John Malecki Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career

John Malecki Net Worth

John Malecki has been an American football player for years, where he played as the Offensive Guard. In 2010, Tennessee Titans appointed him to be a free manager in their organization after seeing his skills on Pittsburgh’s team during college time. His net worth is unknown and so far there is no evidence of how much money Maleski earns from this career choice either but we can all agree that it should not go unnoticed! John Malecki Net Worth is $9,00,000

John Malecki is one heck of a talented person with amazing abilities who had managed to make himself known through playing NFL Football games at both Collegiate level while attending the University Of Pittsburgh And then also getting opportunities by management teams like Rip City and now The Tennessee Titan Organization which was led by Mike Munchak in 2011.

The channel “John Malecki” is created by John Malecki in 2016. On this channel, he uses a variety of materials to make furniture that is available for purchase on his website. His most popular piece? The “Penny” chair has the ability to fold into itself after use and conveniently doubles as an occasional table or work desk when not folded up!

John earned a million dollars in just one year! Just imagine how much he’ll have after another 10 years of hard work.

Early Life and Biography:

John’s life story reads like an inspirational American success story. He was born in Murrysville, Pittsburgh and attended a high school at Franklin Regional. Today he lives with his wife Kristen Rossiter-John on the west side of Detroit where they raised their four children (Caleb, Maxximillian, Maddox Johnathan).

With limited education opportunities in his hometown, this young man took initiative by getting a degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Once he had finished school and still wanted to pursue basketball, he tried out for various teams but was not drafted into any. He then became determined to work hard enough that someone would notice him on their own accord!

This former high-school standout continued with his studies after graduation despite being rejected time and again during tryouts because scouts hadn’t seen the potential they were looking for when drafting new players.

Height, Weight and Age:

John is a tall man with a height of 1.88 meters and his weight of 135 kg, which indicates that he’s in good shape for someone who’s nearing their early thirties.


John has no girlfriend and he is single. His heart aches as a result of his loneliness while the rest of us can’t imagine feeling so much pain from sheer lack of company or children to care for.

The sun shines brightly on these days, but it does not matter because all John feels is coldness within him that cannot be warmed by any heat source in this world.

Collage Career:

In Pittsburgh, he was appointed as the coach for the football team. The name of his football team is the Big East All-Academic Football Team and they are all scholars on top of athletes!

John’s success in the 2008 season catapulted him to be one of Pittsburgh Panthers’ most formidable players and he had no intention of slowing down.

John became a key player for Pittsburgh after an outstanding performance during his senior year, which would ultimately shape both his college career as well as future endeavours.

Professional Career:

John was a free agent for only two months before signing with the Tennessee Titans. He signed on in April 2010 and left as of August 10th, just ten days after he became an official member of the team

John admitted to feeling like “a young kid living out his dream” when joining up with one of America’s most beloved sports teams-the Patriots.

John has had an interesting life since signing up with the Cleveland Browns. First, he was free on August 31, 2010, and then signed again in 2011 to be a part of their team roster until 2012 when they released him from his contract due to lack of performance.

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John would like nothing more than another chance at playing football for them but it doesn’t seem likely that will happen any time soon as there are no other jobs listed under “Browns” or even pro-football related positions available right now!

John signed a futures contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2011 and played on their practise squad for four months.

John is an exceptional athlete who has played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a professional football team. He joined them in 2011 and was on their practise squad until 2012 when he went back to playing on Sundays!

Washington Redskins

John Smith signed with the Washington Redskins Practice Squad on October 19, 2011. He was released from the team’s practice squad two days later due to its needing more players at other positions after a sudden injury in that position.

John Smith joined up with The Washington Redskins’ Practice Squad during their game against Philadelphia Eagles and scored three touchdowns by halftime as they won 45-14.

Back in Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers signed linebacker John Malecki to a futures contract on January 18, 2012. He was released by Pittsburgh and joined the practice squad for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in September of that year before returning to active status with his original team only three months later.

John Malecki has been playing as an outside linebacker since he first became involved in organized football at 12 years old for Penn Township High School’s junior varsity football team–earning himself All-State honors despite missing two weeks during those games due to illness or injury (which had also plagued him throughout high school). With over 20 tackles per game and more than 10 sacks, it is easy to see how this young player earned such accolades so quickly. On January 18th, 2012.

When Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith was propped up to the active roster, John Renounce gave his leave.

John had an impressive showing in the pre-season, but he still could not make a roster spot. For now, John is happy to be on the practice squad and waiting for his chance.

John has been patiently waiting all season long for another shot at playing time. With the recent injury of one player that will keep them out most likely until next year’s preseason games started up again; Johnny was finally given a call back onto the active roster when they needed someone with more experience around him so as some rookies can get their feet wet before being thrown into full game action too early without enough training beforehand

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