Billy Fuccillo Net Worth: How Rich was the Legendary Car Dealer?

Billy Fuccillo Net Worth

Billy Fuccillo was a car dealer who owned the Fuccillo Automotive Group. He is known for his $100 million net worth at death and has been speculated to have been one of the wealthiest dealers in America, with an estimated wealth around that time reaching as high as $100 million before taxes.

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Full Name Billy Fuccillo
Born Year 1957
Born Place Greenport, Suffolk County, New York
Wife Cindy Fuccillo
Billy Fuccillo Net Worth $100 million
Died on June 18, 2021

Early Life

Billy Fuccillo was a former football player who graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in marketing and management. He started his career at various car dealerships but didn’t quit playing the game he loved!

He later founded an auto dealership called “Fuccillo Kia” which has since grown to be one of the largest regional automotive groups on Long Island. Billy’s success is credited to his competitive spirit that reflects hard work, determination, and perseverance.

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Billy Fuccillo Net Worth and Career

In 1981, he made the wise decision to invest in his first wholesale car business. They led him to purchase a store near Watertown (Adams), New York, booming since 1989.

Billy Fuccillo is the king of car dealerships. Fuccillo Automotive Group has 25 dealerships in New York and Florida alone, with over 500 cars sold per day on average! Last year he acquired two more motor companies after selling his Port Charlotte and Cape Coral locations to LMP Holdings LLC for a neat sum.

Billy Fuccillo Personal Life

Billy Fuccillo, the president of the Fuccillo Automotive Group and husband to Cindy Fuccilla, passed away on June 18th at his Florida home. He was in declining health for an extended period before he died. His death came as sad news to many people around him because they enjoyed his company so much despite being incredibly busy with work.

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Billy Fuccillo Net Worth

Billy Fuccillo’s wealth before his death is estimated to be around $100 million. He earned a vast chunk of that money during his time as the owner of Fuccillo Automotive Group, which has over 500 franchises and 12 automotive dealerships nationwide in 16 states. Alongside providing jobs for more than 10,000 people annually who are spread across not only New York but also Florida, Jamaica, and Mexico (where he currently resides), Billy was able to amass an incredible fortune worth millions upon millions without ever living extravagantly or spending on luxuries such as houses -he instead bought upwards of ten homes throughout these various countries.

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