Who Is Annette Badland? The English Actress’s Background, Affair, Marriage, Net worth, Ethnicity

Annette Badland is an English Actress known for the range of roles she portrayed on television, radio, stage, and film. Most people know her from the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who for playing the role of Margaret Blaine.

Other than that, the characters Mrs Glenna Fitzgibbons from the show Outlander’s first season and Babe smith in the BBC soap opera EastEnders portrayed by her were noteworthy performances by her.

The 70 years old actress was born on 26 August 1950 in Edgbaston, Birmingham to her British parents.

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Annette Badland’s background

It’s interesting how a Badland was formed. The mother, originally from Scotland moved to Birmingham in England during World War II when she worked at factories manufacturing munitions and aircraft for the British government before meeting Annette’s father Jack who passed away soon after they married–this left only a daughter Mercy with no male influence throughout her childhood years growing up until eventually coming across some cousins that had become Americans themselves over time!

When Badland was just a little girl, she always knew that her calling in life would be to act. This passion for the arts started at an early age with performances on stage and also working as an Equity rep during summers down south of London where she learned more about how theatre works technically while gaining experience under professional actors’ wings alike!

After learning all these skills up close through various positions within acting academia as well as history doing everything from teaching English to handling administrative tasks such What role do you play?

Quick facts about Annette Badland

Age 70 years old
Height 5 feet 1 inch
Weight 78 kg
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Zodiac sign Virgo

Acting career

The journey of Badland’s career began after her drama school in the form of a theatre actor. She first joined Ian McKellen’s Actors Company at Cambridge Arts Theatre, where she played Audrey – considered to be one of its most promising debuts ever!

It wasn’t long before this talented individual was given more television roles; including an appearance on a tapped-out TV show called The Naked Civil Servant (1975). Her character taps while dancing brings us back to decades ago when music filled every flooring space you walked upon thanks to truly talented individuals.

Badland in her early career( source: Twitter)

When Badland first landed a role for the the1977 film Jabberwocky which was based on Lewis Carroll’s epic poem, she starred alongside Michael Palin and Harry H Corbett. She took a nine-year pause from acting before returning to the big screen in 1986 with Knights & Emeralds

A native Australian actress named Badland has mainly worked internationally since her breakthrough performance as Alice opposite krameria Tennant playing White Rabbit at heart within Disney production ‘Johnny English.

Her performance as Little Voice earned her an Olivier Award nomination, and Badland also got Screen Actors Guild Awards for its cast.

Annette Badland’s net worth

The actor, Badland makes a little over $25k per episode on TV shows. She charges $5000 for working in dramas and audiobooks but the exact amount of money she has made from her career isn’t known because it’s not publicly disclosed by either party involved ( actress vs employer). It seems likely though that since their combined wealth is estimated at around 17 million USD they must be doing pretty well considering most people don’t make more than 5 figures these days without having started with some kind of success story like founding a startup etc. Annette Badland The English Actress’s Background Affair Marriage Net worth Ethnicity.

Is Annette Badland married?

Badland’s love life is quite interesting. She has been dating a man named David Hattan for years, but they haven’t gotten married yet or even engaged! This could be because he’s still working on the timing of it all – like how long will their relationship last? What about kids- does she want any more than one child with this partner (which would likely mean an end)? It sounds as though there might have been some issue solved before tying themselves down in law firm terms; perhaps someone else can give me insight into these matters should need to know further info regarding their personal life.

Annette with David (Source: Married Biography)

When Annette and David first met, the romance was intense. They soon discovered that they wanted to spend their lives together but didn’t want an engagement or wedding just yet because this is what other people did in movies and books – not them!

An old movie quote about how love can make you do things “you wouldn’t normally dream of doing” comes to mind here—and I’m sure most readers can relate: When two people who are deeply committed friendlier than siblings find true happiness with each other.

Does Annette Badland have a child?

When Badland was just a little girl, her parents moved the family out from under an electrical wire that always sparked when they came close. The volatile environment left scars on this child’s mind and body but she learned to survive despite it all – even falls down wells or got electrocuted by faulty wiring!

The closest person who ever loved her very much became another victim; death took them both after living life as if there were no tomorrow…

Annette Badland’s weight loss journey

When Annette Badland disclosed her weight loss journey in an interview, she reportedly followed the method of acupuncture that helped her to lose calories. Annette Badland The English Actress’s Background Affair Marriage Net worth Ethnicity.

It’s no surprise then- after all those years spent sedentary and munching on tasty but unhealthy snacks like chips or candy bars – how could anyone expect this woman not only to have a successful diet but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term? Well, luckily enough there are ways around things such as opening your mouth wide whenever someone offers you something yummy (I know third hands are hard to come by, but some people will do anything for you if they can help).

Annette Badland’s likes and dislikes

When it comes to travel, Annette Badland is unstoppable. Her favorite actor is Nick Hendrix and her favorite actress is Fiona Dolman; among all places in the world she likes London the most–Black colors always make things better for a girl like herself who craves contrast (think about those dark roast coffees). The actors’ Netflix show preferences? Midsomer Murders!

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