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John Elway Net Worth and Salary:

John Elway is a retired American football player who has an estimated net worth of $145 million. He currently acts as the general manager and president of football operations for the Denver Broncos, where he set records during his 16-year career before retiring in 1999.

In his illustrious NFL career, John earned a whopping $47 million in salary alone. He also gained tens of millions from endorsement deals while he was still playing the game. Outdoor sports, this guy lost and made billion-dollar fortunes with some outside business investments we’ll cover later on!

Quick Facts

Full Name John Elway
Net Worth $145 Million
Salary $3 Million
Date Of Birth June 28, 1960
Place Of Birth Port Angeles, Washington, United States
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight 215 lbs (97.52 kg)
Profession General Manager of the Denver Broncos, Executive vice president of football operations, American football player, Athlete
Education Granada Hills High School, Stanford University
Nationality American

Early Life:

John Elway was born alongside his twin sister on June 28 of 1960, in Port Angeles, Washington. Raised alongside his twin and an older sister, John watched his father excel as a football coach from when he could walk; this would become ingrained into him while growing up. The family moved around throughout the United States with Jack acting as a football coach for Montana University and WSU—with young John constantly fascinated by what Dad did best: coaching!

John Elway always loved football, and he was a fantastic quarterback in high school. He played baseball for a while, but his skills were not good enough to get him drafted by the major leagues like so many other athletes. John has already been offered scholarships from over 50 colleges when it comes time for college because of how incredible he is at both sports!

He first attended Stanford University, where he became a star quarterback. Though his last game was ruined by an unpopular play that led to their loss and left him with mixed feelings about it all, he accomplished many impressive feats. He graduated from Stanford with a degree in economics and excelled on the baseball diamond.


It was the day after Christmas in 1983, and John Elway had just learned that he made it to draft night. He went with his family back home to watch as they announced who would be picked by each team on television. When Baltimore Colts called out “John,” he didn’t think twice before getting up from his chair and chanting for Baltimore! They said yes but then traded him right away- which led to a whirlwind few days between negotiating trades, threatening lawsuits if refused one’s trade request (Elway threatened this because of intense interest from other teams), eventually settling down at last blessedly being drafted by Denver Broncos along with all their fans cheering loudly for them.

Elway was once an up-and-coming star in the making. He had been with Denver for a couple of years as they struggled to find their way, but when DeBerg went down, he led them to Superbowl XXI. The following year Elway and company returned (thanks again) but came out on top of both games after barely escaping from New England’s grasp. In 1989 it looked like life would get much easier than those two victories, especially now that John Harbaugh could focus his attention entirely on football rather than coaching practices at Stanford – which is what Coach Shanahan did while still running this ball club. Back then!

John Elway led his team back to the Superbowl after a few years of regretful losses. In 1997, he finally got what he wanted: another win at the Super Bowl. However, it was not without some disappointment as once again John’s performance left something to be desired – but this didn’t matter in the end because that year they won and were named MVPs for their victory. They then went on to win yet one more time before retiring from football with two consecutive victories under Elway’s leadership, bringing him home an unprecedented three-peat championship title that no other quarterback has ever been able to achieve before or since!

Car Dealerships:

John Elway is a legend in the world of football, and for a good reason. After establishing five car dealerships under the brand name John Elway Autos, he sold them to AutoNation for $82.5 million, allowing him to access back into this thriving industry after 2006 when his naming rights expired with AutoNation was over.

John’s resume of success continues to impress with the establishment and successful management of four car dealerships over ten years. His most recent ventures include opening two Toyota Scion dealerships in California, managing a Chevrolet dealership in Colorado, establishing Chrysler Jeep Dealership under Sonic Automotive’s brand name for five years. He moved on to open the Cadillac franchise branch.

Potential Ownership of Broncos:

John Elway once had the chance to purchase what would have eventually been an extremely lucrative stake in his old team, but he declined. In 1998 as John’s career was winding down, Pat Bowlen offered him a 10% stake for $15 million. If he walks away from $21 million in salary at the time, it also came with extra perks such as becoming Bronco’s CEO which, of course, included another wage on top!

So, in other words, if John chipped in $15 million of his cash and gave up $21 million in future earnings, he would own 20% of the Broncos. That’s essentially a 36-million dollar deal to get only 20%. Pat Bowlen valued this team at 180M dollars; it turned out to be quite a steal for them! The new owner Elway declined to participate in the offer as they were offered five extra MM plus 8 % interest per year since the initial purchase.

The media was puzzled by John Elway’s decision not to try his hand at an executive position with the Broncos. Some analysts have speculated that he didn’t want to give up football, but this seems unlikely given how much money and time he spent coaching college teams. In a statement released on Tuesday night, Mr Elway defended himself: “I did my best as quarterback of Denver Bronco for 16 seasons, then I retired after winning Super Bowl XXXIII.”


Other Bad Investments:

John Elway has made several bad investments over the years. One of his most significant decisions was investing $15 million in an illegal Ponzi scheme that ended up costing him almost half a million dollars before he could get it back out to safety. That same year, John also invested heavily in Laundromax, which failed to take off and cost him another six-figure loss by 2000; not long after, he bought 130 thousand shares Que Pasa for around 500k– but when share prices fell from 27$ down to 1$, marking one more huge financial blow against Mr. Elway’s wallet!


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