Allen Weisselberg Net Worth 2021: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Allan “A. W.” Weisselberg is the longtime chief financial officer of The Trump Organization and has been in business for all of its 45 years. He was also treasurer, finance director, and executive vice president until he retired from all day-to-day duties at age 71 to work as a consultant. Allan A. W.’s net worth currently stands at $1 billion after being valued at $2 billion back in 2008 when Forbes released their list of billionaires in America; it’s all gone downhill since then…

Full Name Allen Howard Weisselberg
Birth Date August 15, 1947
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York
Profession Businessman
Wife Hilary Weisselberg
Net Worth $1 billion (estimated)

Early life

Allen Weisselberg grew up in Queens, New York. He’s an entrepreneur who has worked his way through the ranks of one of America’s most iconic companies – The Trump Organization.

Multimillionaire Allen Weisselberg from New York City has been working for Donald J. Trump and his company, the Trump Organization until he was subpoenaed by prosecutors investigating Michael Cohen because their businesses were intertwined with many financial transactions. They want him to testify about them under oath, so people are starting to worry about what will happen if Allen pleads with the fifth amendment or cooperates as others have done before him. On the other hand, Allen is an amiable guy, so he probably won’t make any waves.


Allen Weisselberg has a career in the public sector. He began working for Trump and was appointed CFO of The Donald J. Trump Foundation, which is now under investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office because of its duties violations. This includes things like self-dealing and improper political activity on behalf of President Donald Trump.

Allen Weisselberg had experience with private business and government before becoming Chief Financial Officer at The Donald J. Trump Foundation in 2013. He was questioned whether or not he knew anything about how Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels for an affair Trump had with her.

The Allen Weissberg net worth is $700 billion after the recent stock market crash in 2018, which has all but wiped out his holdings and left him with a measly $400 million of what he previously owned. 

Height: 173 cm or 69 inches Weight: 94 kg or 207 pounds

Net worth: $700 billion 

Awards: none so far 

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Personal Life

Allen Weisselberg has a long history with the Trump Organization. He first joined in 1982 as an accountant for what was then called Elizabeth, New Jersey’s Wollman Skating Rink and helped grow it into one of America’s most recognizable brands.”

Allen Weisselberg is President Donald J. Trump’s longtime personal finance manager. According to Wikipedia, he became a chief financial officer (CFO) of The Trump Organization after Jack Mitnick retired from that position on December 31, 1999. He currently serves as Vice-Presidential Liaison Officer. Allen managed many things at The Trump Organisation. For example, he was in charge of payroll, talked to people with the company, and ensured the construction of hotels was good.


Allen attended the New York Military Academy from 1959 to 1964 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Allen Weisselberg Net Worth

Allen Weissberg is the President of the Trump Organization and has a net worth of over $150 million.

Allen Weisselberg, President of The Trump Organisation since 1979, just receiving his first salary in 2015, had an estimated wealth at around a 150million dollars.

Allen weisselberg biography

Allen Weisselberg was born on November 4, 1954, in Brooklyn. His family moved to Smithtown when he was a year old, where they raised him and his brother. He graduated with an economics degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before getting engaged at age 25 to Leslie Blumkin, who later became his wife.

Allen Weisselburg is just your typical middle-class American boy; he grew up outside Los Angeles, California, attending USC law school and eventually graduating from Harvard Law School. In 1979 Allen got married for the first time to Lesley Weberblinkin and had two sons during their marriage.

Allen Weissberg’s net worth is based on his life in the public sector and his experience throughout his career. He began working for Trump in 1982 as an accountant at Wollman skating rink in New York, then moving up to be Vice-presidential Liaison Officer of all The Trump Organization. Allen Weissberg’s net worth has been calculated from all his experience and expertise throughout these years, which is why he’s one of the most sought out public sector workers.


Like many American families, the Weisselberg family has a long and complicated history. From their humble beginnings in Cincinnati to dominating Wall Street with one of the most influential companies on Earth, this is an ode to Allen Weissberg’s life as recounted by his son Andrew Weisslerbeg-Weislberstein Jr… The latter lives just outside New York City.

“The story begins more than two centuries ago when my great-great-grandfather was born into poverty in rural Germany,” he said proudly. “He came here for an opportunity which he found.” The legacy continues today with me living near Manhattan, where I can enjoy that same level of success due mainly to what it means to be part of such a driven family like ours – we’re Allen Weissberg’s son.

allen weisslerbeg-Weislberstein Jr., allen weisselburg’s son

In Allen Weisslerbeg-Weislberstein Jr.’s own words, “I am a living legacy to my father’s legacy.” He lives just outside New York City with his wife and children, who all share a passion for the arts.

“My father, Allen Weisslerbeg-Weislberstein Sr., and I both share a deep connection to the arts. But, in reality, it all started with Allen Weisslerbeg-Weislberstein Sr., who was a composer and pianist. He would play for hours and hours, all day long. He was the real deal,” he said proudly. “He even played at Carnegie Hall.”

It all started with allen weisslerbeg-Weislberstein Sr., allen weisselberg’s son

Allen Weisselburg is just your typical middle-class American boy; he grew up outside Los Angeles, California, while attending USC law school and eventually graduating from Harvard Law School after that as well. In 1979, Allen got married for the first time to Lesley Weberblinkin.


Long-time Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in the investigation into Michael Cohen.

Allen Weisselberg, a long time financial officer for Donald J. Trump, has accepted an offer from federal authorities to help them investigate his boss and longtime friend, Mr Cohen’s finances related to campaign finance issues like payments made by AMI Entertainment LLC (parent company of National Enquirer) or AT&T Inc., according to court filings unsealed on Monday, November 18, 2018. 

This happened after he was subpoenaed last year as part of this same probe led by Robert Mueller, who initially found no evidence that President Trump had committed crimes while taking office. Still, it looks now that we may have some answers soon enough.


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