Is The Famous Youtuber Joanna Franco Dating Someone? Learn Everything About Joanna

Joanna Franco: The YouTuber Joanna Franco mostly goes by her shortened name Jo Franco on her social media. Her YouTube channel DamonAndJo puts forth travel shows along with her YouTube partner Damon Dominique. Jo has also been hosting the Netflix travel show The World’s most amazing vacation rentals. Apart from that, Jo is an entrepreneur as well.

Joanna rose to fame from the popularity of her YouTube channel. She started the channel back in 2012. The channel has gained 1.25 million subscribers by now. She began earning six figures by posting the traveling videos on the DamonAndJo.

Joanna also has her solo YouTube channel, Jo Franco with 126k subscribers, which was created in 2019. She has generated a lot of money by creating fitness, motivation, travel, money, languages, and journaling-related videos on her personal channel.

Joanna with her YouTube partner Damon (Source: Modernglasshouse)

Joanna also has a website Shut Up and Go where she posts her blogs. The book on guide to travel, destinations to travel, and many other videos related to traveling are uploaded to her website. The website also features a separate section for Clothing, Vocab Lists, and Card games.

Is Jo dating someone?

When Joanna started to gain popularity on YouTube, people thought that she and her partner Damon were dating. However, this wasn’t the case as their relationship remained strictly professional with no romantic involvement whatsoever – until now! The two have been seen together all over town but never too far from one another’s arms; it would seem like something more than work-related because this duo shares amazing chemistry personally AND professionally (if you catch my drift).

Joanna met Marko in Greece, a server at the cafe where she spent her vacation. They were instantly attracted to each other and seemed like they’d been friends forever since then! After three years of dating online, Joanna decided it was time for something more accurate. She was tired of traveling around Europe with her partner and wanted a more conventional relationship.

But aside from that, she’s never mentioned anything about her dating life. It must be tough to keep track in the celebrity world! Maybe if you were more focused on your career and less invested in casual relationships, then this wouldn’t be such an issue for you? is the famous YouTuber joanna franco dating someone?

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Inside the life of the YouTuber

When Joanna was five years old, she and her family moved to the United States. They settled in Florida, where they had better employment opportunities for Brazilian-American ancestry like herself. At the college level education system here, it didn’t take long before high school graduation came along nicely!

Even though Joanna wasn’t fluent in English, she learned how to speak it well. She spent her childhood only hearing Portuguese spoken around her, but she could master English by talking to people and practising a lot.

Quick facts about Joanna

  • Joanna has two siblings.
  • She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and her body measurement is 33-25-36.
  • She is an avid book reader.
  • She is fluent in 5 languages including English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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The World’s most fantastic Vacation Rentals

Netflix has given us the chance to explore different destinations with our favorite hosts! The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals gives people an inside look at all kinds of places you can go on holiday – from Bali and Alaska, Miami Finland, or Japan. Whether they’re traveling now themselves or just dreaming about where next year’s honeymoon will be taking them-this, the show is sure to give anyone plenty enough inspiration for that perfect vacation!

Jo, a gorgeous YouTuber with 200k followers on Instagram, will not have trouble finding love. Her bio describes her as “a multilingual storyteller and travel chick,” which seems like an adequate description for someone who has been in the spotlight since 2017 when they first started releasing videos to their large following! is the famous YouTuber joanna franco dating someone?

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Famous Youtuber Joanna Franco Dating Someone?

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