Dennys Collins Net Worth 2021: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Dennys Collin’s is the owner of Denny’s Broth Company and was one of two men to run in a world record time from Los Angeles, CA back to New York City. He also took part in the Bullrun. Dennis has been associated with the custom Jeeps business, and his company sells luxury Jeeps as well as various parts for them.

Are you interested in knowing about the personal and professional life of Dennie Collin? If not, we have prepared this article to give an overview of his short bio. He is a successful businessman with high earning power; he has been married twice and has two children from both marriages. His net worth as of December 2018 was $6 million US dollars – keep reading for more facts!

Net Worth $20 Million
Place Of Birth Wylie, Texas, USA
Profession Entrepreneur, TV personality
Nationality American
TV Shows “Fast N’ Loud” (2012-), “Misfit Garage” (2014),

Early Life

Born in Texas, Dennis Collins completed his graduation from the University of Texas at Dallas. He got married to Kymberly in 1993 and has been very close with his family since then as he often posts pictures of himself with them on various social media handles. The man is quite famous all over the internet!

When he was interviewed by Alan Taylor on Entertainment Radio 1, Dennis talked about his business and company. He also gave pointers for joining the keep-business going movement.

Dennys Collins recently acquired the very first Nash, which was actually manufactured in 1950. As per reports, it is believed that the car was the original sports car. However, there is still some confusion about this fact since debates are still going on to determine its validity.

Dennis Collins net worth

At age 15, Dennis Collins had his first job as an electrician. At the time he was making a whopping $7 per hour in high school and after graduating didn’t have anything lined up for when summer break ended so it seemed like fate that he would go work at George Johnson Motors back then later renamed to Jeep Capital of Texas on May 12th 1980. In this position, Mr Collins learned how to run a dealership while also establishing relationships with customers who became lifelong friends throughout these years working there until one day they were able to open their own company- Collins Brothers Jeep where all Wranglers are made out of love!


After college, Dennis realized that owning his own business would be a better choice. He started Collins Bros Jeep in 1984 and opened Black Mountain Jeep Conversions five years later when he saw an opportunity to make more money by converting Jeeps into SUVs.

Keith has a passion for cars, working on Jeeps and Healeys. From the first Nash-Healey to Goldie, his 1006 show car that he’s owned since 1972, Keith is obsessed with these vehicles.

The man Dennis has a lot of different hobbies, but his favourite hobby is collecting classic cars. He searches for rare vintage cars and sells them to other people who are looking for the same thing.

Collins is a Harley rider and TV personality with his longtime friend Richard Rawlings. They met in 1996 when they went on the same motorcycle ride, but it was 2 years before Collins ever appeared on “Fast N Loud.”

Collins purchased a Super Boss 429 horsepower car called the Lawn Man Mustang for less than $100 thousand even though the same model has sold for more than $2 million. In 2017 he sold six of his Mustangs which broke world records at Barrett-Jackson auctions in Scottsdale, Arizona. His cars that have been bought by people include a 1994 Ford Mustang GT Convertible with 7 speeds and 5-litre engine capacity worth $44 thousand; 1989 mustang LX hatchback convertible only produced 500 units (less is rarer) with an I6 4 cylinder engine producing 210hp to give it power not found on any other regular models costing around 71 fifty-five dollars but carrying one hundred twenty-four different equity colours available within this series making them highly collectable and worth $26 thousand.

Personal Life

Dennis Collins and his wife Kim live in Texas, where they have been married for over 20 years. They are also Cannonball record-holders thanks to their ability to drive at an impressive 87.6 MPH average speed on the treacherous run from New York City all of the ways down through Louisiana into Dallas-Fort Worth!

Real Estate

Collins’ property is a sprawling two-acre home that includes a 7,964 ranch-style house as well as an additional four buildings for cars and storage. The yard also features a private baseball diamond which can double function as a helicopter pad, fenced dog run with grassy lawns on either side of the gate to make your pooch feel at home too. You’ll find everything you could hope for outdoors – from sound systems to fire pits!

The main house has a gourmet kitchen, three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths and one guest wing with its own living room and bedroom. Other features include skylights, three fireplaces plus an outdoor fireplace at the poolside bar area (wet bar), wine cooler in pantry closet upstairs under stairs to master suite 600 square foot boutique walk in closet that includes sitting area overlooking pool & balcony w/ private staircase leading up from ground level patio deck; Murphy TX is close enough for a quick drive to downtown Dallas or DFW Airport.


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