Baron Corbin Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the WWE Star Actually?

Baron Corbin Net Worth: Baron Corbin, better known by his ring name Baron Corbin is an American professional wrestler. As of 2022, the Baron’s net worth was about $2 million, but in true WWE fashion and to have some more drama for a storyline, he set up an online fundraiser to save his house from foreclosure.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Thomas Pestock
Birth Date September 13, 1984
Birth Place Lenexa, Kansas, United States
Profession Wrestler
Wife Rochelle Roman
Baron Corbin Net Worth $2 million

Early life

Baron Corbin was born Thomas Pestock on September 13th, 1984, in Lenexa, Kansas. He grew up with a father who died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and has tattoos that commemorate his late dad and grandfather; he also won the Golden Gloves Regional Amateur Boxing Champion twice by 2007. In 2008 Baron competed at the National Tournament of Champions where he defeated CHaen Chess to become champion again!

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Baron Corbin Net Worth & Wrestling Career

After signing with WWE’s development system NXT, Corbin’s first appearance came on October 18th, 2012. In his debut match, Dante Dash defeated him, and he returned to the ring on September 11th, 2014, during a new look that would pay off when Corbin got back into the squared circle. The following year at Wrestlemania 32, just one month after making his main roster debut, Braun took Kane out of it for an Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal win, so badass you’ll be seeing stars!

Baron had been a SmackDown superstar until he was abruptly moved to the Raw brand. His new storyline involved his rivalry with Shinsuke Nakamura, but Baron lost that match by disqualification. On August 15th of 2017, however, he managed to win the WWE title in a one-on-one matchup against Cena and Jinder Mahal while cashing in on his Money In The Bank contract – which may have just given him enough momentum before. Battleground takes place this Sunday!

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Corbin changed his name to King Corbin after defeating Chad Gable in the final match of the 2019 King of the Ring tournament. He was drafted to SmackDown brand in the 2019 draft, but on June 18th, 2021, he fought with Shinsuke Nakamura for his crown and lost it at the end along with the car.

Baron’s recent losses in his property after the match with Nakamura was a part of the WWE storyline that portrays him as a bad guy and Nakamura as good. However, on SmackDown, he talked about how hard it is to lose everything you have, including your home, when all from one day to another, life changes for the worse.

Baron Corbin Personal Life

Baron Corbin has a lot to be thankful for this year. He married Rochelle Roman in 2017, and they welcomed their daughter, Phoenix, into the world together on September 11th. They have been happily ever after with his family since moving from Florida to Tampa last summer, where he can’t imagine being any happier than what he is now!

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Baron Corbin Net Worth

As a WWE Superstar, Corbin has amassed an impressive net worth of $2 million. As per sources, he is getting hefty paychecks from the company–a whopping salary totalling 285K annually! Nowadays, though, it looks like they lost all his property and belongings due to financial difficulties, which forced him to start on an online fundraiser; however, as mentioned before, this page hasn’t gone live yet, so there’s no way for anyone who wishes can donate anything at present.

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