Is The Youtuber Sssniperwolf Single? The Truth About Her On-off Relationship With Her Boyfriend.

Sssniperwolf: YouTuber SSSniperwolf is one of the rare female YouTubers who is super famous for her gaming videos. Her youtube channel has 29.5 million subscribers which many consider unusually high. With such a large following community, her romantic life is something everyone wants to know.

SSSniperwolf met  Evan sausage via her Instagram DM. back in 2013. Evan had left a message in her DM which she found hilarious and could not resist replying to it. The text said:

I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.

Evan and SSSniperwolf together( credit: instachronicles )

After her response, they talked for a while through texts before she gave him her number. They finally met after talking for so long. Lia aka SSSniperwolf has admitted that it was a bit uncomfortable for both of them since neither had been in any relationship before.

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SSSniperwolf Relation With Evan Sausage And Controversies

The initial Evan Sausage had catfished her, and things went rough between them. He later sent his real photo, which fortunately earned approval from the girl who already admired a guy with long hair and a beard like him- that is why she instantly liked this person in real life too! In the beginning, they couldn’t stop talking to each other throughout the day; even having days where we talked 8 hours straight or something like that happened often enough until eventually fell deeply head over heels for one another.

Their relationship suffered a lot due to Lia’s anger issues. They had an on-and-off for years but eventually split in May 2016 when she posted this video announcing their breakup online: “Evan and I Have Split Up.” But just one month later, they were back together again – with everyone loving every moment of it! The most recent footage showed them reuniting at the airport after being apart so much lately; you could see how happy he was during all those seconds before your eyes (and hearts) peeled away layer by painful yearning glance between them.

When the two weren’t getting along, they called in backup from their respective fanbases to help mediate. After all those videos about how much she missed and wanted him back, Lia’s! But as soon as this summary goes live on YouTube (and Twitter), everyone will know what happened: Evan showed up with a new wallpaper featuring another woman. who just so happens to be his ex-girlfriend, aka “arresting officer.

Their relationship was much healthier during this period, and they hardly fought. The viewers were suspicious because they seemed to be finally settled with peace – no posts about breakups or anything related whatsoever! But then again. queerbaiting can sometimes take this form; an ex-boyfriend whom we don’t know much about (like how did he break up?) might come back into play at any moment now, surely?

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SSSniperwolf’s Net Worth

The famous YouTuber with a net worth of at least 6 million USD, who receives almost 680 million views every month, has been estimated to make around $171-2 thousand from their channel alone.

SSSniperwolf is a famous gamer on YouTube who has played video games for much of her life. She was born in 1992, which makes her 29 years old at present, and since then, there’s been no looking back! Ssniperearly gained mass popularity with each passing day until she became one if not the most subscribed gamers throughout the globe- She recently got featured as well, which was cool 🙂

Her success on YouTube has been unprecedented. She started with vines and reaction videos, which are popular nowadays; almost every video she posts gets over a million views! Her name comes from how much attention her channel got- the SSSniperWolf moniker refers to those who love watching Lia’s content (and also happen to be female). is the youtuber sssniperwolf single.

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