Who Are Cree Campbell Parents? Her Father Is West Coast Hip Hop Icon

Growing Up Hip Hop’s newest addition Cree Campbell is garnering a lot of fame, and people are eager to know more about her, mainly her parents. Keep on reading to know the identity of Cree Campbell’s parents and her relationship with them!

Lecresha Campbell, better known as Cree Campbell, is an uprising entrepreneur, singer, and reality TV star. She is one of the newest members to join We TV’s reality show, Growing Up Hip Hop.

The TV show follows the lives of children of some hip-hop legends and depicts their relationship. And, as Cree is now a part of the show, the viewers will be able to witness Cree’s relationship with her parents.

Who Are Cree Campbell’s Parents? Family, Siblings

Cree Campbell, the 30-year-old rapper and songwriter who was born on November 11th, 1990 in America is one of six children from Uncle Luke’s former relationships. Her parents didn’t have an ideal marital relationship; there were many differences between them which led to their separation when she grew up enough for it not to be too noticeable anymore but still keeping touch with both sides even though only resided primarily near mother Tina Lucas (who later married David Knight – another musician) while father Luther spends most time at home now since retirement due mainly because he has health problems related to the growth of his body including diabetes.

In 2008, Luke tied the knot with a law school graduate named Kristin Thompson. From their marriage in 2010 slip n’ slide records founder Ted Lucas bared his soul on an album dedicated to “our daughter who means everything.”

Cree’s Relationship with her Father

When she was just a little girl, Cree Campbell used to call her father “Luke.” But as time went on and the years rolled into one after another for this aspiring rapper’s family life; it seemed like their relationship had changed completely.

In recent months alone-Cree accused him of being a deadbeat who didn’t care about them anymore when there were signs beforehand that pointed otherwise!–and posted multiple Instagram videos that allude to him doing drugs on screen.

Luke used to beat my mom. A woman beater? Abuse? Yup! That was him! He even shot her in the leg I think. I don’t know. But still. He used to beat her.

Beat her down so she couldn’t even move and walk. At the age of 3, he kicked me and my mom out of the house.

When she was only 3 years old, Cree’s father kicked her and her mother out of their house because he thought they were too nice to his daughters. He would beat down both mothers so badly that sometimes you could hear the sound throughout all four walls or even outside on Main Street where people passing by would see this lady lying in pain but don’t think anything can be done since she is already an abused wife!

When Cree’s sister alleged against her father, he finally decided to give a response. Its statement read: “I only have one kid.” And with that said- Luke Campbell denied any responsibility for the upbringing of his grandchild or even knows how much money has been sent from mommy dearest so far as well!

In the last measure to stop the backlashes, the rapper released a statement in which he mentioned that he loves all of his children. The statement continued as it read;

But if my children don’t want to have anything to do with me, then that is something that I can do nothing about. Only God can heal their hearts, and in the end, only God can judge me. Not no man or woman, only God.

When it comes to his other children, the rapper Luke denied them and also stressed that he spent millions on child support. His statement received a huge backlash from both mothers as well as people who heard about this order for financial aid with no strings attached-but all was in vain because an unedited version of him saying those words came out anyway!

The backlashes eventually slowed down as time passed. Both Luke and Cree moved on in their lives, gradually working to be successful in the careers that they had chosen for themselves – but it seems like this might not last long! The reconciliation between the father-daughter duo is set for an upcoming episode of Growing Up Hip Hop which will surely bring up some interesting issues from earlier on during their relationship…

The father-daughter duo’s reunion episodes air on June 24th, with the new all-time favorite Growing Up Hip Hop showing every Thursday at 9 pm EST!

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