Jennifer Tilly Net Worth, Age, Bio, and Ethnicity

What is the net worth of Jennifer Tilly?

Jennifer Tilly is a poker player and actress from America with an impressive net worth of $25 million. She’s best known for her excellent comedic timing as well as skilled playing skills that have earned her two Saturn Awards in recognition to it; one nomination at the Academy Award level where she lost out on Best Supporting Actress but won another award called “Best Writing Original Screenplay.”

Quick Facts About Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly Net Worth $25 Million
Full Name Jennifer Ellen Chan
Date of Birth September 16, 1958
Age 63
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Poker Player
Relationship Status Dating
Boyfriend Phil Laak
Ex-Husband Sam Simon

Jennifer Tilly Earnings, Career, Wiki, and More

has been playing different roles in movies and TV shows since she was a child. Her latest successful movie was The Fighter’s Heart which led to an unexpected income of $1 million from poker tournaments alone!

In 1983, this beautiful woman became the Gina Srignoli on Hill Street Blues; it’s reported that one episode where they met earned them over ten times more than what was expected at first–a total victory for everyone involved (especially if you’re into gambling).

When it comes to film, Mary Louise-Parker is one of the most versatile actresses around. She starred alongside Richard Dreyfuss in Let It Ride and had a breakout role as singing waitress Olive Neal for Steve Kloves’ The Fabulous Baker Boys which was scripted specifically with her performance in mind; she also appeared briefly opposite Alec Baldwin (and Kim Basinger)in 1994’sThe Getaway.

In an acting career that spans nearly 20 years, she has starred in six Chucky films and provided the voice for both of them. Alongside her work on TV shows like Family Guy or Hey Arnold!, she also appears as a regular cast member in several movies including bride Of Chucky (1998), SeedOfChucky(2004)Curse Of Chaplin 2013and CultOfChucky 2017among others

She rose to prominence during this period 1997 – 2005 playing serial murderer Tiffany Valentine across many instalments within Child’s Play horror film franchises but most recently appearing alongside Gunnar…

When it comes to her poker career, she’s a champion. She defeated 600 other players and won World Series of Poker bracelets in 2005 as well as $158,625 during the Ladies’ No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament on June 27th! followed this up by winning the 3rd WPTladies Invitational Tournament which aired on September 1st. celebrity Showdown featuring an online poker suitcase with Ida Siconolfi ended with Jennifer Tilly defeating her opponent, earning $62,500 for a charity of her choice.

She was more interested in pursuing poker than acting at that time, and she declared her retirement from the game after one final 2008 tournament. However new ambitions arose again two years later – this time not as an amateur but professionally-camera capturing all of its complex excitement for TV viewers everywhere!

Jennifer Tilly Instagram and Twitter

Currently, the actress possesses about 708 thousand Instagram followers. To go along with that, Tilly has just under 196 thousand followers on her Twitter account as of June 2022.

Jennifer Tilly Relationship and Personal Life

When she was just a girl, Carol Polatchek married Sam Simon. They had been friends for years before they finally tied the knot in 1984 and divorced 15 years later from their respective careers as actors/writers on “The Simpsons”. Following his death due to colorectal cancer in 2015 at the age 65-years old that left her with many memories of this clever man who also happened to be her greatest friend thirty prolonged lives together: one full cycle around our sun – yes I’m counting each day like it were ones own personal Solstice Festival!

Jennifer Tilly Early Life, Family, and Education

She was born in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Harbor City to a used car salesman and former theater actress. She is one-of-a-kind with her father being of Chinese descent while her mother had Irish roots making them more diverse than most people who come from these backgrounds! The proud parents also have 3 other children; Steve ( oldest), Meg & Rebecca whom you can read about here.

Jennifer’s life has not been an easy one. She was reared by her mother and stepfather, John Ward after they divorced when she was just five years old; he turned out to be a vicious pedophile according to Meg who had no idea what kind of person he really could become until it happened too late! But Jennifer grew up strong in Victoria BC before moving back stateside towards graduation where studied Theater at Stephens College- graduating with honors only two years later than expected due to both sides’ agreement on finishing school early so Jennifer could pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Jennifer Tilly FAQ

How old is Jennifer Tilly?

The actress celebrates her birthday every year on September 16th. Being born in 1958, Tilly will be 64 years old in the fall of 2022.

How tall is Jennifer Tilly?

Online sources list Tilly as standing approximately five feet seven inches. In other words, she is roughly 1.69 meters in height.

Jennifer Tilly News

Interesting Facts About Jennifer Tilly

  • As of December 2022, she has around 636k followers on her Instagram account.
  • In 2014, she was nominated for the Spirit of Poker Living Legend Award by PokerListing.
  • She makes an appearance in Activision’s 2007 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions 2007 Edition video game.
  • She made her Broadway comeback in 2012 with Don’t Dress for Dinner, for which she received an Audience Choice Award nomination for her role of mistress Suzanne.

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