Has Loz left Cartel Crew? Season 3 absence explained!

The latest season of VH1’s TV show ‘Cartel Crew’ premiered just a few days ago. Viewers appreciated the episode, but it also made them wonder about Loz’s disappearance from the show. So, did Loz leave the show? Here is what we know about his absence!

The latest season, aka the third season of the American reality television series Cartel Crew, premiered a few days ago on June 7, 2021.

Ever since the third instalment of the docuseries returned on VH1, many binge-watchers quickly noticed that Carlos “Loz” Oliveros, mainly known as Loz only, was absent.

For those unknown about Cartel Crew, it is a reality TV series that follows the lives of different people whose families had connections to the cartels in the past.

The show also depicts how the cast members deal with the normal things happening in their life with the commitment of “family over everything.”

Now, coming back to our main discussion, where is Loz? What is he doing now that made him miss the show? Has Loz left the show? Here is what we found out after doing some digging!

Who Is Loz on VH1’s Cartel Crew?

Carlos “Loz” Oliveros is a talented tattoo artist who has worked in the entertainment industry for years. After appearing on the T.V. series Cartel Crew, he got recognition. He was in an organized crime organization, but he left it all behind when something terrible happened to his family. There were no warning signs that anything like this would happen.

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Despite being tied up by cords every day, the protagonist in this story faces each one with a smile. Even though he didn’t enjoy it, he was brave and dealt with it.

Loz has a daughter from his partner whose identity. It that he is separated from the child’s mother and living apart. It is because of the differences in their marital life. Even though Lozzy prefers not to share any information about her on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, people can still find you if they know who you are.

Fans Loved Loz on Cartel Crew

VH1’s Cartel Crew is an art installation and tattoo parlor where the employees are more than just workers. They’re also family members who constantly tweet about their love for one another about what goes down on-screen during each episode! For instance: when Loz appeared in season 2 (playing himself), fans immediately began pouring out support via Twitter because he had become quite famous among viewers–and now these happy folks can’t get enough info from him either through social media posts or interviews alike 😉

For instance, on January 16, 2019, a Twitter user wrote that Loz on Cartel Crew is fine as f**k.

Likewise, another user added that they saw Cartel Crew’s promos and concluded that Loz was the only one who was sharp about how to move. They tweeted:

Furthermore, another Twitter user wrote that although her opinion would change after watching a few episodes of Cartel Crew, she still believes Loz is fine. She also went on to attach a “Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes” emoji.

Did Loz Left The ‘Cartel Crew?’ Will He Return?

When VH1 announced the return of Cartel Crew on May 10, 2021, many were pleased, but not all fans missed Loz’s absence from promos. A Twitter user even took a moment to point out that she wasn’t in them with this tweet: “#CartelCrew finally coming back” however, there is one person who will be very disappointed, and anime fans cant wait until next season!

A Twitter user even took a moment to point out Loz’s absence from the promos. She tweeted, “#CartelCrew finallyyyy coming back but where is Loz?”

Likewise, another user showed her disappointment by tweeting:

When Loz announced his departure from the show, many were disappointed to see him go. However, after learning that he wouldn’t be on next season’s cast list and with Till End Tattoos Shop shutting down in July 2019, some began speculating why this happened? Some believe it has something to do with VH1 since their Instagram bio still lists Cartel Crew among its various reality shows, including “Lozivilles” (a spin-off series).

You can watch the new episodes of “Cartel Crew” every Monday on VH1 at 9/8C. With other releases weekly, there might be a possibility that he will appear even if he gets less screen time! Did Loz leave the cartel crew reason behind his absence?

Till then, let’s hope for the best only. You can watch the new episodes of “Cartel Crew” every Monday on VH1 at 9/8C.

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