K Michelle Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Height, Boyfriend And Songs

Kimberly Michelle Pate, better known as K. Michelle, is a songwriter, R&B singer, and TV personality from the United States. In 2009, she launched her career with a B-charting single called “Fakin’It.” She is now a well-known name in the American music industry. K Michelle’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $15 million, which she has amassed through promotions, reality TV shows, and album sales.

Net worth $15 Million
Profession R&B singer, TV personality, songwriter
Salary pr year $100,000 per year
Birthday 4th March 1986
Age 34 years old
Height 5’5” tall
Boyfriend Dr. Kastan Sims
Husband No
Children 1
Education Overton High School, A&M University
Sister Shalah Pate
Region Christian
Nationality American
Real name Kimberly Michelle Pate
Zodiac sign Pisces

K Michelle’s Childhood

Who is K Michelle and what’s her story? Well, first off she was born on March 4th, 1986 in Memphis Tennessee to parents who taught their daughter how to play piano or guitar as well as sing. This talented lady has had many trainers before working with Bob Westbrook which helped launch his career start-up after Britney Spears’ mentorING!


Kimberley had a music scholarship to Florida A&M University but she decided not to continue with her education after giving birth. She graduated from Overton High School in Memphis and later went on pursuing an impressive career as a singer-songwriter for artists such recording projects like D cups or singing songs for movies like “Love & Basketball” or “Hair Show.

K Michelle’s Music Career

K Michelle is a talented artist who has been successful in the music industry for many years. In 2009, she signed an agreement with Jive Records and began releasing singles that became hits on mainstream radio stations across America like “Fakin’It.” Three more albums followed after this success: 2010’s Fallin’, I Just Can’t Do This (2011)How Many Times?, which reached number five; then came her most popular work Rebellious Soul to date-it went gold within two months! The list goes on including More Issues Than Vogue(2016)and All Monsters Are Human (2017) K Michelle signed with Atlantic Records and has released the albums Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, KIMBERLY: The People I Used to Know, K Michelle: Rebellious Soul-The Musical, KIMBERLY: Twisted KARMA and KIMBERLEY.

Personal life of K Michelle

Millions of Michelle fans want to read about their life and personal relationships in her bio. She became a mother while attending college, but she’s never confirmed that he was actually married or even engaged at any point during their relationship- which has lasted over 19 years now!

Nominations and Awards for K Michelle

K Michelle is an R&B/pop singer who has been nominated for Best Female Artist at the BET Awards three times. She also won in 2013 after being nominated again that same year by NAACP Image Awards with the Outstanding New Artist award given out annually organization’s branch Society of Jeremiah WeKnow Music Program ForYoung People WhenItComeTo Success. And most recently she was picked up as bested once more in Soul Train Music Competition winning its very first-ever “Best Of The Best” K Michelle was the winner of 2017 K Michelle is a well-known name in the American music industry for her songwriting, singing and reality TV shows;

K Michelle’s profession

Michelle is an R&B singer, TV personality, and reality shows guest who has been in a relationship with Kastan Sims for nearly 20 years. Despite the fact they both have a son named “Chase Bowman,’ neither Kim nor him have ever confirmed their marriage though there are speculations that it might’ve happened back when he was still dating his mother’s student during college days at FSU ( FAMU ).

YouTube career of K Michelle

K Michelle has built up a loyal following on her YouTube channel with 969K subscribers. Her new song Rain is driving viewers from all over the world to search for it, which may soon make this artist surpass one million followers due in part because of how much success she’s had thus far posting videos about life as an independent woman working mother!

Michelle K’s education

K Michelle is a talented musician who achieved success in both college and her music. She graduated from Overton High School before receiving an award for best soloist on the piano at Florida A&M University, where she studied until both degrees were attained with honor!

Nationality of K Michelle

K Michelle is a native American who currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.

K Michelle’s faith

K Michelle’s home is a place of worship for many different religions and beliefs. She has Lord Buddha’s statue there, despite the criticism she received from some people who felt it wasn’t appropriate to have such an image in her living space or as part of herself

Michelle doesn’t care what others think about how much faith belongs in your everyday life – if you want something then go ahead!

K Michelle’s residence and home

K Michelle is a singer and songwriter who has been spotted in Memphis, Tennessee. To learn more about her you can check out one of her social media profiles or contact the artist through their agent!

K Michelle’s given name

K Michelle’s full name is Kimberly Michelle Pate, and she has proudly retained that to this day.

Nickname for K Michelle

When she’s not busy being the gorgeous, talented woman that is K. Michelle (her stage name), you can find this beautiful lady working on her projects or collaborating with other artists to create new music!

Michelle K’s boyfriend

When K Michelle claims she’s been dating Dr. Sims for over 19 years, we know that their relationship must be serious because of the age difference between them -he’s only 5-6years older than his partner! They have one child together and live in Ohio where he works as an osteopathic physician assistant at University Hospital.

K Michelle’s top films

K Michelle is one of the most versatile and hardest-working actors in Hollywood. She has portrayed Pepper in many different films, but her 2014 portrayal as Rebellious Soul Musical marked a rare departure from roles that fans are used to seeing her take on screen!

K Michelle’s new album

When K Michelle announced her fifth studio album, fans were bated breath with anticipation. The new songs are set to be released in 2020 and will undoubtedly make waves across the music industry once again!

K Michelle’s pay

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She has been able to earn such a large sum of money every year because she’s in numerous shows which include concerts as well albums with event shows etcetera. K Michelle also makes a lot of money from her official endorsements.

K Michelle’s horoscope

When it comes to music, K Michelle is a true visionary. She was born under the sign of Pisces and has used her gift in creating an outlet that can bring people together like never before! Her vocal talents are unmatched as well; with over 969K followers on YouTube alone, there’s no doubt about how much this woman means not just to herself.

Twitter @KMichelle

K Michelle is an influencer on Twitter with 1.69 million followers!

Instagram: K Michelle

With a whopping, 6 million followers on Instagram, music producer, and singer K Michelle is one of the most-followed people in all corners of this planet.

Focusing more specifically on social media platforms like Facebook where she has 4+ billion pageviews from fans every month as well!


Is Keyshia Cole related to K Michelle?

Though not related, K Michelle and Keyshia Cole both appeared on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

In the fifth season of this popular reality show that follows hip-hop artists through their lives in Los Angeles – including conflicts with other rappers or management problems-, viewers met one segment called “The cousins.” This episode focused on two black women who may have been sisters but shared many similarities as well: They’re Feminist Activists; involved with Social Justice causes like Black Lives Matter (both star CEOs); parents to children living underground because our society doesn’t approve what we do!

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