Kurtwood Smith Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Height, Wife And Kids

Kurtwood Smith Net Worth: Kurtwood Smith is a well-known actor who has been in the industry since 1970. He’s seven decades old, and still going strong! In addition to being known for his work on screenplays like ‘The Color Purple (1985) or voice roles such as Dr Syntax in Farscape episode “You Only Move Forward” (1999); he also produces audiobooks with major publishers like Random House Audio LLC., according to Forbes magazine. His net worth currently stands at $12 million – impressive considering how long this guy has worked as an entertainer…

Net worth $12 million
Profession Actor, Voice acting
Wife Cecilia Souza, Joan Pirkle
Kids 2
Birthday 3rd July 1943
Age 77 years
Height 1.85 m
Nationality American

Kurtwood Smith’s childhood

Kurt Smith was born in New Lisbon, Wisconsin on May 15th, 1935. His mother named him after her favorite singer from the 1940s -Kurtusky Annette! But he spent most of his childhood living around San Fernando before moving back to California at age 14 where they could get better entertainment prices for family trips because of low cost compared with other parts of the state like Minnesota or Michigan. Kurt was a bit of a loner as he wasn’t sure which sport to play as his interests were many.

Kurtwood Smith’s Professional Career

Kurtwood Smith made his debut in films such as “Green Grow the Lilacs” and “Idiot Delight.” Then, gradually he began to appear on television shows like Murder In Texas or Lou Grant until eventually becoming more recognized for roles that weren’t so sweet as those shown before. It wasn’t until RoboCop came out that people started saying ‘I know this guy!’ And they were correct: The actor has earned a place among our heartstrings because through acting you can achieve something unforgettable-a life dedicated entirely towards your craft!

Fourth, he was a regular on many popular TV shows such as “24- Season 7,” “Resurrection” and ‘Patriot. He has even reprised his role in animated series like Pig Goat Banana Cricket (PGBC). Fifthly–and most recently!–the talented Mrntied appeared alongside George Clooney In The X Files revival episode aired earlier this year!”

Kurtwood Smith’s private life

Smith has been a dedicated father to two children, but he was never able to find the right woman who could share his life. He had several failed marriages in both 1974 and 1988 with different women before meeting up again as an actor for TV commercials around town!

Kurtwood Smith’s spouse

Smith has been married twice. He first married Cecilia Souza, a volleyball player who is also successful on the field of play (their divorce wasn’t finalized until 1974). In 1988 Smith tied Gender institution to another marriage with Joan Pirkle – they appeared together in Robocop just one year before their nuptials! She’s had appearances in both TV movie series and short films such as Gift where her net worth was estimated at $1 200 thousand dollars but due to time changes, this can vary by more than double.

Kurtwood Smith’s children

When Smith and Cecilia had their two children, Shannon was the older one. He is also an accomplished radio personality like his father while Laurel appears to be following in his footsteps by working on films with some well-known people like Transformers producer Steven Spielberg or actor Billie Jean King (she appeared alongside Michael Douglas). On August 30th, 1971 this young lady arrived on Earth quite unexpectedly making her proud grandparents proud as well!

Kurtwood Smith’s formal education

In 1961, he graduated from Canoga Park High School. He used to be quite good in high school and even won class president of his senior year! After that stunning feat alone would make any person worthy enough for success but this man went on with an additional degree from San Jose State University (1965) plus Stanford Univesity(1969).

Makes me wonder what other incredible accomplishments are hidden within your own life…

Kurtwood Smith’s residence and the Kurtwood Smith House

Kurtwood Smith has retired to the beautiful city of Lafayette, California. He spends his free time scuba diving and playing basketball!

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