Demetrius Andrade Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the Boxer Actually?

Demetrius Andrade Net Worth: Demetrius Andrade became a professional boxer in 2008 and has held multiple world championship titles since he kick-started his career. His most recent win is the WBO middleweight title, which he won this year (2018). So far as of 2020, Demetrius’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million from all those years before now.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Demetrius Cesar Andrade
Birth Date February 26, 1988
Birth Place Providence, Rhode Island, U. S.
Profession Boxer
Relationship Status Single
Demetrius Andrade Net Worth $7 million

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Early life

Demetrius Andrade was born with a boxing glove on his right hand, and he never looked back. He started at the age of six and quickly became one of America’s most recognizable amateurs in just two short years.

In 2005, he held the title of United States Amateur Boxing Championship. He was successful in defending his title in 2006. The same year, he won National Golden Gloves, which falls in the welterweight division, and went on to win it again later that decade.

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Demetrius Andrade’s Net Worth & Professional Boxing Career

Demetrius had an impressive run as a professional boxer, and his first victory came over Patrick Cage. In October 2008, he beat him in the second round with a knockout punch to end it all before they could get too comfortable. Demetrius won again against Arnulfo Javier Romero two weeks later by knocking him out in just two rounds of fighting! Though not everyone knew about this fighter yet during these early years of success, people soon learned that Demetrius was someone you didn’t want to mess around with if you want your title belt – because after only two years since beginning boxing professionally at age nineteen (2008) He earned himself WBO light-middleweight champion status for 2013 when he defeated Vanes Martirosyan.

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Demetrius Andrade Personal Life

Demetrius Andrade is conceivably single. He has not participated in important information regarding his love lifeLikewise, we haven’t got a single hint about his lady love. He seems to be relatively focused on his boxing career.

Demetrius was arrested in 2018 on a charge of carrying a Glock 19 dynamo. He didn’t have a permit to carry the gun, and latterly he tried to move Providence police that he carried the gun due to his fame and wealthLatterly on, the police plant another suspicious thing in his bag, which was a magazine with 10 rounds. Though he was arrested by the police, he got bail and was released on the same day.

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Demetrius Andrade Net Worth

Demetrius Andrade Net Worth is $7 million.

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