Anya Taylor-Joy Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career

Anya Taylor-Joy Net Worth 2022: Anya Taylor-Joy is an American actress who made her film debut in the fantasy series Atlantis before she rose to prominence with her performance as Thomasin White, a witch accused of witchcraft and murder, in The Witch. She then gained further attention for her performances as Casey Cooke on Split and Glass. In 2017 at Cannes Film Festival’s Trophée Chopard ceremony she won the award for Best Actress (Prix de la Jeunesse) from jury member Guillermo del Toro while also receiving nominations such as BAFTA Rising Star Award by the British Academy Television Awards Jury Member Nick Parkes entitled “A Brilliant Debut.”

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Early Life

Anya is of Zambian and Scottish-Argentine heritage. She was born on April 16th in Miami, Florida to a psychologist mother who grew up in Africa and an Argentinian father with roots from Scotland. Her parents met while both studying at the University of Edinburgh where they fell for each other over their shared love for psychology which led them back to America after graduation so that her mom could work as a psychologist here too!

Taylor-Joy has more than 10 years of experience in the film and theatre industry. Born to a British father and an American mother, her family moved when she was just one year old from England to Buenos Aires where they lived until Taylor-Joy was six. After that, they relocated back so Taylor could enrol at Hill House preparatory school in Chelsea before moving on to Queen’s Gate School for Girls only blocks away from Buckingham Palace!

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Taylor-Joy has done a lot of acting in her young career, but will she always be known for being the lead role as Thomasin? In 2014, Taylor-Joy had her first movie debut with Vampire Academy. This was followed by The Witch where she played Thomasin.

A busy 2016 for Jennifer Morgan. She starred in the science fiction horror movie ‘Morgan’ which Luke Scott directed and also played Charlotte Baughman in the drama film Barry. In 2017 she had a small role as Sergeant Jenkins on War Machine, about General Stanley McChrystal’s Afghanistan war memoirs with Brad Pitt starring and directing again alongside David Michôd who wrote Animal Kingdom.

When she was just 12, Taylor-Joy played a lead role in the horror-thriller film Split. In her short career as an actress so far, she has already taken on two of Hollywood’s most difficult challenges: playing someone with multiple personalities and acting against James McAvoy who is famous for his roles in both X Men films and The Last King Of Scotland.

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When Taylor-Joy starred in the movie ‘Emma,’ she was given a role as Emma Woodhouse. This film adaption of Jane Austen’s 1815 novel follows her life from being an impressionable young girl to becoming friends with Harriet Smith and claiming credit for all of Harriet’s good deeds.

The Queen’s Gambit is an award-winning Netflix original series that has received rave reviews. The show was written and directed by two of the most promising female directors, with a star cast led by Taraji P. Henson as Beth Harmon – a heroine who must navigate her way through corporate America while trying to protect herself from workplace sexism in order to clear her name after being framed for embezzlement at work.

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How Does Anya Taylor-Joy Spend Her Money?

Anya Taylor-Joy is an award-winning actress, with a net worth of $1 million. She has starred in many blockbuster movies and series earning her wealth that she now spends on lavish jewellery.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Jewelry

Anya Taylor-Joy is hands down one of the most style-savvy celebrities around. You may not know this but she has a collection that rivals any other fashionista’s. Some of her notable pieces include a pearl choker, gold dangle earrings, stackable rings.

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Here are some of the best highlights of Anya Taylor-Joy’s career:

  • Split (Movie, 2016)
  • Glass (Movie, 2019)
  • Emma (Movie, 2020)
  • The Queen’s Gambit (TV-Show, 2020)
  • The New Mutants (Movie, 2020)

Favourite Quotes from Anya Taylor-Joy

“I was very surprised to be scouted as a model when I was 16. Growing up, all my friends thought of me as the shy girl who never wore makeup and preferred playing sports over anything else.”

“However, after being given this opportunity to pursue modelling I soon saw that it presented an alternate path for pursuing acting in Hollywood which had always been one of my dream jobs.”

“I got scouted for modelling on the street. I’m such a tomboy – still am. I just never thought about modelling before, but I thought ‘Ooh, interesting; similar world perhaps it’s a way into something.’ Then, at my third photoshoot ever Adam Leech from Downtown Abbey saw me reading poetry and asked me to recite some.”

“It doesn’t matter where in the world or who with that’s the closest thing that has is a sense of placement so acting was way of finding a home if makes sense.” – Anya Taylor-Joy

I’ve been very lucky with the roles that I’ve played in that they were wonderful roles for women. They’re incredible, flawed characters that I really gravitate toward. “I never want anybody to be able to put me in a box, or categorize who Anya Taylor-Joy is and what she does as an actor,” said Taylor-Joy.” The people who have seen my work right now know it’s not just horror films – there are so many more things than you could possibly imagine out there. And those sorts of opportunities make me excited about being alive because these stories need telling and we haven’t got enough time on this earth.”

“I was so busy in the film industry that I had to bounce back and forth between sets,” Anya Taylor-Joy says. “Being on set for one project, then being off of it before having time to process what happened.” She would work six days a week, only taking Sundays off when she could be with her family– but soon found herself unable even those moments as life was too hectic. “Emma ended at 10 p.m.,” she recalls thinking about finishing filming after four months straight working without breaks, “and by 8:30 Monday morning we were shooting again because The New Mutants starts tomorrow!”

3 Awesome Lessons from Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor Joy’s net worth is $4 million. She recently acted in the movie “Thoroughbred” and, despite not being old enough to drink alcohol legally, she got a DUI for drinking at an acting event after-party. There are many lessons we can learn from her story:

  1. Acting
  2. Express Your Emotions
  3. Get Grateful


At 26, Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood. Her first major credits came with her starring role on Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit and followed by 2014 as a cast member for Vampire Academy and 2015 Endeavour while continuing to work steadily throughout 2016. In 2019 she provided Brea’s voice in the series Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance which aired 2020 – 2021 season 2 premiering June 20th at 9 PM ET/PT streaming online through Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime Video (both included). She has also starred in other well-received films such as Split 2017 where she portrayed Casey Cook, Thoroughbreds released in 2018 portraying Lily Mugler alongside Olivia Cooke who played Amanda Cohen up until it was discovered that she was not old enough to drink legally.

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