How Much Is Brittany Picolo-Ramos Net Worth? Inside The Riches Of ‘Selling The Big Easy’ Host

What a successful woman! Brittany Picolo-Ramos is an accomplished real estate agent and has achieved so much in her career. From working as a mortgage processor to owning her own business, this young, powerful lady knows how around here!

When it comes to real estate, you can’t go wrong with the expert guidance of this multi-million dollar specialist.

Brittany made most (if not all) of her earnings working as a seller’s agent for homes and condos around Texas’ Austin area since 2008 before getting cast on A.B.C.’s “The Hamptons.” In addition to being successful in business ventures outside work such as owning restaurants throughout Wrangler city where she resides – which is also home base when not hosting “gelling The Big Easy.

When Brittany lost her money on the house she was involved in in 2013, it didn’t Endenburg. This mistake cost them a lot of money and caused years of frustration and regrets for both parties involved. They finally came up with an idea to make sure nobody else falls victim like themselves again. After thinking long & hard over what needed to be next (with plenty of help from their supportive spouses), these determined souls took off into uncharted territory while still clinging tightly to faith that everything would work out for the best like it always does!

Brittany In Selling The Big easy

With her first season of Selling the big easy, she helped people find their dream homes. This new sequel to it all begins with high-end property and charm!

Inside The Personal Life Of Brittany Picolo-Ramos

Brittany Picolo-Ramos is a real estate agent and the sister of someone in that industry. She was born on July 11, 1984, in New Orleans, LA, to parents whose names have not been revealed but are reportedly office managers for an accountant company or sales leaders at some point during their career path before starting Pickwick Club, where they met Brittany’s dad Jim “Jimmie” Rambo (?). At 20 months old, she began working as an assistant manager under 3 different managers, including managing 80 employees! Her childhood included many traveling around America while growing up – setting records along the way like the youngest person ever certified by the National Spelling Bee.

Is Brittany Married?

When 18-year old Brittany met her future husband, he was already married and had two children with another woman. He proposed three months later after the two for a year! The couple has been together for 15 years now and she lives in New Orleans while he resides up north near Lake Charles.

“We first met at his place of work,” says piccolo Ramos about how they fell head over heels so fast back then before adding humorously, “I guess you could say there wasn’t any falling though; more like running. Into each other.”

When you think of a perfect couple, this is not what comes to mind. But when it’s time for the credits to roll on your favorite Netflix show or movie, all eyes are laser-focused on one person—Brittany && Marco from Florida! The two met in 2015 as business partners who worked together internationally before tying their fortunes with each other forever by starting divorce proceedings after just three months of dating; however, they went through some rough patches too(love google)?

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When we finally got the news that I was pregnant, it felt like all of our troubles had been worth it. The joy on Marco’s face at this point in our lives and careers still feels like a dream to me now, five years later!

A few weeks after getting positive tests for baby number 2-3 days into using an ovulation kit – something told you nothing wrong with these results, right? Well, luckily enough, there wasn’t because what would have happened if they found out too late?!

Social Media Reach

Brittany has been on a total killing spree when it comes to social media. She gained the attention of many people for being in Selling The Big Easy, and now she celebrates 10k followers! This influencer regularly posts about her show and family matters throughout each week. She has over 11,000 Tumblr likes (and rising) and over 3,100 Instagram followers. She does not ignore those who keep tabs online via Instagram: you can find plenty more photos/content from Godwyn Stone L.L.C. there.

Height and Weight

Brittany, a 37-year older woman from Florida, stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 65 kilograms.

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