Kevo Muney Net Worth 2022: Age, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Kevo Muney Net Worth 2022: Kevo Muney is a famous American actor and rapper. He has an estimated net worth of $250 thousand as of 2021. His salary is not known. He has a height of six feet and weighs around 70 kgs. His ethnicity is African American, his birth sign is Aries, and he was born in the year 1996 on 26th May to parents Kurt Muney Jr., a dad who worked as an operating engineer at Ford Motor Company which earned him $36 per hour and his mother worked at a bakery.kevo muney net worth is $250 dollars.

He was born in the city of Detroit, Michigan which lies on the bank of river Detroit where he did most of his schooling from Mumford High School. In 2014, Kevo Muney started to get recognition after uploading videos on YouTube with self-titled rapper name ‘Kevo Muney’. He is known for his roles in various movies like ‘The Beach Bum (2019)’, ‘Pimp Squad(2018)’, ‘How High (2001)’ and many more.

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Full Name Kevo Muney
Birth Date/ Age June 11, 2001/ 20 years old
Birth Place Memphis, Tennessee, U. S.
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $250 thousand

Early life

Kevo Muney was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 11, 2001. Raised by a single mother named Gloria Murphy and his dad Charles Murphy Jr., he’s been influenced since birth to become an ambassador for change to break down barriers that lead to disenfranchisement within communities like his own.

Kevin knew from an early age what type of man he wanted to be, which is why at just twelve years old, Kevo started one-on-one mentoring sessions as well being part of a strategic program led by Benjamin Hooks Education Foundation where students are taught about their culture through hands-on learning projects such as creating documentaries or designing school uniforms so people can see how diverse African American Culture is.

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Muney started his music career by releasing freestyle songs on the internet. Muney, a Canadian rapper and singer with Guyanese roots from Ottawa, Ontario, was born in 1992 to Bangladeshi parents who immigrated to Canada when he was three years old. His first releases were mostly hip-hop tracks that explored common themes like partying and women. Still, as an artist matured over time, his output took more of a pop direction, resulting in him having one of the most popular singles off any album released this year.

Munirah “Muna” Ahmed’s journey began. At the same time, she attended high school at Lester B Pearson School for International Studies, where her teachers encouraged students to explore their creativity through songwriting contests such as KISS FM’s Songwriting Contest. Muna was a finalist for the song “I Feel”, which led to her being noticed by an audience she had never imagined.

Munirah has also been successful in various other categories such as cross country, track and field, basketball, volleyball and tennis. In 2013 she set two personal records at the Canada Wide Games: 1500m with five minutes 18 seconds on July 25 and 800m in one minute 58 seconds on August 19. She became captain of the Track & Field Senior Girls team that same year.

Kevo first started rapping when he posted videos online during his high school years, where people took notice quickly and eagerly awaited more content from him every time he would post new videos. His singles “The Greatest” and “I’m Ready for You” were two of the most popular songs off the album that he released

In 2016 Kevo became a finalist in the songwriting competition KISS FM’s Songwriting Contest. His track “Never Give Up” was one of three finalists, with Muna Ahmed being announced as a winner alongside another contestant named Tiara Lynn, who had written her single called “Done Spending Time”.

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Personal Life

Kevo Muney is single at present. Though he has been in the news due to his romantic linkups, Kevo might be focusing more on his singing work right now and taking care of other aspects related to it, such as increasing fan base or following up fans’ activities through social media channels like Instagram where he currently has 173k followers.

Kevo Muney Net Worth

Kevo Muney is a rising hip-hop artist. He has surely impressed the world with his amazing songs, and in just six months, he’s built an impressive reputation for himself as one of today’s most talented rappers. With over 3 million streams on Spotify alone, Kevo looks set to reach new heights – clocking up $250 thousand so far this year!

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Educational qualification background

Fans and followers of this celebrity have been very interested in his educational attainment. The reason for the interest is that he has not mentioned anything about it to them, which seems strange since so many young people are following him now because they want to be just like him one day. He may also think that being a student isn’t as cool anymore than being famous online or on TV, but we will never know until he goes into more detail.

Kevo Muney Family, Parents, & Siblings

Kevo Muney’s family was very poor. When his father left, he and the rest of his siblings had to suffer from their mother, who worked hard for them every day on her own. It wasn’t until later in life that Kevo realized how tough it must have been growing up at home without a dad by spending time with friends from wealthier families as an adult who made him appreciate all the more what she did for him when they were kids. Hence, he started dedicating himself completely to taking care of her now that he could afford to do something about it after making money through fame and popularity.

Kevo Muney grew up in poverty during an era where having no father meant greater hardship than today’s children know or can even fathom. Kevin’s mother, a single mom of thirteen children and seven grandchildren, was the sole breadwinner who kept them all afloat with her hard work and perseverance during their poverty-stricken days.

Kevo has had to face many obstacles throughout his life, but he is resilient – in fact, it helped him become more determined in his early days of dealing with the harsh realities and challenges in his life. Kevo is a singer, songwriter and rapper who has grown up through tough times to be one of today’s most talented rappers.

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Relationship & Girlfriend

Kevo Muney is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and he knows that his private life is just as important. He has never spoken about any past relationships or love interests in public, but it can be seen plainly that he puts all the energy into working hard for himself so others will too.

Kevo Muney is a well-known actor with many fans worldwide; however, like every celebrity in town, Kevo manages to keep up on his privacy when talking about romantic affairs and partners. It’s easy to see why he attracts people because of how virtuosic he may seem at times, but you wouldn’t know until you ask what projects have been going on lately since it seems Kevo is always busy.

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How did Kevo Muney start his music career?

Kevo’s first single, “Dreams”, was released on April 11 of 2015. He started making the song at only sixteen years old, and it gained a lot of popularity due to his unusual story. The production video for “Greatest” was uploaded on YouTube in 2016. Kevo’s mother also appears with him on the cover of his EP.

Education Details

He has not talked much about his educational background.

Achievements & Awards

Kevo Muney has achieved a lot in his career of just four years. He is known for being an actor and rapper at the same time which very few actors do successfully. His film ‘The Beach Bum (2019)’ was released on 25th March 2019, it grossed $14 million worldwide within one week of its release. His upcoming movies are ‘Pimp Squad(2018)’, ‘How High (2001)’ and others which will be released in 2019-2021 respectively.

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Famous Quotes & Words of Wisdom

Kevo Muney has not talked about his favourite quotes and words of wisdom.

Favourite Color & Favorite Food

Kevo Muney likes green colour as it is the symbol of nature, life and environmental conservation. His favourite food is Chinese but he also loves to eat pizza and chicken wings.


Kevo Muney has a net worth of $250 thousand. He is striving to make an impact in the music industry by giving back and breaking down walls that lead to disenfranchisement within communities like his own. Kevin’s career as a rapper started when he posted videos online during his high school years, where people took notice and eagerly awaited more content from him every time he would post new videos.

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