E-40 Net Worth 2021: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

About E-40

Earl Stevens, also known as E-40 was born on November 15th 1967 to a divorced mother and father. His interest in the music industry sparked after his dad had already been involved with it himself. In 1986 he formed The Click which made him want to pursue this path even more because of how much they appreciated what he created for them! He started Sick Wid It Records soon afterwards so that artists could have an easier way into getting their songs out there. Mr Earl is still performing today, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

After his parents divorced, E-40 was raised by a single mother and got to see how hard she worked. He learned the value of work ethic early on in life while also exploring the artistic talents he had as an actor. Today, after being around for decades in the entertainment industry, this artist is still making waves with new albums that are coming out each year.

Full Name E-40
Net Worth $10 Million
Date Of Birth November 15, 1967
Place Of Birth Vallejo, California, United States
Height 6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession Musician, Actor, Investor, Entrepreneur, Rapper
Education Grambling State University, Grambling State University
Nationality United States of America

How Did E-40 Get So Rich?

E-40 became rich when he created a lane for aspiring hip hop artists coming out of California. He released a song titled “Tell Me When To Go” which featured an Oakland rapper named Keak Da Sneak. This song and other tracks like it was so popular that before you know it E-40 had driven his own career into heights no one expected him to reach. As time went on in the music industry, E – 40 continued to work with more big names such as Gucci Mane, T Pain and many others who helped propel his fame even higher up than what could have been imagined at first glance. Today, E-40 is worth $20 million and that number will only continue to rise as time goes on.

Why is he so famous?

American rapper E-40 made his first appearance in the music industry in 1986 with a self-titled EP. His debut project featured members of The Click and was produced by Earl Stevens’ friends Mike Mosley & Al Eaton under Sick Wid It records label. In 1992 he released another album featuring solo tracks as well as collaborations from other artists like Too Short (who is also signed to SICK WID IT Records) called Down and Dirty which solidified his name on the West Coast hip hop scene at an early age all while going through college at Gambling State University but eventually dropped out due to focusing solely on music career paths instead of completing school work for credits towards degrees or diplomas!

What Makes Him So Successful?

E-40 is one of the most successful rappers in history. He had a hard upbringing, with parents who were barely around and left him as their single parent for his teenage years. Despite this hardship, he was determined to be successful – working three jobs from an early age while never giving up on his dream of being famous! His story may resonate deeply with many listeners; if you have ever felt like quitting due to adversity or struggle but didn’t want your situation determining what type of success you could achieve then E-40 has got something that will inspire you!


Earl Stevens, or better known as rapper E-40 has made a huge impact on today’s hip hop industry. His success is linked to his family name and the influence of his father in addition to producing songs for other artists like Too $hort who he collaborated early on in their careers. Today Earl still makes music that people want to hear because it keeps him current and allows him an opportunity at more hits over time which will keep historians talking about this powerhouse artist well into our future!



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