Anthony Pompliano Wiki: Learn The Investor’s Net Worth, Background, Wife, And Family

Anthony Pompliano is an investor and entrepreneur. Additionally, Anthony is also known for being the initial co-founder of Full Tilt Capital. People recognize him as the podcast host for the show, The Pomp Podcasts.

Anthony was born in the United States Of America on 15 June 1988. He earned his high school degree from Cardinal Gibbons High School. He has a degree in Economics and Sociology from Bucknell University from where he graduated in 2006.

Anthony was born to his father Tony Pompliano and an unidentified mother. His father is the founder of ANEXIO. Besides his father, he also has a twin brother named Joe Pompliano in his family.

Quick facts about Anthony

Age 32 years
Nicknames Pomp, Pomp Crypto
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Profession Investor, Entrepreneur, YouTuber
Nationality American
Anthony Pompliano
Photo: Crypto Slate

The early life of the Investor

Anthony’s military service began in 2006 when he became a sergeant. When you’re out on the battlefield, it is essential to make sure that no one can hurt or kill anyone else with their hands. He served overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and his job was to make sure that the soldiers were safe. He did this by checking to ensure that they weren’t carrying any weapons and checking all vehicles before they left camp. He also did this to ensure that nothing wrong happened while patrolling.

In 2016, Anthony co-founded the Full Tilt Capital with his business partner Jason Williams. They had collected experience from several companies and invested almost $100 thousand into this venture. It would help them grow their brands and provide other entrepreneurs with mentorship programs or investments in projects they believe will yield profit margins.

The net worth of Anthony

Anthony has invested 80% of his money in Bitcoin and 20%. His investments include start-up businesses and real estate as well. Anthony also owns an online store called The Best Business Show which caters to entrepreneurs with advice on how they can grow their companies faster by using these strategies for success – early-stage tech investing!

Anthony has been investing in Bitcoin for many years. He’s a firm believer in cryptocurrencies, and his current portfolio includes multiple seed investments at over USD 1 billion, with some even reaching nearly tenfold their original value!

Anthony’s prediction

When Pompliano said that the price of a single bitcoin would be $100,000 by the end of 2021, many people thought he was crazy. But it looks like his prediction might just come true! We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

Is Anthony married?

Anthony is married to his long-time girlfriend, Polina Marinova. The two finally got engaged in November 2019 after dating for many years, and just a year later, they were tying the knot! They seem like such an exciting couple, often posting about each other on social media channels like Instagram or Twitter, where you can find out all sorts of fun secrets (like what sports teams your favorite celebrity likes)!

Anthony often posts about his wife. On the occasion of their first anniversary, Anthony wrote:

1 year anniversary. I knew she was the one when she said she liked McDonalds French fries 🙏🏼

When Polina was 8, her parents moved from Bulgaria to the United States. They settled in North Springs High School, where she completed high school courses before enrolling at the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism and Sociology minor. In the 2013-2014 academic year, she worked as a community manager for the U.S.A. Today; produced features/iReporter CNN Wire team ( January–April 2014) then social media editor Ozy Media Group(May 14th+).

Anthony’s wife( Source: Everipedia)

Anthony Pompliano Podcasts Shows

In the past, Anthony Pompliano’s career consisted mainly of YouTube videos. But as 2018 rolled around and he started another podcast series on his new channel for Bank tissue boxes (a popular social media topic), people began to take notice – not just within America but internationally too! Anthony Pompliano has 241,000 subscribers. They can tell you that he always has interesting things about money and life. Anthony is 26 years old and lives near New York City. He gives good advice to his friends, family, and subscribers. Anthony’s net worth is currently estimated to be $20 million.

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Who is this man? He has 67.5K followers on his Instagram handle, @pompglobal! He has 1 million followers on Twitter, and he also hosts YouTube shows with some of the most famous people in America. These people include Robert Kiyosaki (author), Mark Cuban(owner/executive chairman at Broadcast Media Corporation), or Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s Communications Director, before being appointed as White House Chief Of Staff for George HW Bush.

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