Jackie Goldschneider Net Worth? Exclusive Details About Her Husband And Family

Jackie Goldschneider Net Worth

$2 Million

Jackie Goldschneider is the wife of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s cast Evan Goldschneider. Her net worth is $2 million and she garners the income from freelance writing, which has increased following her debut in that reality show back when it first aired many years ago! Outside Jackie’s career as an attorney (which we all know about), you’ll also find out how this proud mom collects things like shoes or vintage clothing because who doesn’t love finding new treasures?

How Much Money Does She Share With Husband?

Jackie’s husband, Evan is a successful businessman who has amassed about $7 million in his lifetime. He used to reside at an expensive property before joining the reality series RHONJ and now pays rent for this same house valued at around $50K per month!

Love Life With Husband; Has Kids

Jackie Goldschneider and Evan Goldschneider’s relationship has lasted over a decade. They met at Manhattan Dive Bar in 2003, after three years of meeting each other they eventually got married on 2 June 2006 with both sets o twins– Jonas ( 2008 )and Adin, whom we welcomed two years later when Hudson joined Alexis as well!

Jackie Goldschneider Wiki: Family Details

Jackie is the 44-year-old reality star from Staten Island with a checkered past. She grew up in this small New York City neighborhood and has always been very close to her parents who are not financially strong but make money through smart investments like stocks or real estate business that they ran together before Jackie’s father passed away when she was just 10 years old after he suffered heart failure during a golfing trip overseas (he was 51).

A sister also entered into our timeline several chapters back as well; however, their relationship drastically changed over time leading us here today – at odds due much more so than ever existed between these two loved ones supposed closest Loved One Jackie Goldschneider Has Dated Jackie’s very first love was an ex-boyfriend, who she still is on good terms with (likely as friends) comes to find out during this show that Jackie has dated about four people before her now-husband. Jackie previously dated people like Gennaro, who we knew as Jackie’s boyfriend and former boss at a restaurant.

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