What Is Craig Conover Net Worth? Detail On His Wiki, Age, Income, Dating

Craig Conover Net Worth

$400 Thousand

Craig Conover is an attorney-turned reality star who has a net worth of $400 thousand. He’s notable from the Bravo show Southern Charm, and he attracted hundreds or thousands of followers depending on where you look! In addition to being on social media – covers have 695k Instagrams under his handle Caconover so there must be some kind of thing going right here…

Conover’s life story is one of hard work, success and happiness. He was born in Alabama but moved to Mississippi when he received his high school diploma because there were no jobs for him around Birmingham where Conover’s lived before moving out west! The man went on to have various jobs including working at KFC while also going back and forth between college classes until finally deciding that business would be better suited as an occupation rather than just something casual like other avenues people may take during their lifetimes such as being a doctor or lawyer; which really shows how dedicated this individual truly feels towards what they do (I’m sure all of those who know us agree).

Quick Facts:

Craig Conover Net Worth $400,000
Age 31
Date Of Birth 9th February 1989
Gender Male
Married/ Dating Dating- Natalie Hegnauer
Profession Reality TV Star, Lawyer, And Entrepreneur

Craig Conover Jobs And Income

The fame of Craig Conover has been growing ever since he was on Southern Charm. In 2014, the reality star debuted as a law clerk for Akim Anastopoulo Law Firm but it is his portrayal in that same show which made him into an international celebrity with a massive following across social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram!

The output should reflect how much money someone can make from being famous – $30k per episode during one season up until 2020 when there were five episodes left to film; resulting in income approaching 480K all told- because Conover was on the show for at least three seasons. What’s more, including other appearances, endorsements and sponsorships;

Though the company sells apparel, hats and masks it is most famous for pillows varieties. For manufacturing qualitative sleep aids like these Conover has expanded his line with other reputed companies including HSN (The Home Shopping Network). The report estimates that the overall price range from $50-$200 depending on what you purchase whereas an average customer pays about 35 dollars per item purchased through Craig’s website- Sewing Down South.

Craig has been working hard and his earnings are bound to increase in the upcoming days. Without a doubt, he’s about to be in millionaire mode soon!

Is Craig Conover Dating?

Natalie Hegnauer is a reality star who met her boyfriend Austen through him before dating Craig. The couple has been enjoying themselves financially since leaving their business behind and enjoy traveling together for fun or just relaxing at home with each other’s company most days!

Past Relationship

Craig is a well-known reality star who has been in love with his co-star from Southern Charms, Naomie Olindo. They went to the same college and had an affair while they were studying there but called it quits by September 2017 when news of this relationship leaked out onto social media

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Wiki: Age And Education

It is no surprise that the athletic Conover has been involved in so many sports. His father, Craig Sr., played lacrosse for Penn State University and was an All-American player while still maintaining his perfect grade point average! Additionally, one of his brothers went to college soccer where he starred as well before deciding on a career path very different from what others have done before him: namely acting/ modeling full-time.


Craig is a well-rounded individual who has been involved in many aspects of life. He attended Indian River High School and then went on to study at the College of Charleston before receiving his degree in Finance with honors from there, later enrolling again as an undergraduate this time attending law school where he was recognized even more so than before!

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