Is Rockmond Dunbar Married? A Glance At His Personal life, Wife, Family

Rockmond Dunbar is a renowned American actor. He was last seen in the series 9-1-1 for his portrayal of Michael. He is mostly recognized for the NBC TV series Earth 2. Many others remember him as Kenny Chadway from the American Drama series Soul Food.

He has been in the American entertainment industry for more than 2 decades. The recent news of him leaving 9-1-1 has left his fans disheartened. They are curious to know what happened to his character in the show and why did he leave.

Rockmond Dunbar Wife, Marriage And Divorce

Rockmond Dunbar is a married man. In fact, he has been married for 8 years as of 2021. He married his girlfriend of one year, Maya Gilbert on 8 June 2013. The two first met in the year 2012 and began to date immediately. They got engaged in Montego Bay, Jamaica after a few months of dating.

Their wedding was reportedly held in a lavish ceremony. His wife Maya Gilbert has a pretty amazing career on her own. She is a reputed writer and a talented actress. She in fact has worked in a few good movies as well.

Rockmond has also married before he met Maya. He had married Ivy Holmes back in the year 2003. Their marriage lasted only for three years. They eventually had to part ways, unfortunately. His marriage with Maya has been going smoothly.

Family And Kids

The couple is a family of five. They were married in 2017 and had four children together, including one baby girl they named Berkeley Seon after their wedding anniversary that same year! The proud parents also add another son born into the world in 2016 alongside Czar Rockmond Dunbar (after whom they are named).

A few years later, this incredible group grew by two more members–a daughter called Pharaoh Ra Osis Ausir Du Nagar & Sultan Mosiah Dao Dunbar! Is Rockmond Dunbar married a glance at his personal life wife’s family?

When it comes to his origins, Rockmond was born into an African-American family. His parents hail from Yoruban ethnicity and originally came from Nigeria before moving somewhere else for work or perhaps just too much opportunity–we’ll never know since they’ve remained hidden throughout the years! But one thing is known: Rockmond has a unique name that proudly reflects their heritage as well as where he got it –Omobowale, which means “the chosen ones” in English.

Is He Gay?

When it comes to sexuality, there are many possibilities. Rockmond is married and has been throughout his life- twice with two different women! It would make any rumors about him unlikely because if you’re going out on a limb, then what could happen again? ‘N Sync singer Scott Weiland announced that he came out as gay during the show 9 1/1.”

Viewers appreciated his portrayal of L.G.B.T.Q. Rockmond is very much straight in real life and does not relate to his character’s sexuality whatsoever. It seems like an act for attention only because there are no other indications that could point out this man as homosexual besides acting roles during which he disappears into another person entirely.

Why Did Rockmond Dunbar Leave 9-1-1?

When someone’s Twitter account is hacked, it can be hard to know what the right thing to do or say in this situation. He recently retweeted several good wishes that his fans had been sending-a little kindness before bedtime, maybe?” 

Rockmond portraying Michael in 9-1-1 (Source: Hitc)

All across social media, people have been finding out about Rockmond’s retirement from Grey’s Anatomy, and they’re sad/surprised because he has earned more screen time than just five seasons as part-owner of Burton Brewery Company where you’ll find some delicious beers brewed just for us!),

When Who revealed that he had failed to get vaccinated against Covid-19, Who challenged his character’s inclusion on the show, reportedly, Disney TV studios required all actors to be compliant with a vaccine for this disease. They made an exception only for Michael Scott since their writers knew how helpful he could be in relief efforts through medicine and compassion. Is Rockmond Dunbar married a glance at his personal life wife’s family?

The 20th television has also made a comment regarding the issue:

We take the health and safety of all of our employees very seriously and have implemented a mandatory vaccine

His character is shown to be leaving for Haiti in his last appearance. Michael decides to use his medical skills in Haiti to help people in need.

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Net Worth

Rockmund is an actor with a net worth of almost $2 million. He has made this through acting alone, and according to Sports Illustrated, he used to make 57k every year for his work on the T.V. series Soul Food – which also led him into having a large following from fans who adore watching them. Both! Additionally, he has a house in California that is worth $812,900.

He has a huge fan following on his Instagram handle as well. His account has a total of 1m followers as of November 2021. He is assumed to make $533.5 to $892.5 per post he makes on his Instagram.

Movies And T.V. shows

He made his acting debut in the 1993 movie Misery Loves Company. He has also made several television appearances, including Two Guys One Girl and A Pizza Place; His portrayal of Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin from Prison Break marked him as successful for shows like these too!

Rockmond has also been awarded the prestigious award, Black Reel Award for the 2002’s Punks. He has also won the Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Role for the Drama series Sons Of Anarchy. His notable works in movies include Alien RaidersThe Family That Preys, and All About You. 

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