Who Is Evan Hafer? Explore His Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Height

Evan Hafer: Evan Hafer is the CEO and founder of a famous unofficial coffee brand called Black Rifle Coffee Company or BRCC. His coffee company is one of the leading brands of America owned and operated with the aid of using veterans. He started his renowned coffee brand to provide high-quality coffee to pro-Americans and veterans.

During his time in the military, Evan had fallen in love with coffee. He worked towards improving his roasting skills. For over a decade, he did research on coffee. This passion of his drove him to make it commercial by creating his own coffee brand.

At the present, Evan is recognized by more people as the CEO of the brand rather than his military career.

Evan Hafer: WiKi

Evan’s story is one of hardship and passion. He was born in a small town, raised by loggers who broke their backs while working on the forest floor – but Evan had other plans for himself! Nowadays you can find him at U control panels or flying jets as part of military aviation teams around America; doing what he loves with people all over this great nation (and even some international locations!).

He describes his childhood self as troubling and a really shitty student

He grew up around manual labourers. In fact, his father had broken his back while logging when he was 16 years old. Young Evan had a passion for the military which came to fruition as a career in his early life.

Evanعنا enters the coffee industry as an entrepreneur. He started his brand, Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC). This is where he gained fame and wealth from its success! The company has established itself in Salt Lake City Utah but became popular due to recent events that made national headlines such as hiring 10 thousand veterans for their job opportunities at BRCC or protection services.


Evan’s journey to becoming a military contractor began when he enlisted in the US army. He spent 20 years of his career there, which included 10 different tours and missions overseas including Iraq or Afghanistan during some points in time while serving as a well-known Special Forces Operative known worldwide among other things because they can get intel without being detected!

Evan worked in the US army during his young adulthood. In fact, he spent 20 years of his life in his career in the military. Later, he joined the elite ranks of the Green Berets and served for longer than a decade. He became a military contractor working personal security for the US security department afterwards. He used to go on missions in Iraq and Afghanistan during his time there.

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Is Evan Married?

Evan is a married man with two children. He has not shared details about his marital life or wife, but often features pictures on social media that show him holding either an infant son or daughter in front of dark rooms with light streaming through them – giving off an airy sense as if they were hovering above the ground rather than below it like most other objects due only because he prefers live streams over selfies.

Evan Hafer is such a dedicated father that he has even taken to spending quality time with his children on the weekends. He loves being around them and enjoys playing games, going for walks in nature, or just sitting together talking about life as if it were today!

The family also adopted their very own pup this August – Evan seems like an awesome guy who truly cares deeply from within himself ways beyond what you can see outside of yourself.”

Net Worth

Evan’s net worth is on the rise. Based on data available online, his company’s gross sales in 2019 were $80 million compared to 2018’s revenue of 30M dollars–a huge jump! His wealth has also grown at least partly due to this success; some estimate it could be as high as 500k or more (based on military earnings).

Source: BRCC website

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His company is one of the top vendors of online consumer coffee subscription services. With around 100 thousand subscribers, BRCC’s service competes with major brands like Starbucks and world-renowned cafe chains that roast more than 500 000 pounds each year! Evan Hafer Wiki Net Worth Married Height.

Height, Weight, Age

The CEO of this company has never mentioned his birthday. One can guess that he’s in the late 40s or early 50s, based on how many years it was since entering into military service which is 20 according to what we know so far. We also don’t have any information about height and weight yet but I’m sure they’ll be releasing those soon enough!

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