Baby Keem Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Baby Keem Net Worth 2022: Keep Malik, better known as baby keep, is a rapper and social media personality. He has garnered much fame through his YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers. He also runs the Baby Keem Instagram account, which has amassed more than 3 million followers. Baby Keem Net Worth in 2022 is $400!

Baby Keem was born on March 18th, 1996, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to parents of Pakistani descent that were immigrants from Pakistan. His father owned a convenience store that he often worked at when not attending school or playing basketball at the local park.

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Full Name Hykeem Jamaal Carter, Jr.
Birth Date/ Age October 22, 2000/ 20 years old
Birth Place Carson, California, United States
Profession Rapper, songwriter, and producer
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $400 thousand

Early life

Keep Early was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on December 29th, 1990. The oldest of two children, Keem’s father left when he was three, and his mother would be the one to raise him through tough times. At 12 years old, he began rapping under the name “Kid In Da Corner.”

When he was 14 years old, he had a hard time balancing school and music. So he decided to focus on making money. Unfortunately, this led to trouble in high school. Records show that there were several charges, including burglary and robbery; these have been expunged from the record after doing community service hours and taking part in an educational program where I learned how important education is if you want any chance of succeeding in life.

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Keep has a baby named Keema, who is the youngest of four. Being an only child himself, he’s determined to make sure his daughter will never feel left out or neglected among so many siblings. So he spends hours teaching her new words and playing games with her in the driveway. Other kids are at school, and they learn things that they will forget later on, like long division problems. It is hard for them to figure out how much 2+2 equals 4!

Personal Life

Keep is a widely-known American rapper, producer, and entrepreneur. He has been the president of G.O.O, L.L.C since 2013, and he was an A& R representative for Sony Music Entertainment in New York City from 2005 to 2012, where he signed artists like Young Jeezy (who later left) Tae Diez, who went on to form Slum Village, Yung Locc, etc…

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Musical style

Keep is a baby with his musical style. By the time he’s 18, Keem may be able to make music that can change people’s lives in some way or another. But he’ll always have something to say because he is still learning about life. He was alive and then came into the world as a baby who has seen nothing but his crib walls. He listens carefully to what his parents say and learns from watching them do things.


The way a baby looks at you is just so pure and innocent. It’s one of the reasons why I love being an auntie because they know no judgment from me; all that matters to them is hugs and kisses! Recently, my niece showed me some new tricks like waving hello or giving high-fives, but what made her stand out was when she tried clapping with two hands as if it were a drum. What joyous noise she created for us both in doing this simple action yet never before attempted by herself! Alas, we’re going to need more than handclaps, though, for our next family reunion since Keem may be part of the entire gang now too…

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Extended plays

And when we’re not out hunting, it’s the only time I get to sit and take a break. But Baby Keem Extended can do plenty of other things with an iPad besides play games! We’ve been reading together about some pretty exciting animals like giraffes or blue whales. You never know what you’ll find on this thing called YouTube – but if baby loves playing music, then make sure they have my app so they can jam along too 🙂

Baby Keem Net Worth 2022

Keep is a world-famous rapper who never went to college but has still managed to amass an estimated net worth of $400.

Kim was born in Compton, and his father’s death when he was just four years old had a significant impact on the young man; it inspired him to pursue rap as both a profession and a passion. Keep began rapping at age 12 with friends from school and by her 16th birthday, the budding artist already signed with Suge Knight Records (a label that launched artists like Dr Dre). Just two short years later, Shaquille O’Neal would go out on record saying, “I’m going holler at this boy named Baby Kane.” Fast forward some more time until we found ourselves in 2003, and Kekem is now the president of his own company, G.O.O., L.L.C., with Baby K’Lavonni Hiptidel Washington as the baby of his own family.


Baby Keem is the newest addition to my family. It’s hard for me because I’m still not used to being a father, but he has taught me so much about life already! He doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone and wants nothing more than unconditional love all day long!


It’s always fun when your best friend is also a family member. I’ve had the chance to be with my brother Keem since he was born, and we’re only six months apart! We love playing together at home in our backyard, where there are many toys for both little kids like my older ones and me. One day, after school, while taking some time off from homework, we played on his train set with tracks around the whole yard. He pulled out all kinds of cool cars, including one pretty fast engine car because it goes so much quicker than most others do– look how speedy it went as soon as he put batteries inside! Another thing I liked about being with him outside, getting to see this giant tree right in the middle of his front yard.

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Relationships and Girlfriend 

Keep is a baby who has been the talk of social media for months. Kim was born with one hand, and his last name is “Relationships.” Recently, he gained another Twitter account that features him as an adult in bed surrounded by women. After just two weeks on Twitter, @keems_girlfriends reached over 10k followers! So it would seem like it’s only natural to want some advice from this teen, so I decided to get personal about my relationship troubles…

I asked what kind of girlfriend you should be or how long relationships usually lasted before they got boring. His response made me laugh because he said that we both need each other equally, but it’s up to us if our love goes deep enough, which makes me love baby keep so much more.

Income, Earnings 

Halfway through the year, little Keem has already earned more than some adults! How does he do it? He’s a baby. Every time his mother buys him food and clothes or takes care of him when he is sick, she pays with her hard-earned money. But that doesn’t stop this clever tyke from earning for himself too – by being such an adorable son to mommy both in public and at home!

Who is Baby Keem dating?

Celebrity gossip never stops, and the latest rumor has Baby Keem dating a new girl.

Who is Baby Keem? 

Baby Keem is a rapper who you might know from the song, “I’m in love with my car.” He also has a new album coming out this year.

Baby Keem was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where he developed an interest in music at age 10, just like many of his friends during that time. His name originates from one day when he heard someone say they were looking for Baby Jeezy on television but couldn’t find him, so instead found another person named Baby Kae, which became shortened to simply ‘Keem.’

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