Greg Abel Net Worth: How Rich is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway?

Greg Abel Net Worth

The business magnate and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Greg Abel, has had a successful career in the corporate world. Recently announced as the successor to Warren Buffet’s position at Berkshire, if anything were to happen, he is currently worth around $480 million with an estimated net worth set for 2022.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Gregory Edward Abel
Birth Date June 1, 1962
Birth Place Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Profession Businessman, CEO
Relationship Status Married
Greg Abel Net Worth $480 million

Early life

Greg Abel was born on the 1st of June, 1962, in Edmonton, Alberta. His father used to work at Levitt Safety, and his mother looked after their house. He has a younger sister named Heather MacBeath, who is eight years old than him. Greg studied at Bonnie Doon Composite High School but did not participate in any extracurricular activities while he was there. He later joined the football team during high school days when it became popular among students to do so back then.

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Greg Abel Net Worth & Career

Abel, a self-proclaimed workaholic, is passionate about the accounting side of the business. From his early experience as an accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Edmonton to working at CalEnergy Co., he has always been prepared to take on new opportunities that require complex and intelligent work. Whether joining the internal accounting team or starting as the controller for one of their power plants – Abel’s dedication impressed David Sokol. He gave him more responsibility than most would ever have expected!

Greg is the current CEO of MidAmerican and a vice chairman at Berkshire Hathaway. He has been with both companies for thirty-three years, in which he was transferred to England then later moved to America. In 2008, Greg became president of MidAm until 2016, when it merged into Berkshire Hathaway Energy after David Sokol purchased CalEnergy’s Iowa-based company and renamed it from its original name Midwest Utility Company (MUE).

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Greg Abel Personal Life

Greg Abel has had a busy marriage life. He met his first wife when he was just 22 years old, but the two knew it wouldn’t last long because they were both in their early twenties and not mature enough to make any decisions about themselves or each other at that time.

Having three kids under 7-years of age who spent most weekends with him since he worked on Saturdays during this period caused them to split up after only four years together–the longest-lasting relationship Greg’s ever been in! His second spouse is raising her son from another man while married to Greg too: sources say she takes care of all household duties as well as being a fantastic cook like many mothers are these days for their families every day around the world; having children over the years has taught her the many ways to make a family work. Greg’s third marriage was only short-lived, lasting just six months in total.

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Greg Abel Net Worth

As of 2022, Greg Abel has amassed over $480 million in personal wealth. In addition to his hefty annual salary from Berkshire Hathaway, which equals nearly 20 million dollars a year and owning five shares worth around $400k each with 2363 more Class B stocks at just around 280 bucks apiece- totalling almost 2.8 Mil altogether-, he’s also the president or chairman of some other companies like National Indemnity Company where he earned about 12 mils last year as well!

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