Who Is Bern Nadette Stanis From ‘Good Times’? Learn Her Age And Personal Life

Bern Nadette Stanis is a veteran American actress as well as an author. She is best recognized for her portrayal of Thelma Evans on the CBS sitcom Good Times. She played the role of the only daughter of Florida and James Evans Sr. between 1974 and 1979.

She was considered the epitome of black beauty during the 1970s. She was greatly praised for her charm, comedic timing, intelligence, dignity, and sexy yet innocent image. She was also known for her wonderful and graceful dancing in the show.

Berna Nadette also made history with her presence in the entertainment industry. She was the first-ever black female teenager to star on the small screen. Her fans have not forgotten her performance and personality even at present.

Bern Nadette Stanis Wiki, Age, Early Life

Bern Nadette Stanis was born on 22 December 1953 in easter Brooklyn, New York City making her 68 years old as of 2021. She is the daughter of her mother Eula and her father John Stanislaus. Her birth name is Bernadette Stanislaus.

Born into this loving household were three animals – two dogs named Joe smelling salty tears like clockwork every morning before school began at 5:00 am sharp while their other petS namesake odorous fowl moved freely throughout the house; the family was inseparable and Bem Nadette Stanis had more than one loving home in her young heart.

She was a natural beauty with an attractive height that helped her in the competition. She partook many times as Miss Brooklyn and also won several awards for it until finally coming second-runner up to earn herself this title: “Miss New York.”

Thelma in the film was an unforgettable character. Though her role helped earn Thels more confidence and outspoken, it also led to other acting gigs for this young actress who became recognized on both coasts after landing the part of a lifetime-a year before she turned 21!

Bern Nadette Personal Life

Bern Nadette has been married four times in her life, with three of those engagements lasting less than two years. She first got hitched to Thomas Fauntleroy when she was just 21 years old but their marriage only lasted four cruderears! After being widowed at age 25 by Kerwin Darnell Johnson on December 27th, 1981 – who left without saying goodbye because he disappeared shortly after applying for his job-something tells me this might be something you don’t want your daughter growing up knowing about mommy’s past!

It is said that Gia has found her long-lasting love in Kevin Fontana. She was previously married to him for 31 years before finally giving birth and having a daughter named Brittany Rose, who looks just like her mother!

Bern Nadette Net Worth

There’s no one like Bern Nadette. This talented and gracious actress has been able to afford a lavish lifestyle even after years of retiring from the industry, thanks in part due for their net worth being estimated at $6 million by many sources!

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Movies And TV shows

Throughout her career, Bern Nadette has done many movies and television shows. Her most recent work includes roles on The Cosby Show (1980) as well as What’s Happening Now!!? She also hosted a radio spot for AT&T together with her co-star from Good Times Beau Billingslea.

She has worked in a total of 9 movies in her acting career as well. She appeared in the 2000 movie Hidden Blessings as the lawyer of a character named Jackson. She was active on the big screen during the 2000s. Her last movie was the 2010 N-Secure where she portrayed Dr. Heather.

Bern Nadette was also seen in television commercials. She has recently made an appearance in a Nationalide Insurance company. She is not actively doing movies and television shows at present. She probably has decided to take a break from the industry.

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