Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Career, Bio & Family Details

Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022

Hitman Holla is a rapper and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. He has been in the industry since 2012 and hit it big with his hit single “Hip-Hop.” Hitman Holla Net Worth in 2022 was $3 million. But how did he get to this point? What does hitman holla do for a living? And what are some other interesting facts about him? In this blog post, you will find all of these answers!

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Full Name Gerald Fulton Jr.
Birth Date March 29, 1988
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri, U. S.
Profession Battle Rapper
Girlfriend Cinnamon
Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022 $3 million

Early life

Many people think that their first memories happen when infants or toddlers, but psychologists know better. Most people don’t have a memory before the age of three, and many say their earliest recollection is something one-year-old at most.

That being said, it’s still possible to get flashes from your past if you concentrate hard enough on them like I am now! All these random things are coming back to me already – my dad teaching me how to ride a bike without training wheels; getting lost in an airport for hours because we took too many different flights home…

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My father used his strong arms as ramps, so all I had left was pedalling with my feet until he pushed off after shouting, “watch out!” And then there were those times when I was learning to read, and my dad would come home from work before picking me up.

And there’s that one time he got mad at me for not using the word “the,” so it meant something else, but hitman holla still made him feel better by telling him his favourite song!

Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022

$200k-500k as of 2020 according to Google Search 

Height (in feet): 59 inches or 150 centimetres according to hitman holla official website 

Weight (in pounds): 181 lbs or 82 kilograms as of 2019according to hitman holla pictures on Instagram @hitmannhollaa 

Age: 31 years old in 2021; born on February 24th, 1988 

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There are many different paths one can take when deciding on a career. One of the more popular choices is becoming an assassin like his idol, Agent 47, from the Hitman video game series IO Interactive and Eidos Montreal.

There’s never been any shortage of people willing to kill for money or power throughout history. Still, it seems like there are fewer contract killers than you might expect because they are not as glamorous now. There is a movie with them that gets killed off early on and bullets flying everywhere. Hollywood movies show them getting taken out too quickly before we can see what happens next.

Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022: 

According to Google Search, $200k-500k as of 2020; hitman holla’s net worth was about $3 million at the end of 2018, but he made more money than that towards 2019 because most people don’t know. What hitman holla does for a living!

Height: 59 inches or 150 centimetres according to hitman holla official website 

Weight: 181 lbs or 82 kilograms as of 2019according to hitman holla pictures on Instagram @hitmannhollaa

Age: 23 years old in 2021; born on March 29, 1988


hitman holla is the son of Fernando and Heather Holla. He has a step-sister named Jamie, who he says “was always there for me” when his parents fought a lot. They have been separated since 2007, but hitman holla still visits them now and then to see the new house they built together! 

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The exciting fact about hitman holla’s family: 

When hitman was 12 years old, he created an alter ego because kids at school would make fun of him by calling him ‘homo’ or ‘gay boy.’

Hitman Holla’s Girlfriend- Cinnamon

Holla’s girlfriend is a beautiful, mysterious woman named Cinnamon. One day, Holla was sneaking around in the dark when he stumbled into her and accidentally fell on top of her. He felt terrible, so they made out for weeks after that to make up for it!

Holla met his soon-to-be wife one night at an illegal underground drag race where she had come from nowhere with no name or past that anyone could remember seeing before. There was something about this stranger which spoke to him; 

Before Fame

Before Fame was a shining star in the Hollywood sky, he lived with his mother, Alicia. One day she took him to an audition for a famous TV show called “The Baby-Sitters Club.” He had never seen such glamorous things before and wanted desperately to be on camera like those actresses shown at the end credits every week.

The producers told her that it would take months of auditions if they were even interested and refused right then, but instead gave them their card just in case something might open up down the line while looking over little Before’s head into space as though there wasn’t any point anymore because this kid couldn’t even do one thing correctly without messing everything else up so why bother? Miserable people!

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Hitman Holla Education

Hitman Holla Education results from a combined effort by two friends and their love for rap music. The duo collaborates to create fantastic hip hop beats that have helped shape many artists’ careers, including Eminem’s hit song “Lose Yourself.” Now they want to share what they’ve learned with others in need of guidance.


Holla About was a pretty hardcore hitman who went all around the world assassinating people for various reasons. He had his own set of rules, and he never let anything get in his way except one little thing-his girlfriend’s death.

Her life flashed before him during an operation overseas made Holla change everything about himself to stop living this life as revenge anymore. Now that she is gone, though, many other women are waiting to take up where she left off on the sidelines, cheering him on because they know what he can do if you cross any line with them or their families!

How much is Hitman Holla worth?

Hitman Holla is worth no less than $3 million in his lifetime, not including the value of all his property and assets – like cars, jewellery, clothes, etc.

Is Hitman Holla married?

Hitman Holla’s marital status is a closely guarded secret. The rapper has never publicly confirmed or denied the rumour, but he was seen with his girlfriend during an interview on MTV in 2009.

Hitman Holla’s marriage remains a mystery, and it seems that no one knows for sure whether he wed as of yet! Rumours have been around for a long time that Dodgers is married to singer Jennifer Lopez. But some say that they are just friends. This is because Dodgers doesn’t wear his wedding ring when he goes out with Jennifer Lopez.

How much does Hitman Holla make a year?

It is unknown who Hitman Holla is, but the last estimate of his annual income was $300 million.

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