Justin Sun Net Worth: How Rich Is The Chinese Crypto Whiz?

When it comes to cryptocurrency, no one can match up with Justin Sun. The Chinese entrepreneur is the founder of an extremely popular blockchain platform known as TRON and also serves as CEO of BitTorrent Inc., which owns cranberry companies’ current name (a peer-to-.peer file sharing service). With significant investment in both Bitcoin ($152 million) AND Ethereum(135 million dollars), JS has become quite wealthy already!

Full Name Justin Sun
Birth Date July 30, 1990
Birth Place Xining, Qinghai, China
Profession Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $200 million

Justin Sun Childhood

Justin Sun was born on July 30, 1990, in Xining Qinghai China. He attended school at Peking University from 2007 to 2011 where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and History.

A person’s early life can have an immense impact on their development into adulthood; as such we know little about Justin Senior or Parents’ names but there seems no reason why they should matter if one is successful!


He was the only millennial in a group of graduates from Human University. He went on to study at Penn’s School Of Arts and Political Economy, graduating with both an undergraduate degree as well as one for Master’s Degree holders alike! In addition, Jack Ma chose him specifically because he had impressed him during their time spent together studying there; this shows just how powerful Sun truly is when you look into what makes up someone who could be YOUR future leader one day…

Justin Sun’s Net Worth and Professional Career

Justin Sun is a former Ripple Labs employee who founded the social media app, Call me or Peiwo. It has grown to become China’s most popular voice live streaming platform for teenagers and fans of his work at just twenty-one years old!

Justin Sun, the 31-year-old CEO of TRON and founder/lead developer for three other blockchain companies (Baidu’s Feldman University & Kingsoft Software Incorporated), has broken multiple records in less than 12 months. In July 2017 he founded TRON with a vision to revolutionize how we access data on the internet through decentralized technology which led him towards starting up BitTorrent Services Ltd., one month later acquiring $126 million worth of game content provider NetEase Corporation at fair value plus cash consideration amounting around 910M USD; then purchased 80% equity shareholding interest of the global, NASDAQ-listed company for $100 million crash! Justin Sun also founded BitTorrent in June 2004 and marketed it to TRON to get rid of its responsibility and merge with Justin’s greater idea.

The auction for the digital artwork had just about to close when Sun’s offer was rejected by Christie’s systems. Less than 20 seconds later, he missed his chance at winning and lost out on a $70 million bid price!

In January 2021 after putting 10mln$ into GameStop -an electronic retailing company-, Sun became

Personal Life of Justin Sun

There are many rumors about Justin Sun’s love life. Some say that he is married, while others claim the opposite; no one knows for sure whether or not this hesitation means there’s someone in our money working hard at keeping their relationship a negative Fortune(TM)s. Justin Sun is an amazing figure, leaving the likes of Elon Musk in his wake.

When Justin Sun made a record-breaking $4.5 million bid for an exclusive lunch with business tycoon Warren Buffet in June 2019, few people thought it would be carried out just over one year later when he gave the renowned investor his smartphone loaded up on bitcoin and Tron at their January 2020 meeting.

The original report claims that despite being cleared of all charges related to illegal fundraising, money laundering gambling pornography; still faced many challenges including kidney stones which led him to cancel this event rather than risk any further injuries from trying too hard during surgery.

Justin Sun Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings

Justin Sun, the twenty-six-year-old founder and CEO of crypto company Tron has a net worth of over $200 million. This is thanks to his large investment in cryptocurrency markets which began back when he was just 21 years old!

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