Kate McKinnon Net Worth: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Kate McKinnon Net Worth

Kate McKinnon is an American actress and comedian who has a net worth of $9 million. She’s been seen on “The Big Gay Sketch Show,” as well as her more recent gig at SNL, where she quickly became popular among both fans and other actors backstage.

Kate McKinnon is a Hollywood mainstay, with her work in sketch comedy and film earning acclaim. She was nominated for eight Emmy’s over the course of her career so far, winning two at the awards show itself! Kate has been vocal about animal rights; she even makes time on SNL to host “Whiskers R We” where she showcases cats of various types.

Early Life:

Kathryn McKinnon Berthold was born on January 6 of 1984 in Sea Cliff, New York. A middle-class family raised her alongside a younger sister during her youth and their father died when she had just turned 18 years old. During this time period, Kate fell in love with music and learned how to play the piano as well as the cello from an early age before moving on to more instruments including guitar later in life. Her first performance came at five years old where she impersonated Queen Elizabeth I for his classmates using an English accent that left them impressed enough to reward him with applause all day long!

After graduating from high school in 2002, Kate attended Columbia University on a full scholarship. There she studied theatre and quickly became a co-founder of her own comedy group that was called Tea Party. She also focused on musical improv comedy during her college years with one of them being the university’s show “The Hidden Room.” In addition to this, Kate joined another very successful comedic improvisation group for pranks which specialized in putting people into awkward situations where they would be totally unprepared for it!


Kate McKinnon has been able to do everything from sketch comedy on The Big Gay Sketch Show, voice acting in cartoons like Ugly Americans and Venture Bros., as well as performing live sketches. She is known for her hilarious characters such as Drunky the Drunk Scientist or Claire Underwood’s stepmother – she even made an appearance at this year’s Super Bowl!

Kate was a well-known standup comedian in 2009, winning the NewNowNext Award for Best Rising Comic. She would continue to be nominated and eventually win other awards before she pursued her voice acting career. To date, Kate has voiced characters on shows like “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy,” “Magic School Bus” and others which have helped propel her into fame as one of today’s most recognizable voices that we all love!

By 2009, Kate had become widely recognized by audiences because of how successfully funny she is; this led to being awarded an award titled “Best Rising Comedian” from the show called New Now Next Awards (NNNA) back then on November 9th 2009 where it took place at The Avalon.

McKinnon was first promoted to a more central position by 2013. She then received an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the Comedy category only five years later, becoming SNL’s longest nominee-less cast member and finally breaking Dana Carvey’s record of 23 years prior as well.

Kate’s voice is what made her famous. She started out as a sketch comedian on “Saturday Night Live,” which gave her the opportunity to do celebrity impressions and political figures like Kellyanne Conway, Elizabeth Warren, Justin Bieber–some of them hilarious! She has been every celebrity you could imagine, with her most recent achievements being Shakira and Bella Hadid.

McKinnon has been an actress with a deep passion for film. She’s done voice work in “Finding Dory” and starred as Holtzmann in both the remake of Ghostbusters released this year, and its predecessor which came out five years ago. McKinnon is also famous for her comedy roles such as starring alongside Seth Rogen in Ted 2 or playing one-half of the titular characters’ romantic interests from The Spy Who Dumped Me to Yesterday, shown at last month’s Sundance Film Festival.

McKinnon has been busy working on projects behind the camera as well. She and her sister created a web series called Notary Publix, which is released once every two months for six episodes. In 2019, McKinnon teamed up with her sister again to release an Audible audio drama titled Heads Will Roll that features twenty different actors reading various roles in each episode.

Brand Endorsements:

When Kate McKinnon was not busy perfecting her comedic chops, she has supplemented her income with a number of brand endorsements. In 2015 when the new Ford Focus came along for promotional purposes to increase sales and market share beyond its traditional consumer demographic, MTV’s cast member of Saturday Night Live took part in this campaign by appearing in advertisements featuring various characters from The Office as well as herself dressed up like Leonardo DiCaprio at his own Oscar party last year.


In 2020, Kate McKinnon thanked Ellen DeGeneres for being supportive and making it “less scary” to accept her true self in front of the entire world. And just recently she has been featured on various talk shows talking about dating Bari Weiss- a future journalist- during their college years at Harvard University. Another notable relationship came when she dated photographer Jackie Abbott after breaking up with actress Debra Winger who was very famous back then from ‘Urban Cowboy’.

Saturday Night Live Salary:

It’s unclear how much McKinnon makes on SNL, but we can get an estimate with the facts that there are 21 episodes in a season and first-year cast members make $7000 per episode. That equals around $147,000 for each year she is working at Saturday Night Live. Second-years earn about 8 thousand dollars per show which equates to 168K over the course of 2 years they work!

In addition to being able to identify Kristen Wiig by her voice alone, Leslie Jones has become one of our favorite comedians because she always says what we’re thinking on Twitter or just when talking during commercial breaks backstage while waiting between sketches.”

The highest-paid actor on SNL is someone who has been there for an extremely long period of time or somebody that’s very important to the show. These individuals make $25,000 per episode which equates to a remarkable annual salary of $525,000! However, Kate McKinnon can be expected her salary will fall somewhere in this range as well and might not even come close because she hasn’t had too much experience yet.

An average cast member makes about twice as less than these high earners but still earns around 15K per episode equation.

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