Jimmie Allen Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Career, Bio & Family Details

Jimmie Allen Net Worth 2022

Jimmie Allen is a singer and songwriter born on June 18, 1986, in Milton, Delaware, United States. He’s best known for being the winner of season 13 of NBC’s The Voice. His debut single “Best Shot” peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Jimmie Allen Net Worth 2022 is $2 million. Jimmie Allen’s height is 6’4″ (193 cm), while Jimmie Allen’s weight is 160 lbs (73 kg).

Full Name James Edward Allen
Date of Birth June 18, 1986
Age 34 years old
Born Place Milton, Delaware, United States
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Jimmie Allen Net Worth 2022 $2 million

Early Life

Jimmie Allen was born on January 31, 1997, in Detroit, Michigan. Jimmie Allen’s net worth 2021 is $0 as of 2018, with an estimated yearly income from his career as a musician and TV show host after he lost the opportunity to join Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club. Jimmie Allen’s height is 73 kg, while Jimmie Allen’s weight is 160 lbs (73 kg). He studied at Cass Technical High School in Detroit, where jimmy can also play basketball and football. In 2013, Allen played for Eastern Michigan University’s track team before transferring to Wayne State University to focus solely on his music career.

In 2016 Jimmie signed with Bigger Picture Music Group out of Nashville, Jimmie Allen’s net worth 2022 is $2 as of 2022, with an estimated yearly income from his career as a musician and TV show host.


Jimmie Allen is a singer-songwriter from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He was born in 1991 and has had his songs played on MTV’s “TRL” show multiple times, including twice during the first hour of its broadcast in 2007. The videos for both aired as an exclusive video premiere episode entitled TRL Uncovered: Jimmie Allen, which featured interviews with him at age 17; he later said that it was one of the worst days because all people talked about were how old I looked when they interviewed me!

At 16 years old, Jimmie wanted to invest more time into music, so he left high school early but still managed to graduate after continuing his education through home-schooling programs run by Trinity Christian Academy near where we lived in Decatur, Alabama. Jimmie Allen’s net worth 2021 is $0 as of 2018, with an estimated yearly income from his career as a musician and TV show host after he lost the opportunity to join Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club.

Personal Life

Jimmie Allen’s life story is a fascinating one that deserves to be shared. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, with his three siblings (two sisters and one brother), he learned the value of hard work through the construction business started by their father at an early age.

The family bounced around from job site to job site. At the same time, Jimmie worked as a gardener assistant just before graduating high school, helping out on long hours during summers for minimum wage plus food/accommodations when needed. After graduation day, his dad took him under his wing – teaching him many things about running a successful company. First, calling himself self-employed allowed Jimmie time off for leisure activities like travelling abroad or playing basketball every Saturday morning with friends. 

Jimmie Allen Net Worth & Career in Music

Jimmie Allen is a singer-songwriter and musician who hails from Detroit, Michigan. He was born on December 5, 1985, to his parents Bonnie and James Allen Sr. He moved with them when he was just five years old to Birmingham, Alabama, where they would stay for the next 12 years before moving back home. As an artist, Jimmie has released two full albums: “Jimi” in 2017, which charted at Number 1 on iTunes Hip Hop Album Chart all week long, ranking as one of Spotify’s most-streamed new album releases that same month; it also debuted at #7 on Billboard 200 selling 16K copies first week out. His follow-up EP “All About You,” came this year on September 7 after months of teasing. 

Before Fame

In the 1920s, Jimmie Allen’s family was living on a farm in Mississippi. His dad had gotten injured and couldn’t work anymore, so they lost their house as well as everything else. At first, it looked like his father wasn’t going to make it.

However, he eventually recovered enough for them all to move back home with some help from cousins who were still farming nearby – just barely getting by again after losing most of what they owned during World War I when food shortages made things difficult for everyone. Nobody knows how or why, but at about that time, a radio station happened across one of young Jimmy’s singing demos while scouting talent along Highway 61, which led him into music stardom not many years later!

Family Life

Jimmie Allen’s family life is full of love and support. The singer-songwriter was raised in a Christian home by parents who loved him unconditionally, even with his rough patches, like going to jail for armed robbery when he was only 17-years old. Nowadays, Jimmie has grown up into an inspirational figure that young people admire not just because they are singing along but also as someone their age striving to achieve success on their terms without the help or protection from others’ opinions.

Jimmie Allen’s experience growing up will always be unique no matter what obstacles might come across his path – including a time where he found himself incarcerated at such a young age dealing with thoughts about how it could ruin any chances of a successful future.


Jimmie Allen has been on a significant rise in the music industry since he was just 9-years old. After being discovered singing by his grandmother, Jimmie began performing with her at local events and eventually recorded CDs for family members as Christmas gifts.

He entered The Voice Kids UK when he was 12 years old and finished a third place behind winner Stevie McCrorie and runner-up Molly Hocking! In 2015, we saw him release singles such as “Endlessly” featuring Demi Lovato that reached number 1 in Sweden. His EP called Project 11 is set to be released sometime this year. Now it’s time to see what else will happen from here for one of our favourite new artists!

Dating & Relationship status

It is no surprise that Jimmie Allen, one of America’s most popular singers, has found happiness with his love.

Jimmie and Jenna live a fairy tale romance; they met on Twitter before becoming exclusive to each other in early 2017. The two quickly became inseparable after their first encounter, which led them down the path towards marriage! They have been together for over four years now, and things seem like they could not get any better despite some disagreements here or there.

Salary, Income & Earnings History:

Jimmie Allen is a songwriter, producer, and performer out of Atlanta. He has written for artists like T-Pain, Waka Flocka Flame & Migos, along with releasing three solo projects, including the most recent One Night Only, which debuted at #3 on iTunes hip hop charts

Jimmie Allen is an artist from Atlanta who writes music for other people and his work. His latest album was released in 2018, earning him three spots on top 10 lists before settling into third place at the end of November. He is also signed to Republic Records, who will be helping him make a comeback in 2019 for all his fans!

What Charley Pride Taught Jimmie Allen’s Son Ready?

Nashville singer Jimmie Allen and his son Aadyn learned about Charley Pride when Wayne Williams, a Nashville-based photographer who has done work with the country superstar in the past, called him up one day to say he was doing a photo shoot. The two came in for an impromptu session that ended up teaching them something new.

Was Jimmie Allen on American Idol?

Many people who watched American Idol during its heyday remember memes, blind auditions, and that one contestant with the red hair. However, Jimmie Allen was not on season 15 of this popular show; but instead, he has been around much longer than America first stepped into what we now know as “The Great Depression.”

In the 1910s-1940s, Oklahoma City’s segregated musical circles where blues were banned in public buildings such as hotels or theatres because they encouraged ‘unwholesome’ behaviour from African Americans; a young man ran away to live in Chicago for two years before returning home to play gigs at clubs and bars. He would eventually marry his wife Linda Jameson after picking him up hitchhiking while he played the guitar out by Route 66.

Who is the wealthiest country singer?

The wealthiest country singer is Garth Brooks. His net worth as of 2018 was $250 million, and he has sold over 100 million records worldwide with his Western swing style music that continues to grow in popularity today.

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