HasanAbi Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Career, Real Name & Girlfriend

HasanAbi Net Worth: HasanAbi is proud of the left-wing political stance that he has adopted. He started as a humble streamer just playing video games, but nowadays, it’s clear to see how much the man from Michigan cares about politics and social justice! The proof? His net worth was reportedly around USD 1.5 million back in 2022 – which goes to show you that Hasan knows what people want when they tune into Twitch for their daily dose of entertainment: content with substance.

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Full Name Hasan Dogan Piker
Birth Date July 25, 1991
Birth Place New Brunswick, NJ, U. S.
Profession Twitch Streamer, Political Commentator
Relationship Status Single
HasanAbi Net Worth $1.5 million

Early life and Childhood

Hasan Piker was born in New Brunswick, NJ, on July 25th, 1991. He is 30 years old and holds the sign of Leo. He grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, for most of his life before moving to America, where he attended Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School Of The Arts with a significant focus on acting. Additionally, Hasan became fluent in Turkish and English fairly quickly by practising at least two hours a day while living abroad and now speaks German fluently as well.

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The name of Hasan’s parents is one question nobody seems to know the answer to. The lack of information about his family and personal life only adds more mystery, intrigue, and curiosity to what makes him so unique.

Hasan prefers not to talk about himself or share any private details with anybody else besides a select few individuals that he trusts dearly, like fellow members in their club, for example.

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Hasan Piker always dreamed of living the American Dream, and after achieving it, he wants to share his dreams with others. Hasan grew up in Istanbul but left Turkey permanently before college for a chance at a more challenging education than what could be found there. So far, all has been going well as he attends Rutgers University, where he studies business administration (BBA) while also considering majoring in Business Administration & Management or General Studies.

Rutgers University has been the home of many talented and successful people. One of these is Joshua Hicks, who graduated with a degree in political science and communication. He was well-known on campus as he was an active member of Theta Delta Chi fraternity at Rutgers Club Basketball team before graduating from this prestigious university after four years spent here.

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Career and Professional Life

Hasan Piker is one of the co-hosts for The Young Turks who does daily commentary on pop culture and political events that are happening at the moment. Since Hasan’s Pop Crunch series premiered, the network has grown its Youtube subscriber base by 4% and now generates 50% higher views than it did before.

Hasan Piker has achieved a lot in his young life. He is not only the host of The Young Turks, but he also produces original content for their social media platforms and Facebook page as well as is head of optimizing TYT’s content by selling advertisement space to companies that want to place ads on YouTube channels with large amounts of viewers like theirs.

Left-wing news or politics means that the YouTube channel supports social equality and egalitarianism, often opposing social hierarchy. Cenk Uygur (cofounder), Ben Mankiewicz, and Dave Koller (also cofounders) together created this popular Youtube Channel. The present hosts are Ana Kasparian with John Iadarola on TYT, which is based out of New York City, incorporating several well-known contributors from across America who provide commentary on diverse themes including current affairs, entertainment topics like movies & TV shows as well as sports updates too.

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The Young Turks

The Young Turks is a YouTube channel with many different panellists ranging from politics, sport, pop culture, and comedy. The TYT Power Panel features each guest in one hour to discuss what they’re about. Different people are featured every Friday, so you never know who’s going to show up next.

Every Friday on ‘The Young Turks’ Youtube Channel, there will be a new guest with an exciting perspective or storyline for viewers at home. This week, Alex Jones discussed how he created Infowars, which popularizes conspiracy theories such as chemtrails containing mind-altering chemicals used by government officials against unsuspecting citizens across America (despite science proving otherwise).

Furthermore, to make the show more interesting, Kasparian leads the second hour with other talented fill-in hosts and recurring guests. These also include series co-creator Becca Frucht, who has a degree in Biochemistry from Brown University; comedian Jimmy Dore; political commentator Jon Ladarola; Wes Clark Jr., Army veteran son of General Wesley K. Clark Sr.; Cara Santa Maria, who is an evolutionary biologist at UC Davis working on new ways for humans to adapt their health behaviour based on recent research developments that demonstrate how our environment impacts human evolution through changes like epigenetics or microbiome composition as well as exhibiting her expertise in communicating scientific topics effectively by hosting science TV shows such as “Brain Games.”

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Youtube and More…

Hasan, a 22-year old political enthusiast and Youtube creator, has created a channel to share videos about politics. Hasan’s first video was uploaded in January 2018, titled “Why I’m Leaving Politics To Join Team 10.” This video gained 12K views over two years until now, when he decided to join team 10.

Hassan’s YouTube channel features videos of him reacting to various topics. His most popular video is Gun Girls gets Publicly Owned by Communists, which has amassed over 838K views. Some other popular clips on his channel are Reacting to Ben Shapiro Taking the Political Compass and Ask a Pornstar: Janice Griffith (Ex Gf).

Hasan has always been a man of conviction. He grew up in the inner city, surrounded by poverty and despair, but never lost hope. Hasan became involved with organizations that fight for social justice like Black Lives Matter and March For Our Lives to make who did not face sure others with the same obstacles as him growing up. Piker joined these groups because they promote essential values, such as intersectional feminism, sustainable energy initiatives, and pro-peace initiatives– she loves being able to work toward change on so many levels.


Hasan Piker criticized Dan Crenshaw and discussed his opposition to sending arms to Saudi Arabia. Hasan questioned why he would be opposed in the United States House of Representatives with a military background like him.

Last week during a Twitch stream, Hasan Piker made some comments about congressman Dan Crenshaw’s stance on US involvement in Yemen, as well as their disagreement over whether or not we should send more weapons into this war-torn country from America. The topic has sparked much debate within social media networks and society since it happened due to its political implications for both parties involved (mostly Repubs).

Relationship Status

Hasan Piker was in a romantic relationship with Janice Griffith, an adult film actress. They have since split up, and now he’s just focusing on his career. However, he has also featured her in some of his videos from the past.

Body Measurements

Hasan is a tall, dark-haired man with eyes to match. He wears his hair short and has the physique of an athlete — solid but lean. His body measurements are 38-33-36 inches respectively for chest size, waist size, hip size; he’s 6 feet 3 inches in height as well.

HasanAbi Net Worth and Social Media

Hasan Piker is a YouTube sensation, Twitch streamer who has gained popularity in the past year. He’s amassed over half a million followers on Twitter and Facebook, as well as 382K Instagram subscribers. In addition to his social media presence, he streams for hours every day across platforms like Youtube, Facebook Live, and more!

According to Trendcelebsnow, this journalist and Youtuber have a net worth of $1M-$5M. His primary income source is through his career as a journalist and vlogger, earning him nearly $800k in 2018 alone.

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