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Anthony Cumia Net Worth 2022: Anthony Cumia is an actor, television personality, radio show host and producer. He has starred in many films and TV series as well as video games with a wide variety of characters.

Anthony Cumia, a media personality and broadcaster from America are worth at least $7 million. He was the co-host of Opie and Anthony’s radio show with Gregg Hughes which aired for many years until 2014 when it ended due to allegations on Twitter against African American comedian Leslie Jones by actor/comedian Sam Hyde in July 2016.

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Full Name Anthony Cumia
Anthony Cumia Net Worth 2022 $10 Million
Date Of Birth April 26, 1961
Place Of Birth Long Island, New York, United States
Profession Radio personality, Actor
Education Elwood-John H. Glenn High School
Nationality United States of Americ

How Did Anthony Cumia Get So Rich?

Being a radio superstar that had his own number one hit show is what made the part-time actor and comedian so rich. Long before that, in the 1980s, he spent most of his time working as an engineer installing air conditioning systems for buildings all over New York City. He would often listen to two popular broadcasters from NY named Don Imus and Howard Stern during this time period because they were on together at night when it was quiet enough to hear them without any interference. In 1991, Hughes met Gregg Hughes after submitting a song parody contest called “Night Time Attitude” where both men used their respective skillsets (comedy/radio) to win $1000 each!

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When they met, Opie and Anthony became friends. They decided to create their own show where people could speak freely about anything that was on their minds at the moment and broadcast it to listeners everywhere. After a few years of hard work in Boston’s WAAF station, the two comedians were fired after April Fool’s prank went wrong which led them to sign with New York City-based WNEW radio stations and gave them instant success within 2 months!

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Why is he so famous?

Anthony Cumia is an Italian-American who was born on April 26, 1961. He spent most of his childhood in New York dealing with various activities until he and his friend Greg Hughes created their own radio show called The Opie & Anthony Show which aired from 1995 to 2014 when it came to a halt due to some controversial comments made by co-host Gregg Hughes about the assault charges against actor Jamey Rodemeyer that resulted in death threats towards them as well.

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After a tumultuous childhood, Anthony began to focus his attention on acting and stand-up comedy. He spent time in Elwood before attending various schools including Timber Point Elementary School in East Islip and graduated from the prestigious John Glenn High School of Elwood. After graduating high school he moved with his father to California where they would continue their family adventures together – this time not moving but rather exploring new surroundings like San Juan Capistrano!

What Makes Him So Successful?

Southern comedian Anthony Cumia is a towering figure in the radio industry, with successful runs on many different stations. In 2014 he was fired from Sirius XM Radio after posting racist tweets and started his own podcast called “The Anthony Cumia Show” which aired alongside fellow actor Artie Lange for their new show “The Anthony and Artie Show”.

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Anthony Cumia has done lots of interesting and creative things since his controversial radio career! Apart from hosting Vince McMahon’s “XFL Gameday”, he also starred in comedy segments during the show, and released a CD entitled Demented World as himself and various fictional characters. He took part in numerous TV series such as Hannity, Tom Shillue’s Red Eye, Kennedy Live, and Louder with Crowder over the past decade or so!


Anthony Cumia is a New York radio personality who turned into an actor, comedian and podcaster. His entertaining career has had its ups and downs for the past thirty years or so; he occasionally found himself getting fired from radio networks. In 2021, Anthony Cumia’s net worth was around $7 million dollars – but that amount could change depending on his success as of late in these fields!

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Despite his success in the show business, Anthony Cumia has not stopped hosting and producing radio shows. As of now, he has made millions from all three ventures combined.

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