Who Is Lee Najjar Having Affair With? More On His Family And Wife

Lee Najjar: Lee Najjar rose to fame from the television reality show The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. He was introduced as Kim Zolciak’s mysterious sugar-daddy in the show. He is a famous name for the regular viewers of the show. They remember him as Big Poppa.

Kim was a part of a reality show in the year 2013. She has now happily settled down with Kroy Biermann. But she was secretly in a relationship with Lee Najjar during her time on the show. She had tried her best to keep his identity under the wraps but it surfaced anyways.

The fans were eager to know about Lee after the big revelation back then. At present, many of the show viewers still remember him. They want to find out where Lee Najjar stands at the moment.

Lee Najjar Affair

He came to the public eye as the man who gifts expensive gives like a Range Rover and a Town House to the reality TV star Kim Zolciak. Kim was trying her luck in her unsuccessful music career.  He was unknown to the show viewers before they finally found out his identity. The controversial relationship made headlines for days.

The age gap between him and Zolciak was also considered odd and creepy. However, it was their marriage to his wife Kimberly during his affair with Zolciak that made their relationship seem worst. His affair ended in 2009 and he tied the knot with his wife Kimberly.

Zolciak has also married a football player from Atlanta named Kroy Biermann. She is a happy mother of her six children. Two of the children were from her previous marriage whereas the other four are from her current marriage to Kroy.

Lee Najjar Wife And Family

Lee Najjar is married to his wife Kimberly Najjar for a long time. The couple has managed to live together despite Lee’s affair with the star of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. There had been some rumors regarding their divorce but they are still married.

He even has two children with his wife. He has a son named Jeremy Najjar and a daughter named Katelin Najjar. Jeremey is also a real estate businessman just like his father. He is also the CEO of a company called Smash Entertainment Inc. 

The company provides services in the amusement and recreation sector. His daughter on the other hand is a socialite. She is also a famous blogger with over 11 thousand Instagram followers. His son married his long-term girlfriend in June this year whereas his daughter is unmarried.

Najjar and Kim’s controversial relationship ended in 2009. The flashy affair took a toll on his married life. But they have stayed together regardless and it has surprised a few viewers as well. The children are also very close to Lee. Katelin often posts sweet birthday posts to her father on her Instagram.

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Lee Najjar Wiki

Lee Najjar is a successful and rich real estate developer who often comes to the line light for all the wrong reasons. He was even arrested in 2009 after being identified as Zolciakk’s sugar daddy, but he had no choice because of his $75 thousand fine which made him lose everything that mattered at that time: freedom & possessions! Lee Najjar Having Affair With More On His Family And Wife.

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What is Lee Najjar’s Net Worth

Lee is a super-rich entrepreneur from Puerto Rico who has been dating the girlie, Lee. The term ‘Sugar Daddy’ itself refers to an older man that provides for teenage girls because they typically need more money than boys do and this required him lots of cash flow! He’s currently worth around 50 million dollars but what makes him stand out are all his luxurious possessions; he lives in Atlanta where owns not one but two homes – each over 33k sq ft size with price tags close behind–and also enjoys family time at home while planning new business endeavours abroad…

Watching him in the episode of MTV’s Teen Cribs, we get to see his lavish lifestyle and house. It features nine bedrooms with 17 bathrooms a private spa seven kitchens on top of an Olympic-sized swimming pool!

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