Ann Winblad Net Worth: How Rich is Ann Winblad Actually?

Ann Winblad Net Worth

Ann Winblad is best known for being one of the first female programmers in Silicon Valley, a place that she helped to engineer and develop. Ann had played an integral role as a software developer by co-founding Hummer Winblad Venture Partners with other like-minded individuals who shared the same vision–that entrepreneurship was not just about starting your own company but could also be applied at any stage within an established organization. Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her net worth today to surpass 15 million dollars on paper. It will undoubtedly continue into many years down the line when people look back fondly upon this period where entrepreneurs were encouraged instead of discouraged from trying their luck in business development. Ann Winblad Net Worth is $15 million.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Ann Winblad
Birth Date November 1, 1950
Birth Place Red Wing, Minnesota, U. S.
Profession Entrepreneur
Husband Edward Alex Klein
Ann Winblad Net Worth $15 million

Early life

Ann Winblad was born on November 1st, 1950, to Wilbur and Elizabeth Stark in Red Wing. She grew up with five siblings in Rushford and Farmington before going off to the United States’ prestigious St. Catherine’s University where she majored in Business Administration, graduating from there afterwards by joining the highly respected University of Saint Thomas for her Master’s degree, which is also a business-related field with an education concentration; thus Ann stands as one who has had both professions at some point studied under their belt!

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Ann Winblad Net Worth & Career

After receiving her Master’s degree, she started working at the Federal Reserve and served there for 13 months before quitting to start her own company. Along with three other workers who also worked at the bank, they founded Open Systems Inc., which created accounting software used in over 100 countries worldwide!

Ann never looked back after selling her accounting company to the enormous amount of $15 million. She became a tech consultant for IBM and Microsoft before founding Hummer Winblad Venture Partners in 1989, which she founded with John Hummer.

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Ann and John were successful in launching 16 startups from their company’s foundation. In addition, Ann had years of experience investing with big companies like IBM, who invested $500 million into her capital firm after they saw the success that this couple was having.

Ann Winblad Personal Life

Winblad is the woman who, according to Bill Gates himself, “was my first love.” They met when she was a co-investor in Microsoft, and it didn’t take long for their relationship to turn romantic. But, unfortunately, it only lasted about three years before they split up – but not because of any animosity or lack of interest on either side; by this time, her other business endeavours had become too demanding, so that she needed more focus on them than what dating could offer.

Though Ann and Bill have been separated for years, they remain friends. They often take time off to meet once a year when the other person is on vacation or has an otherwise free day. They recently revealed that their pact started with them spending long weekends at each others’ houses during dating days in North Carolina’s Outer Banks beach cottage – which remains one of their only remaining memories from those times together since then.

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Ann is a married woman who tied the knot with her private investigator husband, Edward Alex Kline. They shared their wedding vow six years ago in 2015 and share much more than just last names; they are brothers!

Ann Winblad Net Worth

Ann Winblad, the founder of Arcadia Analytics and an entrepreneur extraordinaire, has garnered much praise for her recent success. The 2018 Exemplary Women Fortuneoree just recently received a major from the Small Business Hall of Fame, recognizing her achievement in 2000 and being inducted into their prestigious ranks that same year. Ann Winblad Net Worth is $15 million.

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