Lil Yachty Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, and Career

Lil Yachty is an American rapper and singer. His real name is Miles Parks McCollum, Jr. He was born on September 23rd 1997 in Mableton, Georgia. Currently, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family members.

He has a brother named Mackenzie who is also a rapper and songwriter known as Quality Control Music’s newest signee Lil Keed.

Yachty began his music career on SoundCloud where he released numerous tracks including “One Night”, “Minnesota” and the remix of Drake’s single “Hotline Bling”. With his singles becoming popular across social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, they would later be placed onto iTunes for purchase or streamed via Spotify. In 2016, he released his debut mixtape “Lil Boat” which was later followed by the release of a second mixtape titled “Summer Songs”.

What is Lil Yachty’s net worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million

Early Life

Miles Park McCollum “Lil Yachty” was born in Mableton, Georgia, on the 23rd of August 1997. His big break came when he adopted his stage name “Lil Yachty” in 2015 and moved from his hometown to New York City, where he pursued a dream to become an iconic rapper with one goal: changing hip hop for good.

Lil Yachty was always interested in writing songs, but his big break came when he built up a following on Instagram. One of the first singles that helped him gain recognition from rappers and producers alike is ‘One Night.’

Your input: Lil Yacht started rapping at age 12 with an iPhone microphone and building his Instagram followers up before going viral with one song, “Lil Boat.”


When Lil Yachty was 17, he moved to New York and decided on his stage name while networking with online street fashion personalities. Now that the “Lil” is dropped from his moniker, this 19-year-old rapper has made waves in the music industry since 2015.

Lil Yachty’s journey into rap began when he left Atlanta for New York at age 17 to build a solid musical career using social media strategy: Instagram (where he now boasts 2 million followers).

You know the old saying “a watched pot never boils”? Well, Lil Yachty is that boiling pot. He teamed up with Burberry Perry. A beats maker and producer who later collaborated with him (Lil Boat). And then he met K$upreme through his Instagram account one day, so they became ‘The Saling Team.’ His success came when Drake’s O.V.O. Sound Radio aired one of his first singles, ‘Minnesota,’ after being discovered by them in 2016!

Yachty has been an artist to watch from early on because just like the proverb says: “A watched pot never boils.”

Lil Yachty’s big breakthrough came when he released his track’ 1Night, which went viral. The media focused on him and already established himself as a rapper in the industry. He monetized this momentum by networking with fashion personalities online which helped land him modelling gigs for Kanye West’s clothing line at Madison Square Garden last season during New York Fashion Week. who also released his debut mixtape in late 2016 titled ‘Lil Boat.’

After he collaborated with D.R.A.M., Lil Yachty became one of hip hop’s youngest and most successful rappers with some notable names in rap, including Kanye West!

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  • One Night (Song, 2016)
  • Broccoli (Song, 2016)
  • Lil Boat (Album, 2016)
  • Forever Young (Song, 2017)
  • Teenage Emotions (Album, 2017)
  • Grammy Awards (Best Rap, 2017) – Nominated

Favorite Quotes from Lil Yachty

“Hey, Lil’ mama, would you like to be my sunshine? Ni**a touch my gang we gon’ turn this shit into Columbine. Ice on me cost 10 times 3 and 30 grand for a ni**a to flee. I just hit Rodéo and spent 100 thousand dollars in cash! If I go abroad, then maybe rent out the Bahamas; if so, it’ll take at least 20 Gs because that’s how much dough is in there – more than enough money for you girl (me) ta spend every day of her life vacationing anyway she wants.”

Lil Yachty is singing about giving the girl he likes everything in his power but knowing they can’t be together forever.

Lil Yachty sings about wanting to give this girl all of him and show her that she’s special by taking a photo with ice on their hand, which symbolizes diamonds. But as much as it pains Lil Yachty’s heart not being able to have them for life like any other wife would want or deserve, he wants one night where they’re both happy again before anything changes between them…

Lil Yachty raps about his success and the personal effects it has on him. He talks about how he needs two vaults, stacks of money in big green bills that call to mind images of The Hulk; a shoot-and-kill mindset when facing down detractors who talk too much trash; diamonds dancing all over as if they were doing the moonwalk for added flair; and finally wearing an A.P. (athletic apparel) but having been forced by circumstance to let them cool off since you can’t wear something like this around while your pockets are bulging with cash.

Lil Yachty is a rapper who has been in the game for just over one year. He began his career by posting videos on Vine and YouTube but quickly released two mixtapes that landed him an esteemed spot as XXL’s “17th best rapper of 2016″ before turning 18.

Lil Yachty first got into music when he was 14-years-old after seeing somebody post a video showing how to make beats using F.L. Studio software online. His name often brings up mixed reviews due to not being traditionally skilled or talented like many other rappers out today, but with so much potential, we can’t wait to see what this aspiring artist does next!

After a black Benz truck, Lil Yachty is on the run and looking for new love to share with. He’s telling his last man that he was renting you, but there’s no need anymore because as a buyer of life, “I can change your life.”

3 Success Lessons from Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty has risen to fame in a short amount of time, and it’s clear he knows what his worth is. He also understands the importance of hard work while balancing schoolwork and family life on top as well. We can all learn from these qualities that Lil Boat displays!

  1. Learn To Laugh 

What’s the point of living a life without laughter? Sometimes it is best to stay happy in the present and not worry about anything. I love looking at memes because sometimes you find what makes every situation funny through them.

  1. Bounce Back From Rejection 

One thing is for sure, life can be challenging, and rejections are a part of that. The best way to deal with them is by not letting it bring you down or become too discouraging; stay positive!

  1. Life Goes On 

No matter what challenges we face, hard work will always pay off. We may have been hurt in the past, but this doesn’t mean that life has to come to an end for us! The world continues turning no matter how bad things are going, and even if it feels like there is nowhere left for you to go, don’t give up because hope will find a way into your heart when you least expect it.

Education Details

He attended Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, Georgia. However, he dropped out of high school in the tenth grade in order to pursue his music career full-time. He later earned a GED certificate at Westlake High School after speaking with one of his friends who was enrolled there.

Net Worth & Income Sources

Lil Yachty net worth is estimated to be $4 Million in the year 2017 and this figure will reach up to $8 million by 2021 end of his career.

He has released many albums including ・”The Boat Show (2017)” ・” Summer Songs (2017)”, “Lil Boat (2016)” and more.

He has also released many Mixtapes like ・”Lil Boat (2016)”, “Summer Songs (2017)” and much more.

Achievements & Awards

In the year 2017, he has won a World Music Award for Best New Artist.

He also got nominated for Grammy Awards in different categories such as “Best Rap Performance” and “Song of The Year”.

Relationship Status: Single (2017)

Lil Yachty is an unmarried man currently. He had been dating model

Interesting & Fun Facts

Lil Yachty is known for his unique style of dressing, especially in the color pink. He loves to wear sunglasses in all seasons and different types of hats on top of his head.

He has a huge collection of over 100 pairs of shoes which he uses when performing on stage at concerts or music shows.

His favorite drink is Coca-Cola and he is a self-proclaimed lover of fried chicken.


Lil Yachty is an American rapper and singer. He has a net worth of 8$.

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