Allen Parr Net Worth

What is Allen Parr’s Net Worth?

$1 Million

Allen Parr’s life is an example of what can happen when you give your whole self over to God. Having grown up as a delinquent teen who repeatedly got in trouble with the law, he experienced powerful changes after finding eternal peace through Jesus Christ on his bended knee while serving abroad during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Nowadays this humble man travels around North America teaching people about spiritual salvation and sharing his story through sermons delivered at churches across Canada where they’re welcomed by cheering crowds every week!

Quick Facts About Allen Parr

Allen Parr Net Worth $1 Million
Date of Birth November 15, 1975
Age 45
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Preacher, Author, Speaker, YouTuber
Relationship Status Married
Wife Jennifer

Allen Parr Earnings, Career and More

The founder of The BEAT, an online Bible video teaching organization with over 600+ ratings and 4000 followers on YouTube. His net worth is around $1 million dollars because he sells gospel clothing items through his store or via other means such as Preaching which adds up to a sizable quantity of income!

“THE BEAT by Allen Parr,” a YouTube channel with over 750k subscribers that reaches millions each month. Biblically sound and practical messages come out from this man who was disciplined by God when he was 19 years old for reading his Bible too much in secret until one day it just came naturally without any intention of becoming preachers but rather having lucrative positions as engineers- which seems more fitting?

The journey to learn and grow as a minister was not an easy one for him. He began in 2000 when he enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary, but after graduating with his Master’s degree in 2004 had changed fields entirely: now bi-vocational instead of full-time ministry work or teaching high school math! Yet even through these times where life seemed like it might get too hectic–with desire strong among other things too -the idea always remained on track because down deep inside there still remains this burning drive for Allen Parr to help as many people as possible.

Allen Parr Relationship and Personal Life

He had a strong urge to marry since the age of 22, but he remained single for years. Finally on his 40th birthday in 2015 when he met Jennifer who is now also Micah’s mommy! They are happy with two adorable kids – Anaiah (4) & Micah(2).

Allen Parr Net Worth

Jennifer, his wife and an activist who founded the Women’s Fellowship organization to help women gain confidence in themselves through a Christ centred network. Allen is from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but now lives with their family in Dallas Texas where he worked as both Christian Education Director And Worship Pastor at an evangelical church.

Allen Parr Family and Early Life

When Parr’s parents announced their divorce at six years old, he felt like his whole world fell apart. His father took him to Jesus Christ for the first time and from then on every Sunday they went to church together until 11 years later when mom finally convinced him that there were other people who believed in God too but not just them! Allen had a troubled past with the law and because of his disobedience during childhood, Allen Parr’s Net Worth was not something he ever considered, but still, Allen Parr’s faith and values remained strong even as Allen became a teenage father before Allen Parr’s Net Worth began to increase through Allen Parr’s past.

Interesting Facts About Allen Parr

  • He completed his Master of Theology degree in 2004.
  • His YouTube channel has views escalating to 60 million.
  • He has even developed a number of mobile apps to help with bible study.
  • As of September 2021, he has around 29k followers on his Instagram account. (@allengparr)

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