site every day with pride for all to see it!

Kaufman built a custom 1963 Ford Falcon racecar during season four of “Fast N’ Loud”. The car is fully custom-made with a 363 cubic inch V8 producing over 500 horsepower under that hood and raced Pikes Peak in 2016 after building this baby up himself from scratch inside just six months! After selling the Mustang, Kaufman has now turned his attention to the interior of Gas Monkey Garage, which he’s been remodelling and updating for some time.

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