Chase Mattson Net Worth 2021: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Chase Mattson is an American actor, voice actor and comedian. He has acted in many TV shows such as “Big Time Rush” and “Kirby Buckets”. Chase is also a YouTube star with more than 2 million subscribers on his channel. His net worth is $900 thousand (as of 2021).


Full Name Chase Mattson
Birth Date/ Age June 3, 1994/ 27 years old
Birth Place California, U. S.
Profession Model, Actor
Girlfriend Kerianne Stankus
Net Worth $900 thousand

Early life and Family

On a beautiful day in June of 1994, Chase Mattson was born. He is the son of Edward and Laurie, who both have since gotten remarried with other partners. Growing up with his five siblings Peyton, Kyle Eddie Brandon Cameron, he lived out a middle childhood living near Ontario, California, until he left for Los Angeles at age 16. He now lives as one of America’s most famous models.

Chase has always been a mature and independent person. He was able to be like this because of his mother, who raised him in the right way from an early age, teaching Chase what he needs to know about life so that when she passed away, he could feel completely prepared for her passing as well as take care of himself afterwards. In addition to being naturally intelligent with ambition coming out all over the place just by looking at him, it’s clear that everything his mom did during their time together had given Chase every opportunity possible. One model is the amount more certain and surefooted Peyton appears to be contrasted with others around them or even herself- – Peyton knows exactly where they are going next regardless stands before her gratitude to due industriousness ee as well as how Chase’s mother would not allow him to take the path of least resistance.

Chase Mattson Net Worth & Career

The last few years of high school were tough for Mattson. He had to balance his Family’s expectations with the passions he found in life outside of a rigid education system. Soon, those dreams became a reality as an agent noticed and helped him break into modelling work that is now done internationally and includes appearances on television shows like “The Bachelor.”

Mattson moved to Orange County at 16 years old along with his Family. He studied at Colony High School from 2008-2010 while also working part-time jobs during this period, including one stint where he was noticed by their scouting manager Mark Mendez. The latter introduced him to the world of fashion modelling, which has taken off since then!

Chase Mattson Net Worth

Chase Mattson has been working as a model for some time now. His career has certainly taken off in recent times, and he’s become one of the go-to models on demand. Along with his name, Chase also earns good money; it is estimated that by 2021, his net worth will be around $900 thousand.

Born in Ontario, California

Chase Mattson, a Gemini born on 03 June 1994 in Los Angeles, is an American model and the epitome of white beauty.

Net Worth, Salary, and Income

Mattson’s love for fashion and modelling started at a young age. He was initially working as an employee in the Hollister store near his high school while he studied. Still, once it came time to graduate from that institution of learning, Mattson made sure not only did he leave with excellent grades on paper but also had something else lined up: modelling! Working day after day paid off when agencies began taking notice of him and eventually offered him contracts that allowed him to pursue both passions simultaneously without having conflicting schedules.

Mattson has been involved in different industries since the beginning stages of life – first by playing soccer then transitioning into jobs such as customer service or even operating cash registers. When asked about what she loved most about his job, his mom said the creativity and independence he had to explore different careers independently.

In addition to being naturally intelligent with ambition coming out all over the place just by looking at him, it’s clear that everything his mom did during their time together had given Chase every opportunity possible. One example is how much more confident and surefooted Peyton seems compared to other people around them or even herself–Peyton knows precisely where they are going next no matter what stands in front of her thanks to not only due diligence ee but also how Chase’s mom would not let him take the easy way out.

Engaged, Girlfriend, and Daughters

The handsome Mattson is already taken. He’s currently engaged to a world-class gymnast and TikTok star Kelianne Stankus, who actively shares his life on social media with her millions of followers in engaging videos that show off their relationship as well as the glamorous lifestyle they live together.

Mattson and his now-fiancee, Stankus, have been vocal about their romantic relationship. The couple started dating back in May 2020 when they met at a wine tasting event for the local community theatre she volunteered with. Since then, the two have become inseparable through travelling abroad together to explore new cultures or hitting up happy hour after work before finally getting engaged last week on her birthday!

Mattson recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend of three years while he was down on one knee during dinner by candlelight…

Mattson popped the question to his girlfriend on 12 December 2020. She announced their engagement by posting a series of pictures and videos showing her new ring, which he presented after proposing in front of friends at a local restaurant.

Chase Mattson is a father to two daughters. The handsome hunk also has two kids of his own – 6-year old Hazel and 3-year old Nora. He shares these children with ex-Devyn Jackson, but it’s still unknown whether the duo was married or not. Some sources claim that Chase and Devyn were joined in holy matrimony, while others say they weren’t hitched at all!

Who is Chase Mattson?

Chase is an LA-based model with over 200 thousand followers on Instagram. Since he was a teenager, he has been modelling, and his work entails everything from runway to print ads for high-profile brands like Nike and Levi’s jeans.

Chase started as just another teen looking for some extra cash while still in school but quickly realized that he had found something more than just a hobby – Chase discovered what it feels like to be able to do precisely the thing you love every day of your life! As fate would have it, this led him into fashion photography. Hollywood became interested too – they wanted him as their leading man because of how well fit he looks next to other popular male models such though Calvin Klein or David Gandy.

Education Details

In 2016, Mattson completed his high school at Boulder Creek High School. After completing college of Art and Design from California College of the Arts he went to study improvisational comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center in Los Angeles. In 2015, Chase graduated with a degree in Film & Animation from the University Of Southern California (USC).

Achievements & Awards

Chase has won Teen Choice Awards in 2015 in the category of ‘Choice Male Hottie’ and was also been nominated three times.

In 2018, Chase was nominated by Kids’ Choice Awards with Big Time Rush (band) band members James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr., Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt as “Favorite Music Group”.

Chase Mattson Wiki – Age, Height, Biography & Family Facts

In January 2019 Chase celebrated his 25th birthday. He stands at the height of 183 cm (or) tall and weighs around 70 kg or 154 pounds.

Interesting & Fun Facts

Chase Mattson is also popular on YouTube with his channel name “chase mattson”. He has more than 11 million subscribers and over 600 videos.

Famous Quotes & Words of Wisdom

“I’m not religious, but I do believe in karma. Not as much as I used to after high school because it’s weird now that everyone is like ‘oh you’re so bad and then now they’ve turned into the people who would have made fun of me before.”


In this way, we can conclude that chase Mattson Net Worth is $0. He lives with his family members and friends in California, United States of America.


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