Chris Matthews Net Worth 2021: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

About Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews, formerly a commentator for MSNBC and America’s Talking, is an author known as the talk show host of Hardball. His early success in hosting his own late-night talk show allowed him to make more than $5 million annually on The Chris Matthew Show which aired from 2002 until 2013.

In the 1970s, David Letterman was a college graduate who had recently moved to Washington DC and became an officer in one of the US Capitol Police. Within two years he would gain millions with his work as a host for late-night talk shows like The Late Show With Dave Letterman which aired during both 1992 and 1993.

David Letterman graduated from Ball State University in 1969 before venturing into politics just after arriving on Capitol Hill following graduation. In 1972, at age 27, he began working part-time for Democratic members of Congress including Edmund Muskie (1914 – 1996) who served as Secretary Of State under President Jimmy Carter; Frank Moss (1920 – 2010), Representative From Utah For Nine Terms And Chairman Of The House Committee On Interior And Insular Affairs; and Walter Mondale (1928 – ), The Democratic Nominee For President In 1984.

Net Worth $16 Million
Salary $5 Million
Date Of Birth December 17, 1945
Place Of Birth Nicetown-Tioga, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)
Weight 103 kg
Profession News anchor, Political commentator, Journalist, Talk show host, Author, Actor
Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, La Salle College High School, College of the Holy Cross, Washington University, Temple University, Villanova University, Howard University
Nationality American

How Did Chris Matthews Get So Rich?

After his failed campaign for the 4th seat in the Pennsylvanian congressional district, Chris Matthews started a career change. He went from politics to working as an editor and writer at various newspapers across America until he found success with “San Francisco Examiner” where he worked for 13 years before becoming the host of MSNBC’s “Hardball”

In 1975, after mounting an unsuccessful political campaign against Philadelphia Republican John Heinz Jr., Christopher ran into financial difficulties which lead him on another path: print media. During this time period (1975-1990), Chris wrote 15 consecutive articles about Washington D.C.’s social events scene; only one was published during that span and it wasn’t by choice! But later things would turn around when The San Francisco Examiner offered Matthews a position as an editor.

He was a nationally syndicated columnist for the “San Francisco Chronicle” and covered major events like the fall of the Berlin Wall. From his work in print media from 1985 to 2000, he reportedly only made less than $50,000 per year.

Why is he so famous?

Chris Matthews is a world-renowned journalist who has made his mark on the profession by being one of its most recognizable and authoritative voices. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Herb and Mary Teresa Matthews, both court reporters; Chris’s father authored many books about politics while his mother served as an inspiration for her son that he too could be successful (despite being raised Catholic). Growing up with two older brothers – Jim, also a politician from Montgomery County Board of Commissioners – it can safely be assumed how deep-rooted this family values integrity.

The 1970s were a decade of great achievement for the man. Immediately after graduating from college, he spent time in Swaziland teaching English and eventually his knowledge as an economist was rewarded with two master’s degrees: one in 1971 from UNC-Chapel Hill and another 1973 degree that came straight out of Boston College.

What Makes Him So Successful?

Chris Matthews’s success is due to his work on acclaimed talk shows, including Hardball and The Chris Matthews Show. He was the host of both programs for their duration and covered a wide range of topics from political debates to hosting every episode from September 2002 until July 2013.

The acclaimed television presenter has been a prolific author. He began as an author in 1988 with his first book, “Hardball and How Politics Is Played”. Since the beginning of the century, he’s had success on various TV shows such as Headline News’ The Daily Show, Morning Joe & Meet the Press. In addition to being himself on Alpha House and portraying characters like John Sununu and Bill Clinton.


For many Americans, Chris Matthews is the voice of politics. First getting his start during Watergate in 1974 and working as a print journalist for more than 15 years before he found himself on TV. In addition to hosting one-hour shows on MSNBC every night from Monday through Thursday, Matthews also writes bestselling books about American democracy like “Kennedy & Nixon” which came out in 2009 but still ranks high among Amazon’s bestsellers list today!

The Hardball presenter Chris Matthews has earned millions from his profession and received more than 30 honorary degrees. As of 2021, he is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million dollars.


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