Draymond Green Net Worth 2022 (Salary, House, Cars, Wiki)


Draymond Green is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. He won three titles and was a star in 3 All-Star games before being voted Defensive Player of Year in 2017 (which makes him one tough guy!).

Full Name Draymond Green
Net Worth $20 Million
Date Of Birth March 4, 1990
Place Of Birth Saginaw, Michigan USA
Height 6′ 7″ (2.01 m)
Weight 91.63
Profession Professional Basketball Player, Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
Education Michigan State University, Saginaw High School
Nationality American

Early Life

Draymond Jamal Green was born on the 4th of March, 1990 in Michigan. He has two brothers- Torrian Harris and Braylon Green; three sisters: LaToya Barbers, Jordan Davis, Gabby Davis. Draymond stayed with his mother after her divorce and is said to be very close to her as he does not have a father figure present most days of the week like other children might need during their upbringing thanks for having six siblings that would give him more attention than if it were just himself from day one until now!

Might seem tough at times but because these people are always there by your side no matter what odds you face or obstacles thrown your way will make getting through life so much easier knowing they are there to support you and help make decisions.


Green was a star player in high school where he led his team to the Class A State Championship and 26-1 record. He then signed with the Golden State Warriors, being selected as their 35th overall pick of 2012.

In his debut for the Golden State Warriors against Phoenix Suns, Green was on a minute time and he only made one defensive rebound. By November 22nd, this changed drastically as Green started playing 15-20 minutes per game. The coaching staff saw potential in him early on but it wasn’t until they realized how hardworking and versatile of an athlete he is that they decided to give him more opportunities to see what would happen next!

In March 2016, Draymond Green became the first player in NBA history to record 1,000 points, 500 rebounds and 100 blocks. He is considered one of the frontrunners showing an emerging trend: versatile players who defend multiple positions with equal ease. In February 2018 NBA slapped a $50k fine on him for using inappropriate language towards referee Lauren Holtkamp after their 125-105 defeat at Oklahoma City Thunder’s hands.

How Does Draymond Green Spend His Money?

Green is a philanthropic superstar in the modern era of the NBA. His off-court work includes numerous charity events and fundraisers to improve society as much as he does on the court with his basketball skills.

Draymond Green’s Charity Work

Green has helped charities such as Family First Foundation, Lamarr Woodley Foundation, and RISE by donating money to keep them afloat.


Here are some of the best highlights of Draymond Green’s career:

  • 3× NBA champion (2015, 2017, 2018)
  • 3× NBA All-Star (2016 – 2018)

Favourite Quotes from Draymond Green

“Draymond Green is an All-Star player in the NBA. His goal has always been to create a lane for players who don’t want or need Fourty points just so they can be considered one of the best, and he hopes that his efforts will help change what people think about games. He often tells young players ‘You can go get four and still be a top dog’ when asked why it doesn’t matter if someone scores less than forty points as long as their team wins.”

Draymond Green has always been someone who sees the bigger picture, and he is not afraid to take risks in his life. And it seems that getting fired from Google for being too disruptive was one of those risks leading him down a path towards NBA fame.

One thing I’ve always been taught at the defensive end is you hit first. In life, you throw the first punch; not get punched. It’s just like that on defence: You have to be aggressive and do your work early. If you don’t do it right away, then there’s no shot of doing anything later.” – Draymond Green

3 Inspirational Lessons from Draymond Green

You might not be able to make it on your own. Draymond Green wanted to play for the University of Michigan, but he couldn’t afford the tuition fee so his mother sold her house and with that money she was able to send him there instead. If you want something bad enough don’t let anything or anyone stop you from getting what you deserve out of life – especially yourself!

  1. Breathe
  2. Twists and Turns
  3. Time


With a versatile game that spans the whole court, Draymond Green has proven his ability to defend all five positions. He is often praised for being able to guard both interior and perimeter players with equal effectiveness. As a student of the sport, he meticulously studies each opponent before every game in order to better prepare himself – this attention-to-detail sometimes leads opponents into thinking they’ve beaten him when really it was just an educated guess on their part; knowing what tricks your opponent might pull out from up their sleeve can be key!

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