Jane Curtin Age, Net worth: Bio-Wiki, Weight, Husband, Kids 2022

What is the net worth of Jane Curtin?

$16 Million

Jane Curtin is an actress and comedienne from the United States who has a net worth of $16 million. In 1975, she rose to notoriety as one-of-of of “those people” on television when it became clear that her role as an original cast member for Saturday Night Live would not only be successful but also provide exposure which led to other film projects like Grown Ups 2 (2013) where you can see how much Jane loves playing straight woman jokes with herself!

She’s a deadpan queen and one of the most banking actors to ever do it live on stage. She was previously referred to as “refreshing drop acid” by Philadelphia Inquirer, but now she’s won over audiences all around America with her dry wit in any role!

Quick Facts About Jane Curtin

Jane Curtin Net Worth $16 Million
Salary (weekly) $750 (in 1979)
Full Name Jane Therese Curtin
Date of Birth September 6, 1947
Age 74
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Comedian
Relationship Status Married
Husband Patrick Francis Lynch

Jane Curtin Earnings, Career and More

Curtin’s net worth is estimated at $16 million, and she’s living up a life of ease. Her wealth stems mostly from her involvement with SNL–the iconic comedy show that has made her ever-increasing dollars in acting brilliance for over 40 years now!

She continues making contributions to our film industry even though age 74: one example being how brilliantly successful roles have kept on coming after all these many decades spent working hard behind screen magic as no other performer could hope to!

When she dropped out of college in 1968 to follow her dream, nobody expected that comedy would become one way for women! For over 20 years now (and counting), actress/comedian Lorna Curtin has been making people laugh with everything from fine print ads on tv screens all around America through movies such as Pink Floyd’s The Wall or Animal House. She joined The Proposition back then- an influential troupe whose members include John Belushi, Chevy Chase, and Gilda Radner And demonstrated how tough they were when it came time to perform before camels at festivals abroad; which just goes to show you what kind of hard work Jane put into her career starting!

She’s one of the many cast members who featured in The Women Of Saturday Night Live DVD released last year. She elected not to step into the cinema but instead stayed primarily on TV, having sporadic film appearances so far unlike some other successful SNL performers such as Gilda Radner or Bill Murray who went on to great success with movies afterward (and both are also mentioned here). Her first long-running sitcom was called “AL” for which she received two Emmy Awards for Best Lead Actress In A Comedy Series; these honors came after receiving an award at another ceremony honoring excellence amongst actors working throughout various genres including drama series/miniseries etc.

She was an alien in 3rd Rock from the Sun, but she also played a human named Dr. Mary Albright who had two kids with her husband John Lithgow!

Family is not only about what you do for work; it’s how well-rounded your resume is when applying for jobs–and this includes hobbies or other accomplishments that would make any potential employer happy to see them on paper (or screen).

Jane Curtin Relationship, Personal Life, and Daughter

Her daughter is also a married woman who recently tied the knot with Peter Cellini. They have two children together, which proves that the family sticks by their guns even when it’s not convenient or popular!


In 1975 she met her soulmate at age 20-something in an arranged marriage; they are now both grandparents thanks to these important commitments–one as expected (daughter) but surprisingly enough another surprise came along too: A grandson named Declan Fiott!!!

Curtin made sure to pass on the torch, resulting in a well-equipped comedic author who has developed and worked on big projects such as Bright Wall/Dark Room.

Jane Curtin Early Life, Family, and Education

When you think of Wellesley, Massachusetts and the prototypical Upper-class town that it is; this would be an easy guess to make. However, if your instinct tells another story then just hold on for one more sentence before we dive into who Alexandria Curtin was!

The daughter (or rather a niece)of John Joseph & Mary Constance Curtin had grown up right here in Cambridge where she attended Newton Country Day School graduating from there with the highest honors possible including winning both academic awards given out at graduation dinner -which no doubt helped pave the way towards being elected president(and later vice president)of the student body during senior year at John Burroughs High School in Missouri.

When she wasn’t on stage, on television, or writing scripts for movies and commercials; Valerie Curtin could be found in the church. Her family was very involved with their faith to where they all attended Mass every Sunday without fail – even if it meant getting up early before sunrise!

A devout Catholic since childhood (and an actress who recently starred opposite Vin Diesel), this industry veteran still feels at home saying grace before meals: “It’s kind of become part of my routine,” says Vally modestly while adding that there have been times when people might think ‘why do I know her?’.

Interesting Facts About Jane Curtin

  • As per her IMDB profile, she has credits as an actress for various movies and TV appearances.
  • She has two grandkids, both of them were born in the years 2012 and 2015.
  • She came in second place in Jeopardy! Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational on May 7, 2010, winning $250,000 for the United States Fund for UNICEF.
  • She has worked for UNICEF as a National Ambassador for the United States Committee.

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