Ben Zobrist Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the Baseball Second baseman?

Ben Zobrist’s Net Worth: With a net worth of $55 million, Benjamin is one of the wealthiest athletes in Major League Baseball. The Mississauga-born athlete has played for many teams and championships since being drafted into MLB back in 2004.

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Full Name Benjamin Thomas Zobrist
Birth Date May 26, 1981
Birth Place Eureka, Illinois
Profession Former Professional Baseball Player
Relationship Status Divorced
Ben Zobrist Net Worth $55 million

Early Life

Eight-year-old Zobrist had a passion for the game of baseball and would regularly play with friends. He graduated from Eureka High School in 1999 but was not recruited by any universities because he wasn’t as good as others his age. Finally, his coach advised him to participate in an annual summer event where seniors could showcase their skills. Those present at this competition were impressed enough with what they saw that he received an offer to attend Olivet Nazarene University on a scholarship and played well there, too, even winning Chi League Player of The Year during his sophomore year!

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Ben Zobrist Net Worth and Rise to Fame

Zobrist was introduced to baseball by his father at the age of eight. He would frequently play and eventually got better as he developed skills in the game. In 1999, Zobrist graduated from Eureka High School but wasn’t sure if being a player in professional leagues was feasible since there weren’t any recruiters interested him. Finally, with some advice from his coach, he participated in an annual summer event where seniors could show their athletic abilities-and. That was when people learned about how great Zobrist was! It only took one offer before Olivet Nazarene University recognized that they had been missing out; without hesitation, they made it clear that “this man should be playing ball!”

He would work his way from the Central Illinois Collegiate League to the Summer Collegiate Northwoods League, Wisconsin Woodchucks, and Tampa Bay. He won team MVP with Woodchucks after helping them win their championship in 2003 before getting a big break into professional baseball when he joined Tampa Bay’s organization.

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Zobrist had a tough 2006 season that was filled with injuries.

However, in 2008, he found his groove and would also play more often as a utility player. That year proved to be Zobrist’s best batting average and slugging percentage, which earned him an All-Star Game appearance. In addition, he won MVP honours for the American League Divisional Series against Boston Red Sox on October 11th.

After playing in the minor leagues for numerous clubs and teams, Zobrist finally made a name for himself when he signed with his first big league club. A three-year contract extension worth $30 million made him one of the best-paid players on this team, and by 2014, he had become an experienced player around these parts, which allowed him to record 1,000 hits throughout his career. Finally, in 2015 after signing with Chicago Cubs as their new shortstop/third baseman at a staggering price tag of $56 Million, they won two championships. In addition, they captured three consecutive National League Central Division Titles. Since 2016 – making them five times champions.

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Personal Life

Ben Zobrist was well-known for his contributions to the Chicago Cubs in their 2016 World Series victory. He is married to Julianna, a singer, and also has three children together. In 2021, shocking news would result in separation as Ben filed an adultery lawsuit against friend Byron Yawn who had been accused of having a sexual affair with wife Julianna that started back in 2019.

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Ben Zobrist Net Worth

As of 2021, Ben Zobrist has an estimated net worth of $55 million. So who is more than enough for him to retire on and live the good life in his final years before he hangs up his cleats or throws down a glove for good.

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