Calvin Harris Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, and Career

Calvin Harris Net Worth 2022: Calvin Harris calls himself “an accidental pop star.” Born in Dumfries, Scotland to a Scottish father and an English mother, he set out with the intention of becoming just another DJ. His rise from humble beginnings was fueled by his work ethic as well as sheer determination. He traded sleep for hours dedicated to honing his skills on turntables at night after working all day at various jobs including lifeguard and ice cream truck driver before finally making it big under the name Calvin Harris (as opposed to Adam Richard Wiles).

Early Life

Adam Richard Wiles, the son of a biochemist and an architect from Dumfries Scotland was born on January 17th 1984. He grew up as the third child in his family alongside two sisters. In 1999 he developed an interest in electronic music after hearing The Prodigy’s “Charly” at the age of 16 years old; it sparked something deep inside him that mesmerized him for life.

Wiles, a singer-songwriter from New England, released two songs with the Prima Facie label in 2002. He has since developed his solo recordings at home and posts them on his ‘Myspace’ page for all to hear.


Calvin Harris signed a contract with Sony BMG, EMI, and Three Six Zero group in 2006. The same year she generated the remix of her single ‘Rock Steady’.

In 2007, he debuted his first studio album ‘I Created Disco’. The 14 tracks were all written by Harris himself and produced with a focus on the UK dance scene. It was an instant success as it reached #8 in both the Albums Chart and Dance Albums charts upon release; British Phonographic Industry (BPI) even awarded gold certification to this work of art after just four months since its launch date!

In 2011, Harris released his single ‘Feel So Close’ which was the second track on his third album 18 Months. The song marked both a return to singing as well as debuting at #2 in the UK Singles Chart and also making it onto the US Billboard Hot 100 list for climbing up to the 12th spot apart from being ranked 2nd in England’s Official Charts Company.

Within no time, ’We Found Love’ climbed its way to the top of the US charts. It eventually landed itself on Billboard Hot 100’s all-time list at number 24 while it received gold and platinum certifications in both countries that include 9x Platinum from the United States (RIAA) and 2X Platinum from the UK (BPI).

In addition to his work as a singer, Harris has also been featured in advertising campaigns for “Coca-Cola” and “Kia Motors.” He’s collaborated with artists such as Sam Smith, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams and Ellie Goulding. And he’s performed at various charity events over the years.

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Here are some of the best highlights of Calvin Harris career:

  • Feel So Close (Song, 2012)
  • 18 Months (Album, 2012)
  • Grammy Awards ( Best Short Form Music Video, ‘We Found Love’, 2013) – Won
  • Outside (Song, 2014)
  • One Kiss (Song, 2017)
  • Promises (Song, 2018)

Favourite Quotes from Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is not one to be angry, but he likes playing with the perception of anger. From pretending that he’s angrier than what people would think and sometimes it works quite well.

“I try and sit on the fence because as soon as you voice any kind of opinion, people begin to think you’re an idiot.” Calvin Harris

To throw a shoe at a man in Dundee is not like throwing one anywhere else. In fact, it’s quite intimate! “Calvin Harris

“I’ve created a ritual for myself where I show up at hotels and eat more than even the most ravenous traveller. When it’s time to go, my stomach is so full that there are no other options but to head back home.”

3 Motivational Lessons from Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is an artist that has achieved a net worth of $122 million dollars. There are many lessons to be learned from his story such as hard work paying off, and never giving up on your dreams. He also shows the benefits of being open-minded when it comes to taking risks in life which led him down this path he’s happy with now!

  1. Trust Your Instincts
  2. Just Drive
  3. People Can Connect With Music


Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ and producer who has captivated audiences across the globe with his signature flare. With three albums under his belt, he’s best known for 18 Months (featuring collaborations from Rihanna, Ellie Goulding) which reached #19 in America’s Billboard charts as well as topped various international charts. His net worth currently sits at around $300 million – an astonishing feat considering that Calvin was just 21 years old when he started producing music!

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