Kurt Angle Net Worth 2022 (Salary, House, Cars, Wikipedia)

Kurt Angle’s net worth is $5 million in the year 2022. He has achieved this feat through his wrestling career and other business ventures. His current age is 51, height 6’1″, weight 240 pounds. Kurt Angle was born on December 9th 1967 to David and Karen Angle in Mt. Lebanon Township, Pennsylvania United States of America (USA).

He attended Clarion University before he began his professional wrestling career with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) then World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment where he became a six-time world champion, two-time WCW Champion, one-time WWF European Champion and four-time WWF Intercontinental Champion respectively.

Kurt Angle also won an Olympic Gold Medal for freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia USA. His Net Worth is $15 million that he made through various sources including Wrestling Contracts, Merchandise Sales and an Acting Career.

Biography and Early Life

The former WWE champion started his career at a very young age. When he was 16 years old, his father passed away in an accident during construction. However, David Schulte has considered him another paternal figure and mentor to the sports star who lost both parents by 2015- cancer took one while violence claimed the other when Rashad’s dad got killed on that fateful day of 1999.

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

In 2021, Kurt Angle is 52 years old and has a height of 6 feet tall. Although he weighed 220 pounds in kilograms for his weight when he was born on December 9, 1968, who can say Curt had weighed 8lbs 7ozs!


Kurt Angle went to Mount Lebanon High School and started amateur wrestling. In there, he won many letters in both wrestling as well as football. During his sophomore year, he had an undefeated streak at Canon McMillan High School. After completing high school graduation, Kurt went to the University of Pennsylvania, Where He continued with his amateur wrestling.

In 1987, he became the Junior Freestyle World Champion. In 1995, he participated in the FILA Wrestling World Championships and won a gold medal. He won Gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics a year later but had many difficulties as his cervical vertebrae fractured and pulled four muscles.”

Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

Іn 1998, Kurt Angle got married to Karen Smedley. Smedley is also a professional wrestling valet. The couple has two children together, and the pair separated in 2008. In 2010 he became engaged to Giovanna Yannotti, the parents of four, including an adopted child. They married in July 2012

Kurt Angle has been in many different controversies. Who reported that he had a medical prescription for steroids. In 2009, he was charged with prohibited-acts possession. He was also arrested while driving intoxicated in 2011 and repeated the crime in 2013 later to go to the rehabilitation centre.

Is Kurt Angle Gay?

Kurt Angle’s sexual orientation is straight. He has not been gay or bisexual in his lifetime, and he has fathered many children. Kurt devoted all of his time to wrestling, continuing with the responsibilities as both a father and husband.

Рrоfеѕѕіоnаl Саrееr

Kurt Angle, уоur favorite wrestler from the 90s and early 2000s.

Kurt Angle is a famous American professional wrestler who has starred in many films, including “Beyond Wrestling” (2017) аnd thе TV show called TNA Impact!

Kurt Angle was a part of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling from 2006 to 2016. In the new brand also, he went on to win many championship ships. He had feuds with many big names during his career, such as Triple H, Edge, The Big Show, and more. In 2013 Kurt became director for wrestling operations at TNA Impact WRESTLING (formerly known as World Championship Wrestling).

He has been an integral member of NJPW Pro Wrestling in New Japan since 2017 when they acquired him after WWE declined renewal terms leading up to WrestleMania 33. Despite signing another one-year contract extension during this time in 2018, it is rumored that Mr Angle will retire soon due to not being able t perform like before or be medically cleared.


Kurt Angle has successfully represented the United States in the 1996 Summer Olympics and won a gold medal. He is also the winner of the 1995 World Championships. He held an ECW Championship four times; was named Most Favourite Wrestler of The Year 2002 by Wrestling Observer Newsletter; 2001 ranked number 1 on 500 singles wrestlers list-PWI500 rankings.

Kurt Angle’s success as a wrestler includes winning Gold at 96 Olympic Games and being named “Most favorite Wrestler” for 2004 from Wrestling Observer Newsletter (2002). Kurt holds four championships, including 2 WWF world championship titles and other awards such as 1998 Royal Rumble Winner – WWE Championship Match Runner Up 2000 King Of Krowns Champion.

Net Worth, Salary & Earnings of Kurt Angle in 2021

Kurt Angle is a famous WWE wrestler, actor, and author. He has earned more than $30 million as of 2021, with an annual salary of around 500k from TNAW in 2015. His home worth over 650K comes with luxurious amenities such that his name appears on the top 10 wealthiest wrestlers list globally for the 2018-2019 season, respectively. Furthermore, he’s also released films and television/film productions, including King Kong vs. Godzilla: The Greatest Battle Ever!

Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Some say that Kurt Angle is a grand slam winner. He used his accomplishments for insulting people, but he was not successful in this field. His finishing moves are “Angle Lock” and “Angle Slam.” It’s hard to be objective about mixed martial arts because it combines various fighting styles into one sport, which makes sense as more than half of the world’s population has no formal education on any aspect of combat sports.

Kurt Angle is a trendy name in the wrestling arena. He has many fans from around the world, and he’s won many championships. He successfully entered into TV/film industry as well. Kurt Angle was also part of various video games; this wrestler personality has different faces, one legacy left behind, and people miss his presence on the ringside door entrance ramp.

Interesting & Fun Facts

– He is a former American professional wrestler and 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist.

– He was the only person to win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling for the United States at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

– Angle has made appearances on television shows such as Baywatch, Man vs Beast (2013) and Superstars of Wrestling (1999).

– He is the only wrestler to win a gold medal in men’s freestyle wrestling at the Olympic games.

– Angle has won 30 championships throughout his professional career, including 21 between WWF/WWE and TNA (ninth Triple Crown Champion & sixth Grand Slam Champion) as well as making six appearances with WCW.

Famous Quotes & Words of Wisdom

– “I was intoxicated and I would like to apologize for what I did. It’s not something that should be happening in front of the President.”

– “If you don’t hit me, drool coming down my face, holding a gun up at Kurt Angle saying ‘fight or die’ – if you can beat me without doing.

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