Jelle Van Vucht (Jelly) Height, Age, Bio, Net Worth & Girlfriend

Jelle Van Vucht: Jelle Van Vucht is a Youtube sensation who has amassed more than 2 million subscribers and nearly 10 billion views. His videos are fun, interactive, engaging, and full of action, which helps to make them so popular with the online community.

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Early Life and Girlfriend

Jelle was born on October 14, 1996, in Roermond. So who is the southern part of Holland? He went to school for an audio-visual course but quit when his clothing line took off online with YouTuber Sanna (who speaks several languages, including Norwegian). Jelle also travels a lot with her wherever she likes as well!

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Jelle Van Vucht began his YouTube career back in May 2014. Soon after, he found a huge fan following for his comedic gaming videos and vlogs of himself playing video games like Scrap Mechanic, Gmod, and GTA as the group Robust. Some popular videos include “Playing GTA 5 as a Police Officer” with 48 million views; “Weirdest Game Ever Made,” which has 33 million views; reacting to my first video,” which had over a 28million viewers- all averaging 3 or 4 million each!

Jelly used to upload GTA videos initially, but now he’s more interested in uploading Minecraft and Fortnite game content. He also has a secondary channel called GTA5Videos, where he promotes other gaming creators on YouTube like himself!

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Van Vucht is a YouTube sensation with over 18.2 million subscribers and 9 billion views on his channel! He first achieved 1 million followers in four months, then 2 million by the end of 2015. It took him five years to reach 10 million, but now he’s got nearly 20 MILLION fans! Van has been vlogging since 2007 when he was just 13-years old; taking viewers through many different phases of life, including family trips around Europe, getting married for the second time at age 22, celebrating birthdays from 16 up until 29 -on top of creating plenty more videos about epic music remixes that have taken off like wildfire or teaching others how they can make their brand using social media.

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Jelle Van Vucht Height, Weight, and Measurements

Van Vucht is a tall, athletic man who enjoys running and lifting. His muscular build has resulted from many hours in the gym working out with weights to help maintain his physique. In addition, he loves playing basketball on weekends when he’s not too tired from work or meetings at school that day.

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Jelle Van Vucht Net Worth

Jelle Van Vucht, the man who is 197th on SocialBlade’s list of most subscribed channels globally and has an estimated net worth of $10 million now, started as a YouTuber just like you. However, he was one person with no connections that managed to break into YouTube by using his talent for creating comedic content and posting it online. With 2 billion views per month, Jelle earns around 117K-1.9M monthly, translating to 1-22MM yearly or 1%-13% return every day if he were invested wisely!

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