Jake Paul Net Worth: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Jake Paul Net Worth

As of 2022, Jake Paul’s net worth is $17 million. For those who don’t know him, he was one-half of the duo that gained millions on Vine and transformed it into YouTube fame. He has a foot in social media success via his brother Logan – but also quickly proved himself as an entrepreneur with enough charisma to build up not only followers but 15M subscribers for years before he finally took off as a solo act at age 22. Fast forward to today where he continues making videos while juggling entrepreneurship ventures like merchandising from Fortnite video games or running restaurants by day then DJing parties all night long!

Early Life

Jake Paul found fame at a young age. At just 21, he already has 7 million subscribers on YouTube and 4 billion views on the site; his brother Logan is also an internet sensation with over 8 million followers across all social media platforms.

Jake Paul was born in 1997 to parents who live outside of Ohio but are originally from Cleveland–a city famous for its sporting teams that Jake himself became successful as someone who captures videos through pranks throughout their home town Westlake when he first started uploading them onto Youtube back in 2012 alongside his older brother Logan (who’s now one rank below him).

Jake’s father, Greg, is a realtor and his mother Pam is a nurse. His brother Logan began creating videos from the time he was very young with some success which led him to pursue it full-time in social media as well. This later inspired Jake to create his own video content too!


In September of 2013, when he was sixteen years old and in the ninth grade, Jake began publishing Vine videos. With over 5 million followers on the app- an impressive number for a young creative! -Jake had created 2 billion plays before it closed its doors just three short years later.

Jake Paul, the social media sensation who was removed from Disney’s Bizaardvark for his inappropriate behaviour and has a Vlog channel with over 20 million subscribers.

After starting his website based on personal finance in high school, this 18-year old millionaire has seen a meteoric rise to success. With over 1 million subscribers and 500 videos uploaded so far, he’s interviewed for various TV shows and news outlets as well-received investment from Gary Vaynerchuk of “The Wine Library.”

His advice? Spend less than you make – then invest the rest; don’t be afraid to spend money but remember that saving is just as important.

How Does Jake Paul Spend His Money? 

Jake has gained most of his fortune through his YouTube career. He is known to wear flashy and expensive clothes that match the colours in Paul’s tie-dye merchandise collection – it doesn’t hurt this guy knows what he likes!

Jake Paul, a controversial YouTuber known for his pranks that have been seen as distasteful by many in the YouTube community, uploaded an impromptu video of him doing something bizarre with Kanye West’s shoes. Using handheld water bottles, he was able to dye them using only light amounts of liquid and some swirling around motions.

In 2017 Jake Paul uploaded a video where we see him squirting colours on Kanye West’s iconic shoe from their own hands-held sprayers while saying “I’m going to be like Yeezy,” referring not just to how wild it is but also because they’re both celebrities who’ve got plenty more money coming in than when this prank occurred.

Jake Paul is a famous social media star and he’s one of the most popular people on YouTube. He has cars, houses, money coming in from any which direction you can imagine… but I think we all knew that already!

Jake’s first car was his customized Toyota Tacoma truck with an estimated cost of around $33K. His second vehicle is probably also as expensive if not more than your average American family household income – it’s a blue Lamborghini Huracan Performante worth about $300K+.

Keys to Success from Jake Paul

Jake mentions consistency as one of the keys to success in this video. He said that he continued to put out videos, even when hardly anybody was watching them; after doing so for 4 years things began clicking and Jake had enough experience to know what works.

Jake’s motto is “You gotta want it.” But, according to Jake, you can also have something come like a bolt out of the blue that will change your life for good!

Jake is an internet celebrity who rose to fame on the Vine platform. When it closed down, he could have been de-motivated and lost his following but was prepared with a backup plan; before the demise of Vine, he had begun making videos for YouTube as well as other moves in order to continue growing his career.

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