Cal Ripken Jr Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Bio, Career

Cal Ripken Jr Net Worth 2022: Cal Ripken, Jr. is a retired American professional baseball player who has a net worth of $75 million and played for 21 seasons as shortstop and third baseman with the MLB’s Baltimore Orioles. A 19-time All-Star, he won two Gold Glove Awards for his defence, but may be best remembered for breaking Lou Gehrig’s record which had stood 56 years; many deemed it unbreakable at that time. He was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007 where his first-year eligibility would take effect [calculating from when he originally announced retirement]. Considered one of America’s greatest shortstops to play this game ever since Jackie Robinson broke barriers generations ago by integrating Major League rosters.

Net Worth $75 Million
Date Of Birth August 24, 1960
Place Of Birth Havre de Grace, Maryland, USA
Profession American former baseball shortstop in Major League Baseball (MLB)
Education Aberdeen High School,
Nationality American

Career Earnings

After playing for the Baltimore Orioles, Cal Ripken Jr. retired from baseball with a total of $70.7 million in salary and 26 years under his belt as an MLB player (the most out of any other player). He played through hard times when he was earning around $6-8 million annually; then hit it big during peak performance seasons at the end where he made close to 12 mils per year!

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Cal Ripken Jr. was born in 1960 to a coach for the Baltimore Orioles organization and his wife, Violet. He is of English, German, and Irish descent with three siblings: sister Ellen and two brothers Billy (born 1957) & Fred (1963). Growing up around baseball from an early age under instruction by players on teams coached by their father Cal Sr., he started playing at a young age alongside brother Billy who also attended Aberdeen High School where they both played ball together there too!

The Baltimore Orioles made Ripken their second-round pick in the 1978 draft and sent him to Bluefield of the Appalachian League. He then transferred up to Miami for the Single-A league while also making his first professional home run and being named an All-Star that summer. In 1980 he played with Charlotte hitting 25 homers before finally landing at Rochester where they played a game that lasted 14 innings – breaking records along the way!

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Start with Baltimore Orioles

In 1981, Ripken made his debut in Major League Baseball as a pinch-runner for Ken Singleton. He didn’t get the chance to play third base until 1982 when he was permanently shifted thereafter hitting 28 home runs that year. In 1983, Ricky received the first of 19 All-Star titles and set Orioles records by being awarded RBIs by a shortstop and hits by any player while leading both leagues with 121 runs scored (home run hitter).

The Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr., had an impressive career. In 1984 he was named to the All-Star game again and set a record for most assists in one season by any player ever with 583! He also managed 17 consecutive games of hitting from 1986 – 1987. Unlike his brother Billy who only played alongside him briefly due to injury; they were able to play together until 1989 when their team won against Boston Red Sox at home on August 12th 7-4 where both brothers combined for seven hits setting a new AL Record as brothers playing on the same team (888)!

Orioles in the 90s

When the Baltimore Orioles drafted Cal Ripken Jr. in 1979, they were expecting a young player who would be able to make it at shortstop for them. They had no idea that he was going to break Lou Gehrig’s record of playing in 2 consecutive games and surpassing Bobby Rosen’s National League record with his streak ending on September 20th 1995 when he surpassed 4131 consecutive innings played which is more than 40% longer than any other streak ever recorded!

Charity Work and Businesses

Ripken has been involved in numerous charitable endeavours throughout his career. Whether it be donating to support research on Lou Gehrig’s disease, or helping create the Cal Ripken/Lou Gehrig Fund for Neuromuscular Research at Johns Hopkins University, there is no question that he cares deeply about giving back and making a difference with where most of his money goes. With this being said, however, one place you might not expect him to donate too often is among underprivileged children who are interested in playing baseball themselves! This can all change though when considering what other athletes have done before such as launching Athletes for Hope an organization dedicated to getting more kids into sports programs regardless of their background!

Personal Life

In 1987, Ripken married Kelly Geer and they had two children; Ryan was born in 1988. They divorced after one year of marriage following a separation. This happened to be followed by his second wedding, which took place on October 7th 2017 when he wed Laura S Kiessling at the couple’s home outside Baltimore. The ceremony included personal vows as well as speeches from their friends and family members before signing documents with both sets of parents present for this special occasion that has been so long-awaited!

Real Estate

When Cal moved into his 26,000-square foot mansion in Reistertown Maryland back in 2005; he set a precedent for the wealthiest people and families to move from their posh neighbourhood of Pikesville. The property was not surprisingly worth $12.5 million but it seemed that many were interested as they started bidding on him at an already outstretched price of $2 million dollars with hopes to make money off this investment by flipping or renting after purchase which later proved futile because no one would buy it due to its size being too big so he finally accepted just 3% less than what he originally wanted only 5 years ago!

The Ripken family built their home and baseball diamond from scratch in the 1980s. The house was renovated majorly in 1995 after Cal, who played for Baltimore Orioles at this point, requested an indoor basketball court with locker room space to accommodate his team’s training needs. Redesigns of 1991 saw additions like a gymnasium and batting cage as well as renovations that made use of all three levels: basement, ground level flooring plus top-level balcony seating overlooking both fields.

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