Josh Riley Net Worth

What is the net worth of Josh Riley?

$3 Million

When it comes to fashion, few people can match 28-year-old Josh Riley. He’s the Director of Luxury Fashion Company Yelir World and an online men’s luxury brand based in London that runs alongside his profession as a successful entrepreneur for companies like Supreme Culture Ltd., which he co-founded with Joe Johnson.

The entertainment industry has seen him date British Television personality Megan McKenna until recently when they announced their separation last December after two years together; however, they remain friends.

Quick Facts About Josh Riley

Josh Riley’s Net Worth $3 Million
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Nationality British
Birth Place London, England
Profession Business
Girlfriend Megan McKenna

Josh Riley Earnings, Career, and More

Josh has styled himself after various rappers and hip-hop artists, but he doesn’t want to be just another pop star. He’s rather stayed humble with his Successful Business Aubreylia clothing line that is quickly becoming an international corporation– expected profit: 9 million pounds by 2021!

When Josh and Joe sold Liverpool players’ clothing, they made a fortune. They used that money to buy an apartment for their parents in London not long ago!

When asked about the inspiration for their designs, Korky and Josh explained that they came from an inspirational journey across Europe. They are both different people but when they get together to create something new?

The same concepts come up with no outside influences needed! This family knows its product sells mostly within UK/European borders so any design has to be something people want here too- which means trying out fresh materials or changing sizes slightly before releasing new products into circulation. Josh Riley House Josh stays in a luxury apartment which costs him $45,000 per month.

Your World is a new men’s clothing line created by Josh, who also happens to be the company’s CEO. The hip-hop artist and entrepreneur first started as an investor before venturing into entrepreneurship himself with his latest venture that features luxurious t-shirts for your favorite celebrities or just about anyone else you might think of!

Josh Riley Relationship and Personal Life

When Josh Riley began dating singer Megan McKenna, they were just another reality TV couple. But their short-lived romance has made them one of the most talked-about pairs on social media!

The two first met in August 2020 when he took her out for dinner to celebrate his birthday—and after only three months together as partners in crime (or should we say “crime,” since it involves fixing brokenhearted people), this pairing has already run its course. But Josh Riley is not someone who has trouble meeting women!

When news of Megan and Josh’s reconciliation broke earlier this year, sources told us they had been secretly dating again. In February 2021 their relationship seemed to be back on track when one too many fights led them both to realize that without each other nothing is worth living through – at least not according to our insider who saw them reunited shortly thereafter!

Megan’s been trying to keep her connection with Josh under wraps. She hasn’t updated any of the fans on dating, so it looks like she might have finally found herself a boyfriend!

Interesting Facts About Josh Riley

  • As of September 2022, his Instagram account has around 85.2K followers. (@1yelir)
  • Wayne Rooney has served as a spokesperson for his clothing line, Yelir World.

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